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  1. When you created this custom race did you create it from scratch or copy a custom race?
  2. Hey DarkRider, Just wanted to drop by and wish you the best of luck, I did tip a bit on the pot, not much but I hope it helps. Also did the whole Facebook thing. Also, for the record, everybody at AFK Mods is behind you with prayers and best wishes.
  3. Congrats Rider, that's great news!
  4. Update: Simply running an import/export from Blender raises the file size by 110kb, despite completely removing all animations and the controller, everything in fact except the "start" and "end" text keys.
  5. The controller can't be mapped to the parent - apparently. If you've been editing meshes in nifskope that's not the same as importing them into Blender and then exporting them again. Everything relating to the Controller is gone on export, it's wiped out, and the blocks have been reordered. Besides which, as much as I appreciate you attempt to help, this isn't a solution to my problem - how to import, edit, and export a nif whilst maintaining existing animation. I'm going to combine various nifs together at the node level - import three nifs and then reduce the number of niNodes on export. That will mean the blocks will be completely re-ordered, so I doubt you method would work in that case, unless I've missed what you're suggesting doing completely.
  6. OK - Today's question: How do you import an animated Nif, life a static or activator, into Blender and preserve the animation. Specifically - I'm looking at merging the various parts of the vanilla ship together and I'm stuck on the mast - the furled sales are supposed to swing back and forth, but importing the nif into Blender seems to strip the animation out and I cannot find instructions on this anywhere online. I don't want to edit the animated parts, just the rest of the nif, to be able to merge it with the other parts of the ship. Any and all help appreciated.
  7. Just upload the esp and note it was based off work I did I subscribe to the Cathedral concept of modding.
  8. Wrye BASH - OBMM works but it's not suitable for anything but the most simple mod installs, and it's conflict detection doesn't work.
  9. I don't believe there have been any changes made to the game files in the GOTY Edition, beyond applying the patch. No DLC was ever patched, and as you shouldn't have edited the DLC's (beyond running a TES4Edit clean) you should be able to copy the KOTN disc esps over without issue. All DLC's are self contained, and any DLC quest should carry over because the form ID's will be the same. Just make sure you run BOSS, or have load-order locked in BASH to prevent the esp's being re-ordered and make sure they are ENABLED before loading a save. Should be no problem then.
  10. They look really, really good - but just a little flat. Maybe a bit more detail on the eyebrows and forehead - the lips could overall do with being pinker, they're very close to the base skin colour right now. It's especially noticeable on the humans. Most people's lips are naturally quite pink. Having said that - the UV and model look great, especially around the eyes and lips. Much better than the original and better than any recent effort I've seen. Hi-Res age maps please!
  11. I've made a patch which brings the Eye Candy Equipment replacer (EVE) into line with the latest version of Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul (OOO 1.35) The file is up on Nexus, until CorePC releases an official update for EVE you'll need this replacement esp file in order to use EVE with the latest OOO release, otherwise some male torso armours will be invisible and some names will be reverted to OOO 1.34 Link:
  12. Huh. 12 going on 22 indeed. There's actually a lot of sense in that, in that most people buy rundown cars when they learn to drive and then run them down, she's proposing to buy a run down car now and fix it up before she starts driving. Car insurrence will be a ***** though, if she dings it it'll cost more than she paid for it.
  13. Not sure about other countries, but in the UK when you accept a licence it doesn't usually impinge on your rights as a customer under Statute.
  14. What I find extra=ordinary is that there was never this fuss over videos or DVD's. I suppose because video games today represent an ongoing return for the publisher with the likes of DLC, also it is a question of scale now.