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  1. Version 1.4c SE


    This version is for Skyrim Special Edition Lore Weapon Expansion (L.W.E) is a project that aims to expand the available weapons found in-game via loot and the crafting menu. All of the included weapons are lore based, meaning they are either based on designs found in previous games (with visual upgrades) or based on descriptions/places/characters mentioned in the series lore. The new weapons are distributed via leveled lists so you'll come across them during your adventures, some are also craft-able and can be found in the crafting menu once you have the required perks and all weapons can be upgraded too. The Silver weapons also come with the additional silver effect, so the undead will receive more damage. Lore Based Weapons: Cyrodiil Club Spiked Club [*]Glass Glass Bow [*]Iron Iron Battleaxe Iron Bow Iron Dagger Iron Mace Iron Longsword Iron Claymore Iron Shortsword [*]Steel Steel Bow Steel Shortsword Steel Longsword [*]Silver Silver Dagger Silver Shortsword Shivering Isles Golden Saints Longsword Vvardenfell Daedric Daedric Longsword Daedric Katana [*]Dwemer Dwemer Battleaxe Dwemer Claymore Dwemer Dagger Dwemer Mace Dwemer Sword Dwemer Shortsword Dwemer War Axe Dwemer Warhammer [*]Glass Glass Longsword [*]Iron Iron Longsword Iron Club Iron Warhammer Iron Mace Iron Tanto Iron Wakizashi [*]Steel Steel Staff Steel Club [*]Nordic Nordic Dagger All Add-Ons are standalone plugins and do not require Lore Weapon Expansion, though it is highly recommended. Goldbrand - A Legendary Katana created by Boethia, it is rumored to be residing in Skyrim. Daedric Crescent - It is rumored that Mehrunes Dagon reclaimed the last known Daedric Crescent when the Nerevarine left Vvardenfell and has it locked away somewhere in Skyrim. Relics of the Crusader - It is rumored that the Champion of Cyrodiil left them as an offering to the Divine well travelling through Skyrim. Extract the contents of the ZIP folder into your Data folder Make sure the Lore Weapon Expansion.esp is checked in the Launcher Delete the files/folders associated with the mod Uncheck the Lore Weapon Expansion.esp is checked in the Launcher
  2. Hi. Greatly admire your work! Have a question concerning your Wall Chart Modding Resource.

    After loading it and creating a couple of charts (smithing 01 and 02) and adding them to my mod, I noticed a warning next time I started up the Creation Kit with this mod containing your charts. At first it was: Assertion File ..\..\Shaders\BSLightingShaderProperty.ccp Line 806 along with something along lines of accept or ignore. Thinking I had done something wrong, I deleted the Wall Chart resource, redownloaded and recopied meshes and texture files to my Data file. Now I get an Assertion Warning same as before only uses word Assert instead of Assertion.

    Search for solution did not give me anything I could really use to fix this. As I am trying to learn all I can about modding could you please help to understand what is going on with this warning? Also, how could I fix this (I assume in Nifskope??). Is this even important to worry about?