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  1. Is 2,0 still progressing ??
  2. Ah, Shucks, Well, Thanks anyway.
  3. Any chance of an Update for this year?? (for the poor souls Stillost in Oblivion)
  4. Working good here, Downloaded @ 414,600KB, Uncompresed to 1,270,170KB. (Believe 7z is version 920)
  5. I had an issue with the collum in Vatachen (Mage Guild quest) where it wouldn't actiate, I can't recall the circumstances, I recall discussing it with Arthmoore, Probably regarding the UOP (might be in an older thread on Beth's forums) but it couldv'e been something similar... *(All the old threads have been purged and I Lost most of my older saved games to a Hardrive crash)
  6. Still keeping an eye on this, is 2.0 still in the works? * ** Cheated and checked the Wiki..
  7. "Looking forward to the 1.0.5 update, and I remain eternally grateful for your continued work on this masterpiece of craftsmanship" Same here!!
  8. I did have a few of the Endless Conversation loops, I was playing as a Monshadow race if that may be of Rellavence...
  9. I guess I do have that one then, according to thw Wiki page, I'm missing the First and Third (witch makes sense for the third, because the shop's not open yet, but I've been through the Priory basement and don't find it there. Maybe I Had it and left it somewhere, better try waiting for the shop to open. *Ok, I waited for the shop to open, found my Fith scroll (with Quest update), wasted a few hours searching Waynon.s basement. but I'm missing the Third scoll down on the Wiki page. **Ok, I've found it (was in my Study(bad eyes, lack of sleep, just Plain Lazy)) Well Salvia?(The Barmaid) isn't around the Foxtail Tavern, thought I had a Journal entry left on that one, but It's vaporized somehow...
  10. Trying to finish "There Came A Dark Rider", but I don't have a Lost Scroll by the Mermaid Statue, there was a bottle of Spring Water, but that was all. (Don't have the Clould Ruler shop yet either (spent the last few hours rechecking all the Other locations for the scrolls I missed before I realized I allready had 4 outt of 6 ) ) Just finished the Treasure Hunt, and this was the first time I'd been to the Arborutorium. (sp?)
  11. Got through the BladeMaster, only glitches were a couple NPCs would start their Entire conversation over countinuosly. (Ghost or the Water Warrior and an apperantly random Blade, durring the attack (can Probably check for a name)) *The second was Bowen Fane, but he's fine on a reload. The ghost with the Fire warrior Started to repeat, but I was able to break away from Him.(Water Warrior ghost I had to "SetStage" out, Bowen I just Counsel Killed)) (Tried Resurrecting him, and he Still wanted to talk forever)
  12. I'm a Blade Master!!

    1. DarkRider
    2. Brozly


      Well, that's what they Told me...

  13. No. you Don't need to Remove anything, but you can install DX9as well, most of the Older programs require it, prettty sure your DLL does as well...
  14. Do you have DX3 installed?? *DX9 (It does't come with the latest versions of Windows)