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  1. on that, I don't know. Been too long since I played with Oblivion scripting.
  2. Have you tried dropping them both in the Data folder? I find it odd that there doesn't seem to be any install instructions at all... At least, not that I could find......
  3. Couldn't you just remove the check for if the actionref is the player?
  4. I don't seem to be able to comment on any of them.....
  5. That's odd..... It should work just fine for you...... Check you PM's.
  6. It isn't corrupt. I can download it without a problem. What operating system, internet connection speed, and browser are you using. Also, what country are you in?
  7. PM Sent.
  8. What's "Normal"? Makin' progress. Which is always a good thing.
  9. Looks pretty good on my screen too.
  10. Hhhmmm.... Not seeing much difference between 7 and 9 there..... Looking at the area where the 'hole' is, just across the river, looks exactly the same. Did the setting take for that shot??
  11. Yep. Its pretty much a dedicated gaming machine. I have a laptop for other purposes, but, I certainly don't game on it. (I use it to talk to my truck. :D)
  12. My machine is 7+ years old, and handles it just fine. Yours shouldn't even break a sweat. Watch the temps though, just in case.
  13. I pushed my Oldrim Ugrids to 9, and it looks frigging awesome from Dragonsreach. The view of the porch is stellar. It does kinda hurt performance, but, not enough to make me want to change it. And the game seems to run just fine at that setting. I haven't encountered any issues with things 'happening' before they should..... Chasing dragons can be a pain though. That looks really good for no texture mods. Are you likin' the new machine yet?
  14. Temps are good, considering its a laptop. I am curious just how the launchers decide with graphics solution to use, when it has a choice..... Or if that was even something Beth considered when writing it..... Screenies look awesome. What is your Ugrids setting, and what mods are you running?
  15. Wow. Intel goofed on their drivers, and it is trying to usurp steam files? Wonder what they were thinking there...... Apparently, the fix is just to use an older driver? That's easy enough. Not like skyrim cares what intel drivers you have, considering it doesn't use the intel graphics.