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  1. For power settings, if you set it to 1, and then hit the down arrow, it becomes 'never'. For page file, it used to be 1.5 times the amount of ram you have. But, that was back when system ram was measured in megabytes, not gigabytes..... Today, if you have more than 4 gig of ram, I would just set it equal to ram...... if you have less than 4gb, then 1.5X would be good.
  2. Holy smokes...... Cyrodiil Upgrade stuff? Where did you find Giskards mods? I thought those had long ago fallen by the wayside....... In any event, due to his philosophy on modding, trying to get his overhauls to play nice with other overhauls, is pretty much a non-starter. Cleaning his mods, (something he objects to, STRENUOUSLY) *might* help, then again, it might make things worse...... I don't think you are going to be able to get Gis's stuff to play nice with FCOM.......
  3. If you are crashing when the game first start loading, then you have a missing master somewhere. Wrye Bash should show you mods with missing master.... highlighted in red.
  4. Nope. Beth still doesn't allow porting assets from game to game. Although, THEY are doing it themselves....... Their games, their rules, I suppose.
  5. Happy Birthday. :D

  6. Turning off page file completely can sometimes Really annoy windows..... Just setting it to a fixed size is what most folks recommend. Also, for SSD drives, go into your advanced power settings, and make sure it is set to NEVER turn off the SSD. SSDs like to use the 'down time' to do their own maintenance.
  7. Try the download manager mentioned above.
  8. Create the file as an esp with the CS, then, use a tool like TES4Mod to esmify it. (I think TESEdit will do it as well.)
  9. At one time, we were suggesting the use of a download manager, as that did indeed seem to actually work. I don't see a CRC value in the properties, and the rest of what you are talking about is WAY beyond me. Might wanna tag @DarkRider as well.
  10. Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you have some fun!!! :D

    1. Arion


      Thanks Hey you....

  11. Anything that might help at least reduce the issue sure wouldn't hurt. Give it a shot.
  12. That's interesting.... I run two SSDs, O/S on one, games and such on the other, and don't have any problems with any of the games....
  13. It's kinda strange, some folks can obviously download it without issues..... as it appears to be out top download so far this week.... Not sure how many of those are repeated attempts after failures though.....
  14. You need the esp file, AND the bsa.
  15. @RavenMind Thanks for the heads up.