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  1. Yup. Same here. Gets about half to 3/4, then fails. I will let DR know.
  2. Need to upload better pics. What you have seem to be just thumbnails.......
  3. 355b is available on Nexus.
  4. Not to mention hair-pulling moments. Welcome to TESA!
  5. Things like OBSE, SKSE, FOSE, etc. Don't work under linux. (unless the emulators have gotten a LOT better.)
  6. Keep in mind, script extenders don't work under linux.
  7. Glad you were able to get it.
  8. No. The Author doesn't want it uploaded elsewhere. What browser you using? What country you in?
  9. What do you want to transform in to? Might wanna have a look at how the werewolf change takes place.
  10. Packed its 457mb. (479,665,110 bytes) Unpacked, minus the readme, its 877mb. It appears intact. At least, all the screenshots are good. (and looking at them, I think I'll install this while I am at it.....)
  11. Nope. Insanity Sorrow is the author. I am just admin on the site, trying to figger out why folks are having troubles with the downloads. We recently moved to a new host, and I suspect that has a LOT to do with it. Another member, also in Germany, is having trouble as well, which makes we wonder if this is an issue on our end, or, if it's a routing issue..... in which case, we wouldn't be able to do anything about it.. Are you just getting slow speeds, that eventually choke and die?
  12. No. I can't...... Not in Germany by any chance, are you?
  13. Wonder why it is going so slow...... I downloaded it again today. Failed on the first attempt, second time came right down in less than five minutes. Average speed right about 1.5mb/s again. Wonder if this is perhaps a routing issue? What download speed are you getting? Might try doing a speed test, and using a server in Detroit, or someplace else stateside, and see what ya get.
  14. Try a download manager?
  15. Entirely possible..... Is your virus scanner trying to scan it as you download as well?