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  1. @RavenMind Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Welcome to the Alliance. You have been bitten by the modding bug, and there is no hope for you. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Not that that is a bad thing......
  3. Happy Birthday. :) Now you get to look forward to your insurance rates going down.

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    2. HeyYou


      I had that problem for a while..... accumulated 23 points in my license in less than two years..... Didn't help I was driving an "arrest me first red" Trans Am...... :)

    3. ColonelKillaBee


      XD I drive a safe soccermilf blue Chevy Cruz 2012... so no excuse aside I was leaving work and really wanted to go home and play Witcher 3.

    4. HeyYou


      LOL. I was driving HOME from Florida, after putting almost 2500 miles on my 81 Chevy Luv pickup..... I got a speeding ticket less than 10 miles from home....

      It's possible to 'speed' in darn near anything.... well, maybe not the "Smart" cars.....

  4. Looking at the list, yes, there are going to be some conflicts. The graphics stuff shouldn't be a problem, but, mods that change gameplay, will most certainly conflict. You will have to do some shuffling in your load order....... not sure if Loot will deal with it or not.
  5. I am currently attempting to download the file. (7zip version) We'll see if it actually works..... Edit: Nope. Failed. Passing this one up the chain.
  6. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to YOU!

    Ok, enough singin', my dogs are howling. :)

    1. DarkRider


      Can you believe she's TWO!? :shock:

    2. HeyYou


      My how time flies when you are having fun?

      Got news for ya, the older they get, the faster they grow up....... Time dilation effect. :)

  7. Sorry folks, but, we really don't want drama from other sites rolling in here. @ladyonthemoon If you like, shoot me a PM with the particulars of this situation, and I will see if there is anything we can do.
  8. If you want to use assets from other mods, you need permission from the original author. Most authors will have their permissions stated somewhere, and what they permit varies dramatically. If you can't find anything about permissions, then you need to ask. If you don't get it, you can't use it.
  9. welcome to TES Alliance. You can get a pretty good idea of mod installation by watching various videos on YouTube. Gopher has a bunch, and they are VERY good.
  10. Cuts down on Spam. We don't have a huge membership, nor thousands joining every day, so, its a tactic that actually can work here. Welcome to TES Alliance. We're happy to see you here.
  11. Yeah, I get a 404 error. Have to PM mlee, and see if he can repost it.
  12. LOLOL. You owe me one monitor cleaning.
  13. Try downloading them again, or, from a different computer.
  14. Yep, I can't get it either. I'll give DR another heads up.
  15. Welcome. There is a donation button toward the top of the forum. It works pretty good.