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  1. The dictionary isn't always correct. I use that term to express dismay at a truly unfortunate occurrence. Although, I see that he died around 5 years ago.... (I had thought this was recent.....) I remember reading about this on the 'old' beth forums. I was sad about it then as well.
  2. YYAAAaaaaaa! Ain't it great when things actually work the way they are supposed to?
  3. had to check. Sometimes, its the easy stuff that trips us up. So far as I know, there isn't a script command to test and see if the bsa loaded...... would make a great troubleshooting tool.....
  4. hate to state the obvious, but, was it named correctly?? (exact same as the esp.)
  5. That's just odd. Wonder why it was giving you a hard time.... Did you have other assets in the bsa as well? Or just sounds?
  6. Are you sure on that? I see quite a few Oblivion mods with assets backed in bsa format.... MMM, and OOO being to primary examples....
  7. Ah, so it ISN'T *just* me then. Thank You. I feel better now.
  8. Yeah, notification is gone now too..... The site is just messin' with ma head.......
  9. It's whining about our license key???
  10. I think that is spam we can live with.
  11. Thanks. Added that to the report.
  12. I'll point this out to DR. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. I would be interested in seeing the results.
  14. I was actually looking forward to Star Citizen... (I loved Privateer.....) I stopped following it after they took a direction I wasn't really interested in. I think I still have most of the Wing Commander series on the shelf here..... but, got rid of my flight controls, as my new machine didn't have a game port any more. That, and they were REALLY old.....