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  1. Welcome to the Alliance. We are happy to have you here.
  2. You will be the time we are done with you. Just ask Donnato.
  3. If you are going to wait until after basic, you should look at what is available at that point. That's the trouble with computer hardware, what's new today, it 'outdated' six months later. Although, going with older generation stuff at that point, might also save you a couple hundred.
  4. Ok, maybe this time it will work.... Click HERE!!!!! Still need a case, and a license for win 10 pro 64 bit. (around 169 for the license..... case is a very personal choice. )
  5. When I look at it, everything is there, it is marked as shared....... No clue what is going on there.
  6. I made it public..... It shows as "shared"...... Wonder why it's being stupid..... I can email it? The formatting for the emailed version really doesn't copy/paste well (at all) though.
  7. Try reseating the card, see if that improves its attitude any. If it doesn't, what system board do you have?
  8. Wish List. Hopefully, the link will work the way it is supposed to. Still need a case.
  9. What card did you have before, and what card do you have in there now? How many beeps do you get?
  10. You are probably looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of 1500 to 2000 dollars..... Does that seem reasonable?
  11. What is the primary purpose of the machine? Gaming? Do you have a preference on Operating System? The latest gen offerings from both Intel, and AMD, will pretty much require windows 10.... They aren't going to support the older operating systems. (therefore, no drivers for the hardware.....) How powerful do you want? I can get pretty stupid with these builds. I love spending other folks money.
  12. Ah. Good on your for serving. (Air Force vet myself..... yeah, yeah, no cracks about 'flies' please. )
  13. That'll be a nice bump in performance. Should go pretty well with your current hardware. Bootcamp? Going into the military are we?
  14. Yeah, you are likely going to need to replace just about everything.... Could probably re-use the case, and maybe the power supply, depending on size..... but, everything else is pretty outdated. How much you wanna spend?
  15. Nope, just the resource files for the mod.