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  1. I did it again... i really suck at balancing my time T_T

    1. vometia


      Time is for gaming, not balancing. :P

    2. Si-Shen


      LOL well I do game a lot XD

      Started modding Skryim again - my game was horribly broken from bad load order at one point lol

  2. O.O I haven't been here for some time... very sorry I am for that.

    1. donnato


      W#ell hey there stranger.. How`s things in the great white north?

    2. Si-Shen


      Is it sad that its been a year since I was on? T_T

      I partially blame Final Fantasy XIV... after i dropped ESO due to not really liking the classes, I went to that and it has kept me occupied.

      Also, just had surgery for the 3rd time on the same thing. I really do need to spend more time here again, I just don't spend a lot of time on forums anymore :( Spend a lot of time on Discord channels though (great for MMO chat).

      I have super fond memories of the good times though, I miss everyone and I am sorry I have been away for so long.

  3. It has been a bit since I came here... sorry T_T I am being distracted by 2 games...

  4. I have heard there are some major changes to the game coming at some point... I may end up coming back to it just to see how the changes take effect (once they are made)
  5. Oh... interesting note... and I just cancelled my subscription to, I just am not feeling the draw of the game anymore.
  6. Just a question, what are you using to add in the additional info in your HUD?
  7. Oh very lovely!
  8. Lovely pic, beautiful as always
  9. Instead of operations to change your sex in Tamriel they have operations to change your race, they likely sold your tail on the black market (a-la organ theft). Did the issue clear itself up after?