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  1. Skyrim Name Generator

  2. Skyrim Name Generator

    Thank you very much for this utility, IS! It saved me a lot of time to come up with NPC names. What's more, I used Tamriel Rebuilt's name generator and I found it unfortunate that it did not have Daggerfall's names or Skyrim's. My NPC names are much more varied. Thanks!
  3. [WIPz] Oblivifall - Last Call!

    I have several new screenshots, showing dialogue. There are around 800 dialogue entries, most of those being rumors and greetings spoken only in taverns. Drunks share ridiculous rumors and adventurers talk about artifacts. All the new NPCs don't really like to be bothered while they have a drink. If you greet them and their disposition is less than 30, they will get annoyed and their disposition will drop. The more annoyed they get, the more they'll insult you. Patron slightly annoyed by the player greeting him Orc barbarians tend to be slightly aggressive Nords can also have a bad temper A patron sharing a ridiculous rumor Minstrels don't like being interrupted while they play Just a typical nobleman recommending a good bottle of wine Paying 5 septims to a minstrel leads to quest-related rumor Another minstrel sharing a quest-related rumor One of the regulars' greeting
  4. Oblivifall Picture Gallery

    Contains the latest screenshots from the Oblivifall project!
  5. Paragraphs in a Message Box: Possible?

    Another question if I may. %r works great. No problem there. What's wrong in my script is that the variables do not reset correctly once the Messagebox closes. Even if I specify that the variables are set to 0, they do not get reset. The message closes and they stay at the same value. Here is the script: scn OCAMinstrelTales short Button short TaleSelection short TaleContinue Begin GameMode If TaleSelection == 0 return elseif TaleSelection == 1 If TaleContinue == 0 MessageBoxEx "Some patrons stop talking as they turn their head towards the minstrel, ready to listen to the story. %%r ''There is a story about the Thieves Guild Master and the skull that is probably fiction, but highly amusing. The Master used the skull on her enemy, creating a clone of him to fight. |[Continue]|[Leave]" set TaleContinue to -1 set button to -1 elseif TaleContinue == -1 set button to getbuttonpressed if button == -1 Return elseif button == 0 MessageBoxEx "After defeating the original, the clever duplicate snatched the Skull from the Master and used it on her. Although the cloned enemy could not directly attack the Master, it could use the Skull to create a duplicate Master. %%rThe two clones jointly ruled the Thieves Guild for years." moddisposition Player 2 set TaleSelection to 0 Set TaleContinue to 0 set button to -1 elseif button == 1 moddisposition Player -2 set button to -1 set TaleSelection to 0 Set TaleContinue to 0 return Endif Endif Endif End
  6. Paragraphs in a Message Box: Possible?

    I tried the BR at first. I believe it only works in Skyrim's message boxes. %r did the trick! Thanks.
  7. Greetings! I could not find information on this. Is it possible to make paragraphs in Message Box or does it just format itself automatically? I'd like to split some text so that it can be read much better. Thanks!
  8. [WIPz] Oblivifall - Last Call!

    Thank you DarkRider! It's been such a long time. And when I think about it, I joined TESA no less than, what, 6 years ago? Oh my! Last Call has been sitting so long for all those 7 years that it's about time I complete it. And it's on the right way, thanks to having worked on it from time to time during these 7 years.
  9. Time to make a comeback and finish that tavern mod for Oblivion. Hello to all!

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      Thanks! It's been almost..what.. a year or two? Glad to be back. :)

    4. Jheuloh


      Hey dude, it's been forever man.

  10. [WIPz] Oblivifall - Last Call!

    OBLIVIFALL - Last Call! - "There you can have a flagon of ale, enjoy the bard's versifications, and chat with the pub regulars. Some of the greatest adventures have had their starts in smoky, noisy taverns." - The Daggerfall Manual, p.58 What is it about? Oblivifall - Last Call should be the last module to complete my Oblivifall series of mods; a series that adds new gameplay elements that were found in The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall. Last Call is about enhancing the mood in taverns and inns by adding patrons like citizens, minstrels, bouncers, serving gals/guys, adventurers, prostitutes/courtesans and more along with drinking contests, fistfights and, possibly, dialogue-based gambling. This project is basically about making taverns feel like busy places where people from all social classes and professions come to relax, share rumors and perform shady deals while listening to the bard's songs and stories. Features ​Over 1600 new NPCs ​Generic NPCs: Travelers from a leveled list of various professions and backgrounds who spawn inside Cyrodiil's inns and taverns. They are replaced anytime a tavern cell resets (Three days by Oblivion default). Includes Arena combatants, assassins, barbarians, warriors, crusaders, farmers, herders, pilgrims, thieves, etc. (Full list of NPC classes at the end) Regulars: Composed of named peasants, commoners and nobles, those citizens are the taverns' main customers. They fill the tavern during the busy hours (Dawn, Noon and Dusk). They arrive at the tavern during those hours to eat, drink, dance and chat. If you become a regular, you may start noticing a few faces you saw before. ​Minstrels: Minstrels travel around Cyrodiil to play their lute and learn the latest rumors. Some minstrels are entertainers to the courts of Cyrodiil, others play in the streets during the day and move to taverns at night. Other than playing their lute, they can also offer services to the player for some septims: Rumors: Bards are the best source of information. They hear and participate in the taverns' discussions. For 5 septims, they will inform the player of rumors and information they heard. There are more than 100 rumors, all based on quests the player has or hasn't completed along with other main events. Storytelling: For 75 septims, the minstrel can make up a story about your good or evil deeds each month. This will increase your fame or infamy by five points. When your fame or infamy is high enough, storytelling will no longer be possible. Tipping: You can also simply tip the minstrel while he's performing to show your gratitude. Tip enough and you'll put a smile on his face while he's playing his lute! (An unintended but very nice side effect) Special NPCs: These characters can interact with the player in interesting ways: Bounty Hunters: May recognize and confront the player if he has a bounty on his head. (Minimum 250 gold) Healers: For a fee, healers can restore the player's health, cure his diseases or perform a full restoration. Traveling Merchants: They carry around various miscellaneous wares for sale and can buy some loot from the player. Vampire Hunters: Armed with vampire-slaying weapons, they will spot and attack the vampire player after some time if the player stays in his sight for long enough. Serving Gals/Guys: These people are employed by some of the bigger/busier establishments. They will greet the player when he sits down, offering him drinks and food. They also give information about their establishment's services. Prostitutes/Courtesans: Prostitutes are found in some low-class taverns and inns and can provide a good night's rest for a small fee. Courtesans, on the other hand, are trained in erotic instruction at the House of Dibella and are found in high-class inns. An expensive night with a courtesan will grant the player a small bonus to his personality and endurance for a limited time. Bouncers: Mostly composed of Nords and Orcs, bouncers are there to throw out drunkards and undesirable patrons. Trained in hand-to-hand, they will try to break fights, hopefully before the city guards arrive. Fences: These freelance smugglers are direct competitors to the Thieves Guild. They appear at certain dates, at certain times and at certain places to sell or buy hot merchandise from other freelancers. Dancers: In low-class and mid-class establishments, some patrons will stand up and dance to the minstrel's moving songs. Real-Time Drinking Contests A popular gambling game among adventurers and hard-working peasants, drinking contests test the contestants' alcohol resistance. The first to fall unconscious loses! Contestants can be found in several taverns, mug in hand. Rules: The two contestants agree to a bet. The first to fall unconscious loses his bet and the winner earns it. If both contestants fail, they get their bet back. (And they look funny, lying on the floor in the middle of the tavern until they regain consciousness) Alcohol resistance: The higher a contestant's Endurance, the more resistant he is. Orcs and Nords have a higher resistance than other races. Luck also plays a part. Being very lucky will increase your resistance. Fistfights ​While illegal, some taverns open their basement to fistfights for high-paying customers which are mainly comprised of nobles and other high class characters. Participate in fights to earn money or place bets on contestants. These special VIP clubs are also home to drug dealing and other shady activities. You'll need to be a good friend with the owner to pay your way into the nobles' den of depravity. Cats & rats ​Cats have always been important to tavern owners. Do not be surprised to see a cat wandering about the inn's basement looking for their prey. On the other hand, some low-class establishments cannot afford cats, so do not also be surprised to see a small rodent or two in your room. Horses outside taverns To simulate the come and go of travelers on the road, different species of horses populate the stables and exteriors of roadside establishments. Generic NPCs class list (Click to unveil!) Screenshots Environment The Feed Bag The Feed Bag, again The King and Queen Tavern The Oak and Crosier The Oak and Crosier, again Olav's Tap and Tack Olav's Tap and Tack, again Dialogue Patron slightly annoyed by the player greeting him Orc barbarians tend to be slightly aggressive Nords can also have a bad temper A patron sharing a ridiculous rumor Minstrels don't like being interrupted while they play Just a typical nobleman recommending a good bottle of wine Paying 5 septims to a minstrel leads to quest-related rumor Another minstrel sharing a quest-related rumor One of the regulars' greeting Progress Generic NPCs: Done Regulars: Almost done Minstrels: Done Special NPCs: Done Drinking contests: Done. Needs further testing Fistfights: Halfway done Gambling games: Maybe? Still needs reflexion... ETA: I tend to disappear for some time. Hopefully I can finish it in the modding spree I'm having at the moment. Feedback Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Insults? Let me know!
  11. Topics of Skyrim

    Version 1.0


    TOPICS OF SKYRIM "Talk to everyone. Talk is cheap. Ask questions. You don't ask, you never learn." - Little Secret topic from Morrowind What is it about? Topics of Skyrim adds 700 new lines of dialogue contained in 35 new dialogue topics and 153 subtopics. Most of the dialogue comes from the previous Elder Scrolls games, Morrowind and Daggerfall, and some have been modified/updated for Skyrim’s context. You can ask trainers more information about the skill they teach, ask faction members for advice, have a chat with a bard about history and the lost races of Tamriel, seek information from a conjurer about the Skyrim’s undead and much more. Not everyone in Skyrim knows something about everything. You’ll have to seek the right profession or people about a particular subject. For instance, try asking an alchemist about potions and diseases. There are two people in Skyrim who are the most knowledgeable: Bards and Urag gro-Shub; the librarian at the College of Winterhold. Requirements Topics of Skyrim makes use of Shademe’s Fuz Ro D-oh – Silent Voice plugin, which requires SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) 1.6.16 or higher. SKSE download: http://skse.silverlock.org/ Fuz Ro D-Oh – Silent Voice download: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/14884/? Since Topics of Skyrim does not have voice acting, Silent Voice generates a silent voice file and lip synch fo each topic, allowing you to have the time to read the text and see the NPC moves his lips as he speaks. If you do not install Silent Voice, the new dialogue will be barely readable because of how fast it skips to the next lines. Compatibility/Known Errors Compatiblity Topics of Skyrim should be compatible with any mod there is, quest mods included. New topics will be added to modded NPCs if the right conditions are met. Known Errors When playing with the mod activated for the first time, there’s a possibility that it will take some time for the new topics to be added. Saving and reloading is the fastest way to solve this. Feedback Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Insults? Let me know!
  12. Lilith's Weapon Plaques - Resource

    More variety is always better. Thank you for taking the time create those beautiful retextures for us, Lillith! I will make use of them in a Daggerfall-related project I'm planning.
  13. Rockinghorses

    Thank you Tamira for this beautiful resource! I will make use of it in a Daggerfall-related project I'm planning. Kids will be happy.
  14. Catering by Lilith

    Thank you Lilith for this delicious resource. I will use it in a Daggerfall-related project I'm currently planning for Skyrim. The taverns' menus just got better.
  15. GetItemCount problems on Containers

    The problem with OnClose is that the event initiates only when the object finishes its closing animation. In the case of most containers, there is no such animation so the event never initiates. In this case, the sack does not have a close animation. Thank you for the tips, Will and Trira, I'll try with these modifications and let you know what happens.