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  1. Woohoo... almost ready to relace my old HDDs with 2 new 1TB SSDs... Got one, get the other next month.

  2. Hello and welcome Jumar. TESA was originally began as a teaching site for just the reasons you said. Motto was "Learn, Share, Teach.." Check the Enclave for classes.
  3. Hello and welcome Tash.
  4. Woohoo... very cool fred.
  5. I`ve said it before , and I`ll say it again.... the skills I learned here helped me to advance in my RL employment. Many talented and exceedingly patient teachers helped me along the way. This place must continue to provide for others as it has for me.
  6. Done.
  7. Yes, I was kinda hoping for a Twitch.
  8. Sorry, I just saw this. Been awhile so, I`ll kick a bit.
  9. This is the most awsome add yet Mage. Wow.... if you get a working model.. I wanna test.
  10. The Marines have a name for recruits who come from the enlisted ranks to climb to officer status... Mustang... I had a friend whose father rose to the rank of captain.... not an easy task in the marines... or anywhere else for that matter..... You go, mustangs!!!
  11. Also ... don`t forget to eat something at least once a day... ... seriously though, we created an unofficial foodie thread to help folks find good stuff.
  12. Patience, and tenacity . Two words of wisdom you`ll need. Hello and welcome.
  13. Ok...mind blown... I`d never have thought of having the skybox on the player`s head. What a cool solution.... except, now when I play, I`ll feel like there`s an invisible box on my head.