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  1. G`day mate ... hello and welcome. We can always use a code/ script teacher.
  2. BAM ... done. That`s all I can do atm...
  3. Wow, talk about timing ... damn. So sorry to hear this. I`ll look at the Go link and see if I can help.
  4. Ummm... the link above that should show us where to get the CK seems to be outdated.
  5. I`ve had that happen to me too many times. Luck to you and the fam.
  6. Oh jeez..... bad timing Rider...
  7. Happy birthday...

  8. Happy Birthday Lanceor .. I remember the char you made for me in KOTNR. Thankyou for Capt. Don.... beard and all.
  9. What 3D modelling program do you use?
  10. Ohh, this one has skillz .. Hello and welcome.
  11. Heheh .. yup. The only thing that snags my left eyebrow is software... like my OS and all the assorted discs for GFX, Sound Card, my CAD program, PS .. and the like.
  12. Ummm HY .. that link takes me through a lot of sign in stuff, which for me , has been borked for a long time now.
  13. Have you DLed the G-Force Experience app. You can use that to help update drivers and such. It may just be that a driver issue...??
  14. Sorry to hear this. I wouldn`t think there would be a problem with a brand new card sooo... #2 ...
  15. I was worried because I didn`t see the tesa option in the drop down over at Druid.