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  1. Well crap ... hope this helps.
  2. Hmmmm ... interesting question...
  3. If you find a mod you like ... read the readme ... usually it`ll tell you how and where. Also, welcome cookies ..
  4. Candy Crush the movie...?  Really?  Also happy 4th of july. Please try not to blow any body parts off?

    1. grond


      The emotes movie! :dance:

    2. donnato


      Yeah.... that sounds better . Still goofey though..


    3. grond


      Nope, it's no better. Every bit as bad an idea, but they'll both make money, :doh: 

  5. Very glad to hear it.
  6. Hello tarcher, this a mod close to my heart since the author and I were online friends. My ava you see here is Captain Don ... a char made for me in KOTNR. I remember completing it but it was many years ago and details escape now. Please pursue this because it can be done and is freakin` awsomely done. You might try contacting Lanceor somehow.
  7. Sorry to hear that but, like you said...maybe you dodged a bullet.
  8. G`day mate ... hello and welcome. We can always use a code/ script teacher.
  9. BAM ... done. That`s all I can do atm...
  10. Wow, talk about timing ... damn. So sorry to hear this. I`ll look at the Go link and see if I can help.
  11. Ummm... the link above that should show us where to get the CK seems to be outdated.
  12. I`ve had that happen to me too many times. Luck to you and the fam.
  13. Oh jeez..... bad timing Rider...
  14. Happy birthday...

  15. Happy Birthday Lanceor .. I remember the char you made for me in KOTNR. Thankyou for Capt. Don.... beard and all.