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  1. Hiya Jamo, there have been changes that took a bit to accomplish but I`m sure you can see this. Long story but maybe you can browse through old threads and get an idea of the sequencer of events. Really good to see ya here. Some of us are active on AFK Mods too, as well as Druid Gameworks (kinda quiet there though.).
  2. Glad to hear that your install is now working. I`ll leave your mesh question for Hana since I have very little knowledge of this.
  3. Ah, I was waiting for Hana to step in here. She knows how. I was going to mention the "order of install" for blender 2.49 and stuff. I`ve had troubles stemming from placement of the python and nif scripts stuff. Armor rigging twists my brain so I held off. Please don`t give up, you`ll get it. When you do ... I guarantee you`ll jump for joy.
  4. Yet another end of an era .  RIP Chuck Berry...

    1. ladyonthemoon


      At least, we still have his recordings!

      RIP Chuck Berry!

  5. Woohoo ... upping Bessie with lots of new bling. Long process but, well worth it

  6. I don`t know or care about elements. I`ve also used this on vista and now, win7.
  7. And Grondo comes through ...again .. thanks.
  8. Crap...after doing a full wipe I lost the link to this ... again.... is it still available .. ? ... Grondo....?
  9. I use Revo but you have to be careful and review the tree it gives you before you hit delete to ensure that nothing detected is connected to something you want to keep .
  10. Great point HY. I forgot about that setting .
  11. Great house Fliggerty seems to be our last bastion of all things Morrowind. I also love the game and... maybe one fine day, finish it.
  12. So, HY... when I install my new SSDs and lose everything... I should DL Snappy to a thumb drive so I can do an off line install. Sorry Lady, didn`t mean to intrude but this issue is important. By the way, congrats on your new lappy.
  13. Wow...super cool. Congrats on your degree and phd acceptance. Nice to see this progress.
  14. Hopefully I`ll have Bessie back on mer feet by then... or soon after. No sense loading anything when it`s all going to be wiped again anyway.