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  4. It was interesting seeing if I could work out what went in all those containers, I have never ever had that many to fill before, you did a good job fitting them all in such a tiny house. Bunk beds were nice, and the way the wall tables and upstairs cabinets on the landing were set out to have that rounded built in feel.
  5. Congratulations on you first house mod longpinkytoes. Well you certainly got a lot in that little house, I even missed some containers hiding up high near the front door. I like how you arranged the cupboards upstairs to get the round shape, bunk beds looked good, although I am curious about how the kids get into the top two. Although I started with an already owned house, I lost none of the extensive collection, I just had to look around as most of the containers changed to something else. There were a few glitches. The bookshelf closest to the bed allowed unlimited books for both shelves, but showed no actual books, I later found them all piled up downstairs. The two rows of weapon racks refused to give anything back, moving them out a bit from the wall would solve that. The chest in the children's room, closest to the front door you could not open, it needs to be closer to the wall to be activated, there is no space for us to access it. And the switches by the bed did nothing I could see. Strangly i only got one lot of candles on the switches, but my decorating could have affected that. I seemed to be missing a bit of the clutter, but I had already cluttered the vanilla home, so that might have affected things, it was a bit of a mess when I walked in. I had a strange glitch when I first emptied the containers and started putting something in the ones near the front door, the stuff all vanished. But when i went and tried it again it worked fine, not sure what happened there. After the reset period none of the containers I tested reset, but I never tested the ones above the entrance area, never saw them till later. I did look up above the fire once at the shadows once wondering if there were containers on the ceiling, should have looked closer to the front door. It is possible the problem with the bookshelf is somehow related to the bookshelf originally in that characters home, although the pile of books appeared on the other side of the fire, not where the old one had been, I already cleaned up that pile of books. When I have more time I will send a new character off to do the quests and test it out. The house has way to much storage options for me I had to think to work out what was even meant to go in some of those containers I mixed up the contents anyway, and I prefer a bit more room to move. With 6 kids, some pets and a spouse I think I would have trouble navigating around the house. I would suggest putting the cooking stuff, closer to the fire, rather than pelts and what ever was in the other barrel on the other side, would be more convenient, save jumping over everyone to cook dinner. And with the fridge and cooler, maybe adding custom stuff, more appropriate, rather than the default armor and weapons in cold storage? It was interesting to look around and see what strange things I was to store away. Anyone wants to test the house out here is the link.
  6. Well since the stars vanished, I want to change my vote to 5 stars, since Tamira actually did all the textures used in the mod resources as well, I forgot that.
  7. A Welkynd stone! Saw one in ESO and could not for the life of me remember what they were called, but knew they were the blue glowing stones seen in Oblivion that used to rattle to get out of the display cases I put them in. Nice screenshot.
  8. No, I would not go to Fungal Grotto for a while yet mALX, I struggled and was hopeless, leave it for maybe level 20 or round up a big group, I would do it again. I prefer a two handed weapon, and any extra abilities to help. I made the mistake of only setting up the weapon changing just before going to Fungal Grotto, stuffed my fighting up, did not know which ability was which. Now with a controller I would be better at fighting, but I got tired of waiting, wanted to explore ESO. It is not as good as Skyrim, but still fun to play, especially with friends.
  9. From the album Aussie500

    Arion's mage character who seems to come with her own army.
  10. From the album Aussie500

    Got a chance to play my first group dungeon in ESO looked great but was a challenge to get through at least for me. Arion gave me a helping hand to survive, but we still needed a few more along to help us get through it. Next time I do it I will get more screenshots.
  11. From the album Aussie500

    My newly retextured walls all ready for some new windows. The actual texture still needs a bit of work.