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  1. We both tested Knights of the Nine: Revelation - that awesome expansion of KOTN by Lanceor - together here at TESA. Farewell Ysne.
  2. I just quoted my first answer Sorry, if this does not work, I cannot help any more. Pathgrid is o. k. you say? I only made one creature companion for Oblivion and used Maigret's tutorial too for it (Wonga companion http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/968-wonga-companion/
  3. Well, looking at the intelligence and encrease the value to 30 or more if necessary is the only thing I can think of (quote: " In Oblivion creatures needed an intelligence of more than 30 to be able to open doors. ")
  4. So you want to do this in Skyrim, right? (Maigret's tutorial is for Oblivion and things will not be the same) I never made a creature companion in Skyrim. In Oblivion creatures needed an intelligence of more than 30 to be able to open doors. As for Skyrim: Did you use the "DogCompanionRace" instead of the "DogRace"? Because in the Dog Companion Race the box "Can't open doors" is unchecked. Compare how "Meeko" is set up.
  5. Sent a small amount. Times have changed, cannot afford more, sorry.
  6. I can confirm this. Therefore I made an additional line to most of my uploaded Skyrim resources that they may be used in SSE too and that they should work without problems.
  7. From the album Tamiras Skyrim Album

    Silvergrove - one of the many different faces of Enderal
  8. I have played through the German version some days ago. And now I am going to start a second playthrough with the English version. If you like games that are not shallow and trivial but make you think and brood over some experiences, then Enderal is a must-have! Besides this, this game (I can't call this a "mod") is made so much friendlier for the eyes with the superb level design than the mostly dark and dull Skyrim world.
  9. Welcome to the Alliance! and have a welcome-cookie
  10. There is Stroti's cactus resource:
  11. Didn't you say you left NexusMods? There have been lots and lots of file uploads by a certain Fredlaus during the last days ....
  12. Oblivion is beautiful! I posted this picture for the 10th anniversary of my favorite game Happy Birthday Oblivion!
  13. Thanks! If only I knew what I have done wrong ... Edit: Just tried to add a comment but ..."This content can no longer be edited.........." Gah ... I'm giving up
  14. Yes please