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  1. Upon more searching, I have finally found the issues origin. It seems that if Skyrim is installed on an external drive, there is a bug which causes sounds to not play. This is (obviously) easily fixed by moving the Skyrim installation to your main drive. Have a good evening everyone!
  2. Hello. I decided to start up my Skyrim again, but when I re-downloaded it, the sound was weird. There are no door sounds, and weapon swing sounds do not always play, as in they will play for a bit, then stop playing at all. I have already tried reinstalling with no mods (multiple times), deleting all saves, deleting all steam games and re-installing Steam, checked my sound settings in game and for my sound settings, restarting computer, and "Cleaning" the Update, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, & Dragonborn ESMs with TES5Edit. I would really like to play my Skyrim without the weird sound glitches. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.