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  1. Okay. I've left it to the system and it set a total pagefile of 16 gB (16,195 mB), although I have "only" 8 gB of ram.
  2. play through

    Bilegulch Mine I had trouble finding it; it can be reached after finding a winding pass in the mountains. On the spot, the bandits (a band of Orcs) attack right away, common rabble I dispatched quite easily. The boss on the other hand was a bit more difficult. I found him in the mine and he almost killed me, one second of life more and he would have killed me. Phew, working bounty letters is quite boring. Bloated Man's Grotto Now, here is a beautiful place! It would be even more beautiful if it wasn't infested by spriggans and wolves; on the other hand after killing all the wolves, I was able to make some fur armour for myself, to keep me warm in this cold country. The place also shelters a shrine where a man named Acilius Bolar left his Oathblade. The man was the last survivor of the Thalmor attack on the Cloud Ruler Temple in Cyrodiil. The story is familiar to me, maybe my father told me about it when I was a child? Bolar transmits his sword to whoever is ready to take up the fight against the Thalmor. I took it with me. I found Runil's journal and gave it back to him. The rewards were not huge but they allowed me to buy some stuff I needed. I bought leather and made boots; with the wolves pelts I made a fur cuirass and gauntlets; they feel comfortable and warm. I also found some enchanted Dunmer clothes at the general store; for a very affordable price the tunic fortifies my magicka regeneration by 75 %. Great find! Now I must find a wizard or any trader who sells spells; I need some Alteration armour spells. I left Falkreath and its rain and took the road to the North-East. The road went through a deserted, destroyed, garrison town. Nothing there but ashes and ruins, only the keep was still standing. I went through it and saw nobody either. I carried on walking and eventually arrived at a little village, Riverwood. It's night and I'm in the inn, writing this. I'm going to eat and rest before visiting further tomorrow. It's good to see people. 4E 201, Tirdas 26th of Last Seed
  3. play through

    During the following days, I explored the environments of Falkreath. The hold is the perfect place for hunters, game being abundant here, as well as plants, ore and... spriggans. I found and old structure along the road that winds behind the Hall of the Dead that appeared to be the lair of one of them and it didn't like at all that I disturbed its rest. I learnt fast that they can be more easily dealt with if you use a fire spell, after weakening it with arrows. I met another Redguard, Zaria, who is an alchemist, interested in poisons and death in general. She allowed me to use her lab and I created my first potions. Alchemist is a smelly trade but it can be rewarding and useful if you are in a place that doesn't have potions sellers. Talking about death, it seems that Falkreath has a strange, unsettling and morbid taste for it. Places have been given weird names like "Corpselight Farm", "Dead Man's Drink" (the inn); Zaria's shop being named "Grave Concoctions". Not forgetting the cemetery, that happens to be the largest in the whole country! And the weather seems to agree with the ongoing mood, the Sun is rarely visible in that place... I also met the local priest of Akay, Runil, an Altmer. The first time I saw him, he was leading a burial ceremony. He asked me if I would retrieve his lost journal for him; I agreed and he sent me to Bloated Man's Grotto. I talked to the couple who assisted the ceremony and learnt that it was their daughter they were burying. How sad. When I asked what happened, Mathies, the father, told me that the girl had be ripped apart by a man named Sinding who happened to be a werewolf. The man was in jail, waiting for his judgement. Looks like Falkreath is a sad place after all; I won't stay here long. There is a big Nordic ruin overhanging Falkreath; I visited it only partially, the place begin quite ominous, full of skeletons and vampires. Brrr... I found out that someone in there was collecting... shoes. I took some of them and sold them, I needed the money. I also asked the local folk for work and the inn keeper gave me a bounty letter coming for the Jarl, sending me to kill the bandits' leader at Bilegulch Mine. What would my father think? His son, the bounty hunter... On the fourth day after my arrival, I was about to set out for Bilegulch Mine when a dragon made an appearance over the town and this time it was hostile. I helped killing it. Fortunately nobody was killed but something happened when the dragon died; the dragon dissolved into a skeleton and I felt like I was absorbing some power out of it. People around said that I had absorbed its soul. Weird...
  4. This is strange, I just noticed that the settings for both my SSDs are set to "no page file". I don't remember making that choice but I might have since there is apparently a controversy about SSDs and page files: So, SSD, page file or no page file? In the meantime, I'm going to leave it to the system appreciation and see how things go.
  5. Indeed! Good to know, thanks!
  6. Control Panel/Power Options/Change Plan Settings/Change Advanced Power Settings/Hard Disk. "Never" is not a choice, you'll have to write it. I wonder if Windows actually recognise when we write things like that. What size would you recommend?
  7. play through

    4E 201, 17th of Last Seed, this is the day I arrived in Skyrim, forever a stranger in my home country. My name is Kibwe; I am a Redguard from Hammerfell and the first creature I killed in Skyrim was a rabbit. I was born in a family of merchants, was a merchant myself before... Born in a rich and old family, very well known in Hammerfell (I shall not tell their name, I do not wish them to be in more trouble because of me), I always took everything for granted. Never thought about learning any trade beside the one consisting in hiring people so that they make money for me. I had friends in high places; I also made political alliances that eventually led me to fall into disgrace. I was arrested and sent to the executioner. My life was spared at the last moment, in order to avoid the dishonour a public execution would have shed on my family's venerable name, and I was exiled. This is why I am now in Skyrim. I'm not even sure why I killed that rabbit and I am intrigued by how I killed it: I used a flame spell that I learnt ages ago, when I was a child. It almost happened in spite of myself. I was hungry and tired and the little fellow bumped into my legs; I rose my hand and that was it, it was dead. That flame spell... When I was a child, I wanted to be a warrior, I fancied myself killing dragons with my shiny sword; I spent my time pretending fighting hordes of savages who were invading our estate. I had friends my age who studied magic and I laughed at them, treated them with scorn. Until one day my father got angry at me. My father would never raise a hand on me, I knew that but I had never seen him in that state before. He saw that I was afraid of him, calmed down a bit and talked to me. He said: "Kibwe, you are a good boy but the way you treated your friends is just despicable. There is something you must understand about Tamriel and her peoples. This is a land of magic; everyone having developed brains can wield magic. This natural talent was given to us by the Gods, do you think you are worthy enough to refuse such a gift?" I don't remember what I answered. He carried on: "For your punishment, you'll have to kill a wolf, not with your sword or any other weapon but with a spell. I'm going to teach you two easy spells, one that cast fire and another one that will heal your wounds." So he did. And after a few days of practice, I was sent into the nearby woods, near an old solitary wolf's lair. No weapons, just these spells, I was dead frightened. I was twelve and I'll never forget what happened next. The old wolf spotted me, showed me its teeth; I knew that running would be my death, I had been clearly briefed about that. I grabbed a dead branch nearby in order to protect me. The wolf attacked, I held the branch in front of me but the wolf managed to bite me. Dead afraid, I raised my left hand, cast the spell, setting the dry wood on fire and the wolf at the same time. To my big surprise, the wolf began squirming and whining with pain. After a few seconds, it was dead. I was baffled, it had been so easy! Just after that, I heard people running behind me, it was my father and his aids. He had tears in his eyes but he also smiled. He saw that I was wounded and encouraged me to use the healing spell. So I did and I was astonished when I saw my wounds progressively disappearing. I soon felt better and we all got back home. I never laughed at my friends after that; I even participated to their games. My father was right, who was I to refuse the Gods' gifts? And I grew up, and lead an entire different life, working in and then leading the powerful trading company my family had created generations ago; I forgot those spells, until that day I killed that poor rabbit. I took the meagre meat on the carcass and took the road. I knew that there was a town nearby, Falkreath, Capital of the Falkreath Hold. I followed the road thinking that I would eventually find it. Skyrim is verdant and full of a wide variety of plants, at least in this part of the country. I took some samples along the road and tasted them; I should be able to learn bit of Alchemy and maybe make a living out of it. At one point, I passed by a cave. Inside I found lots of mushrooms and corpses. Bandits had managed to escape their gang and found refuge here. One of them had written a journal; it appears that the place is the tomb of someone named Halldir and that foul magic is at work here. I didn't stay. Skyrim is full of surprises; I had barely set foot outside the cave that a huge flying creature flew by. Fortunately for me, it wasn't hostile and I had time to examine it; there is no doubt in my mind, it was a dragon! But how is that possible? Oh well, life without surprises would be dull hey? I eventually managed to reach Falkreath where I ate and rested at the inn.
  8. What else need to be done? There are lots of lines of dialogue that mention the player presence during the attack on Helgen. Use the View/Find Text feature to do that, then add conditions or modify them to your liking. If the player starts the civil war before discovering Helgen, they'll be stuck when they bring the message to Whiterun. Create a quest that will start at that moment, pointing the player at Helgen so that he discovers it. As it is, the mod will not allow you to start the main quest; to do so, the player will have to discover Helgen first and then you'll have to go through the gate guard and Jarl Balgruuf lines of dialogues (in MQ102) and condition them so that they show up. So far, I've hold you hand, I'm now leaving this to you. I'm sure you'll understand fast what to do.
  9. There's a new alternate start now, for both Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition!
  10. Version

    1 download

    My Own Alternate Start for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition by ladyonthemoon -----oOo----- Requirements: Dawnguard, Hearthfires, Dragonborn. Incompatibilities: Use only one alternate start. Do not use with other mods that modify the following quests: MQ101 "Unbound", MQ102 "Before the Storm", CW03 "Message to Whiterun". Do not use with other mods that modify the following cells: HelgenKeep01, WindhelmPalaceOfTheKings, SolitudeCastleDour, Wilderness 6, -29, Wilderness 4, -20, Wilderness 42, 9, Wilderness 51, -28, Wilderness -41, 24, Wilderness -13, -25. Content: This mod, as its name suggests, is an alternate start. You will be able to start the game on five different places, at the border of Skyrim: border to Cyrodiil, border to Hammerfell, border to High Rock, border to Morrowind (South and North). -----oOo----- Notes: Hadvar has been moved to Castle Dour, near General Tullius, Ralof has been moved to the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm, near Ulfric Stormcloak. Starting the main and civil war quest lines: Your player will not witness the attack on Helgen but starting the main quest line and the civil war will always be possible. If you haven't visited Helgen yet, you'll have to bribe the guard so that he allows you to enter Whiterun and Jarl Balgruuf will not have proper lines for you. To start the main quest, you'll have to discover Helgen first. Once this done, go visit Jarl Balgruuf in Whiterun. The usual scene will not start, approach the Jarl and tell him that you want to help him dealing with the dragon problem. To start the Civil War quest line, simply go to Solitude or Windhelm and enlist there, as usual. If you start the Civil War quest line before the main quest line, you'll have to discover Helgen. A quest will launch to that effect when you bring the "Message to Whiterun" to Jarl Balgruuf. Installation and removal: if you are playing the original version of Skyrim, download "" and extract its content into your Data directory, if you are playing Skyrim Special Edition, download "" and extract its content into your Data directory. Deinstalling this mod is probably not safe at all. How I made it: If you are curious, or willing to make your own alternate start, see here: Thanks: Great many thanks to Bethesda Softworks for creating this amazing game! Great many thanks to TES Alliance for allowing us to share our creations on their web site!
  11. Hey! Happy birthday! :thumbup:

  12. Final version of the script fragment added to MQ101, stage 0, quickstart 5: ;starting game ;moving the player to a dummy location Actor PlayerRef = Alias_Player.GetActorRef() PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_DummyCellMarker) ;choosing where the player comes from Int StartButton = MOAS_StartChoiceMessage.Show () If StartButton == 0 PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_CyrodiilGateMarker) ElseIf StartButton == 1 PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_HammerfellGateMarker) ElseIf StartButton == 2 PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_HighRockBorderMarker) ElseIf StartButton == 3 PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_MorrowindBorderNorthMarker) ElseIf StartButton == 4 PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_MorrowindSouthGateMarker) EndIf ;fading the game out Game.FadeOutGame(False, true, 1.0, 1.0) Utility.Wait(0.5) ;emptying player's inventory ;adding new outfit and stuff to the player PlayerRef.RemoveAllItems() PlayerRef.SetOutfit(MOAS_PlayerOutfit) PlayerRef.AddItem(MOAS_PlayerStartPackage, abSilent = true) Utility.Wait(0.5) ;setting the time to 8 am GameHour.SetValue(8) ;setting weather SkyrimClear.ForceActive(true) Utility.Wait(0.25) ;character creation ;popping up race menu Game.ShowRaceMenu() ;adding spells based on race kmyQuest.AddRaceSpells() Utility.Wait(0.5) ;call offset stop on player PlayerRef.PlayIdle(OffSetStop) PlayerRef.AddItem(IronDagger, abSilent = 1) PlayerRef.EquipItem(IronDagger, 0 ,1) ;overriding weather Weather.ReleaseOverride() ;starting Helgen destroyed quest MOAS_InitQst.SetStage (0) ;player has joined none of the available factions kmyQuest.FactionPath = 0 ;enabling save Game.SetInChargen(false, false, false) ;saving game once the character has been created Game.RequestSave()
  13. Helgen Workflow: 1) A look in the CK: Before taking care of Helgen, let's take a look at it from the top point of view: You'll need to enlarge the image to be able to see better. As you can see, Helgen is a nightmare of triggers of all types (the coloured boxes) that overlap each other... At the beginning of the game, the player arrives in the village from the East road down right, the keep being on the North. The yard where the player is created is on the South West. The dragon attack quest (MQDragonAttack) is started from MQ101, when the player gets off the cart; during the course of the attack, it's the player that makes the quest advance (and enable or disable the rubble and fires) by passing through the aforementioned triggers. My plan is to create a new quest in which the dragon attack quest (MQ101DragonAttack) will advance and custom functions will: move Ralof, Hadvar, Elenwell, Tullius, Uldric, disable the unwanted npcs. Since the player will not choose a side in the civil war right at the start of the game, Hadvar will be moved near General Tullius in Solitude and Ralof near Ulfric in Windhelm. When the player chooses a side, Hadvar and Ralof will be participating to the war as they would if you had started the game in normal conditions. Advancing the main quests and destroying Helgen create a new quest; make it "Start Game Enabled" and "Run Once", add two scripts to that quest: the Quest Form script and the Quest Script. -----oOo----------oOo----------oOo----- Examples of quest form script and quest script, in MQ101: The "Quest Script" is named after the ID of the quest immediately followed by "QuestScript" or simply "Script". This is a script in which custom functions are defined and then called in the Quest Form script. For MQ101, it is MQ101QuestScript. The Quest Form script is always named after the quest, immediately preceded by "QF_" and followed by the form ID number of the quest. For MQ101, it is "QF_MQ101_0003372B". It contains the stage fragments that advance the quest. We've already come across an example of how the "Quest Script" is used at the beginning of this tutorial, in MQ101, when spells are added to the player according to the race you chose. The "add spells" function in the "Quest Script": ; add racial spells to player function AddRaceSpells() ; remove all racial spells first, just in case Actor player = Game.GetPlayer() RemoveRaceSpells(player) ; add race spells Race playerRace = player.GetActorBase().GetRace() if playerRace == ArgonianRace elseif playerRace == BretonRace player.AddSpell(ConjureFamiliar) elseif playerRace == DarkElfRace player.AddSpell(Sparks) elseif playerRace == HighElfRace player.AddSpell(Fury) elseif playerRace == ImperialRace elseif playerRace == KhajiitRace elseif playerRace == NordRace elseif playerRace == OrcRace elseif playerRace == RedguardRace elseif playerRace == WoodElfRace endif endFunction and how it's called in the corresponding fragment in MQ101: -----oOo----------oOo----------oOo----- This is how destroying Helgen will be handled. add a "Quest Script" to the new quest and name it after your quest ID followed by QuestScript or at least Script. The quest I've created has "MOAS_InitQst" as ID; the name of the Quest Script will then be "MOAS_InitQstScript" (to avoid the redundancy between Qst and Quest), generate the Quest Form Script. You do that by creating a stage, then adding an empty "log entry" and writing "; start mod" (or whatever you want) in the Papyrus fragment of this stage. Here is an image of the quest I created: 1) Advancing the dragon attack quest (MQ101DragonAttack), finishing the main quest (MQ101) and setting up MQ102: in the Stage 0 Papyrus fragment of the quest, add the lines: ;advance and finish dragon attack quest MQ101DragonAttack.SetStage(5) MQ101DragonAttack.SetStage(10) MQ101DragonAttack.SetStage(200) ;finish main quest MQ101.SetStage (1000) ;start MQ102 MQ102.SetStage (5) MQ102.SetStage (105) SetStage (5) 2) Taking care of the unwanted npcs, useless stuff and moving the needed npcs to where they belong: create the stage 5, open the quest script you created and create the functions that will be called in stage 5: - disabling stuff: ;stuff to be disabled properties ObjectReference Property TEMPEndGate Auto ObjectReference Property ChargenImodFXTrigger Auto Function DisablingStuff () TempEndGate.Disable() ChargenImodFXTrigger.Disable () EndFunction - disabling npcs: ;actors to be disabled properties ReferenceAlias Property Justiciar01 Auto ReferenceAlias Property Justiciar02 Auto ReferenceAlias Property Priest Auto ReferenceAlias Property TortureRoomImperialSoldier1 Auto ReferenceAlias Property TortureRoomStormcloak2 Auto ReferenceAlias Property TortureRoomStormcloak3 Auto ReferenceAlias Property Torturer Auto ReferenceAlias Property ImperialSoldier01 Auto ReferenceAlias Property ImperialSoldier02 Auto ReferenceAlias Property StormcloakPrisoner01 Auto ReferenceAlias Property StormcloakPrisoner02 Auto ReferenceAlias Property StormcloakPrisoner03 Auto ReferenceAlias Property StormcloakPrisoner04 Auto ReferenceAlias Property ImperialSoldierHelgen01 Auto ReferenceAlias Property ImperialSoldierFort01 Auto ReferenceAlias Property HelgenArcher01 Auto ReferenceAlias Property HelgenArcher02 Auto ReferenceAlias Property Prisoner01 Auto ReferenceAlias Property GunjarCorpse Auto Function DisablingNPCs () Justiciar01.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() Justiciar02.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() Priest.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() TortureRoomImperialSoldier1.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() TortureRoomStormcloak2.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() TortureRoomStormcloak3.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() Torturer.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() ImperialSoldier01.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() ImperialSoldier02.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() StormcloakPrisoner01.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() StormcloakPrisoner02.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() StormcloakPrisoner03.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() StormcloakPrisoner04.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() ImperialSoldierHelgen01.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() ImperialSoldierFort01.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() HelgenArcher01.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() HelgenArcher02.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() Prisoner01.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() GunjarCorpse.GetActorRef().DisableNoWait() EndFunction - moving and setting the npcs that must not be disabled: ;actors to be moved properties ReferenceAlias Property Elenwen Auto ReferenceAlias Property Hadvar Auto ObjectReference Property MOAS_HadvarMarker Auto ReferenceAlias Property Ralof Auto Outfit Property RalofOutfit Auto ObjectReference Property MOAS_RalofMarker Auto Function MovingNPCs () Elenwen.GetActorRef().MoveToMyEditorLocation() Elenwen.GetActorRef().EnableNoWait() Hadvar.GetActorRef().MoveTo(MOAS_HadvarMarker) Hadvar.GetActorRef().EnableNoWait() Hadvar.GetActorRef().GetActorBase().SetEssential(false) Ralof.GetActorRef().MoveTo(MOAS_RalofMarker) Ralof.GetActorRef().EnableNoWait() Ralof.GetActorRef().SetOutfit(RalofOutfit) Ralof.GetActorRef().GetActorBase().SetEssential(false) EndFunction get back to the stage 5 in the "kmyQuest" drop down menu, add the quest script you created, save the quest and open it again, call the functions you just created: kmyQuest.DisablingStuff () kmyQuest.DisablingNPCs () kmyQuest.MovingNPCs () - making the fact that the player has discovered and visited Helgen known. You'll need that in the civil war quest line. in the cell "HelgenExterior02", create a "defaultSetStageTRIGPlayerOnly" trigger and set its properties as follows: In the quest you created, create the stage 15 and enter the following line in the Papyrus fragment (or nothing at all since it's just for memory): ;player has discovered Helgen This is this stage done condition you'll have to use in the dialogue lines so that the player can start the main quest. See: 3) Specific things to be set inside the keep: - the wall collapsing in the entrance: this effect is triggered by the player and is followed by the sound of the dragon roaring. If you choose to, you can disable that sound by setting its property in the trigger script to "none": - the bridge lever: it's set "Enable State to Opposite of Parent". The consequence is that it's disabled due to the fact that we advanced the quests earlier. Just untick "Set Enable State to Opposite of Parent" to make it come back. - the drawbridge: this one is also triggered by the player but the current trigger will not work because of the absence of the "friend". You'll have to add a new trigger, a "defaultSetStageTRIGOnLeavePlayerOnly" trigger will do. Once you have created the trigger, set its properties as follows: In the quest you created, create the stage 10 and enter the following code in the Papyrus fragment: ;trigger collapse CollapsingBridgeAnim.enable() game.ShakeCamera(CollapsingBridgeAnim,0.5,1.25) game.ShakeController(0.5,0.35,1.0) utility.wait(1.0) If !CollapsingBridgeAnim.PlayAnimation("PlayAnim02") ; debug.trace(self + "Collapse bridge animation fails to play") EndIf game.ShakeCamera(CollapsingBridgeAnim,1.0,2.0) game.ShakeController(0.9,0.9,2) utility.wait(0.5) BridgeOriginal.disable() utility.wait(1.0) game.ShakeCamera(CollapsingBridgeAnim,0.6,2.0) game.ShakeController(0.2,0.2,2.0) BridgeDebris.enable() You're done! Helgen is now as it looks like after you have escaped Helgen in the normal start.
  14. Purpose: This thread is about how I'm making an alternate start mod, avoiding the usual beginning in the cart, the execution scene and having to choose a side in the civil war. Permissions: This tutorial is just for your information, you are not allowed to use it to remake this mod and upload it to or anywhere else. You can use this tutorial as a guide that will help you make your own alternate start; just don't forget to credit me and put a link to this place when you release your creation. Where to download the mod: Note: There is no way to create an alternate start mod without modifying the main quest (MQ101). Knowing this, the amount of modifications you'll make to MQ101 is irrelevant; modified is modified, whatever the number of things you change in this quest. Let's create the new start conditions Workflow: 1) Setting the start conditions: let's create the place(s) where the player will start. In the finished mod, there will be five possible places, for now I've created the gate to Cyrodiil one, in cell 6, -29, by adding a marker heading that I named "MOAS_CyrodiilGateMarker". This is where the player will be teleported when I choose that location at the start of the game. Once the player has been teleported, the character creation menu will pop up. let's modify the dummy player's inventory. In "Actors/Actor" open the "Player" generic form and modify the content of the inventory to your liking. I personally modified the player outfit so that it contains ordinary farm clothes and boots, a basic set of weapons, food, drinks and potions. The idea is that the player was forced to leave whatever province they were living in such a hurry that they kept only what they were wearing. let's modify the quick start global. In "Miscellaneous/Global, find "MQQuickstart" and set it to 5: 2) Setting the new start stage in MQ101: in "Character/Quest", let's find "MQ101", in stage 0, let's create a new empty log entry, let's add to it the condition "GetGlobalValue" | "MQQuickStart" | "== 5", In the Papyrus Fragment: in the kmyQuest drop down menu, let's choose "MQ101QuestScript"; this is required so that the start script can access the AddRaceSpells function it contains. let's save the quest now; this is needed otherwise the CK will spit error messages if we add the script directly, let's add the start script. Here is the script I'm adding; it contains the necessary so that the mod works: ;starting game ;setting the time to 8 am GameHour.SetValue(8) Actor PlayerRef = Game.GetPlayer() ;moving the player to the chosen start place PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_CyrodiilGateMarker) ;fading the game out Game.FadeOutGame(False, true, 1.0, 1.0) ;removing prisoner outfit PlayerRef.RemoveItem(ClothesPrisoner, abSilent = true) PlayerRef.RemoveItem(ClothesPrisonerShoes, abSilent = true) PlayerRef.RemoveItem(PrisonerCuffsPlayer, abSilent = true) Utility.Wait(1) ;character creation ;popping up race menu Game.ShowRaceMenu() ;add spells based on race kmyQuest.AddRaceSpells() Utility.Wait(1) ;enabling save Game.SetInChargen(false, true, true) ;saving game once the character has been created Game.RequestSave() 3) Choosing where to start and how it looks like in game: First, all the locations where the player will be able to start the game must be created: chose a cell in the world (make sure the place is not outside the borders of Skyrim), add a "xmarkerheading" in that cell and give it a name. Second, the message that will pop up asking the player where they are from must be created: in Miscellaneous/Message, create a message like the one below Now the start script must be modified accordingly (I've added to it an option so that the weather is clear during character creation): ;starting game ;setting the time to 8 am GameHour.SetValue(8) Actor PlayerRef = Game.GetPlayer() ;choosing where the player comes from ;moving the player to a dummy location first so that the choice message can display ;moving the player to the chosen start place PlayerRef.moveto(MOAS_CyrodiilGateMarker) Int StartButton = MOAS_StartChoiceMessage.Show () if StartButton == 0 PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_CyrodiilGateMarker) elseif StartButton == 1 PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_HammerfellGateMarker) elseif StartButton == 2 PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_HighRockBorderMarker) elseif StartButton == 3 PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_MorrowindBorderNorthMarker) elseif StartButton == 4 PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_MorrowindSouthGateMarker) Endif ;fading the game out Game.FadeOutGame(False, true, 1.0, 1.0) ;removing prisoner outfit PlayerRef.RemoveItem(ClothesPrisoner, abSilent = true) PlayerRef.RemoveItem(ClothesPrisonerShoes, abSilent = true) PlayerRef.RemoveItem(PrisonerCuffsPlayer, abSilent = true) Utility.Wait(1) ;setting weather SkyrimClear.ForceActive(true) ;character creation ;popping up race menu Game.ShowRaceMenu() ;adding spells based on race kmyQuest.AddRaceSpells() Utility.Wait(1) ;enabling save Game.SetInChargen(false, true, true) ;saving game once the character has been created Game.RequestSave() When you start the game, the message will pop up, asking you to choose a place for your player to start the game and you'll be able to create your character: -----oOo----- A bit of mod cleaning That's what I wrote earlier, but, it's actually not that a good idea. It's better if we do this by script. Before that, we need to remove the changes that were made to the player base form. In order to do that, launch the CK, select your plugin, set it active and then click on the button "Details": in the "Files Details" dialogue box that opens, select "Player", press the "DEL" key, the CK will ask confirmation that you want the modifications made to the player to be ignored, click on "Yes", load your plugin and save it immediately. Note: This is how you must proceed each time you make unwanted modifications to the game; you can select several records at the same time. When you accidentally modify references in a cell, you'll have to use this method to undo the changes you made to the references first and redo the whole operation to undo the modifications made to the cells themselves. It's good to use that same method when you want to remove objects you created, whatever the object, levelled list, form, package, quest and so on, instead of simply deleting them. Tips: when you add objects to a place, give them a recognisable name, when you accidentally modify an existing reference in a cell, give them a name too; a name like "Delete" or "Undo", so that you can spot them more easily in the "File Details" window. For example, I added a boat and two oars near the place where the player spawns when I choose "High Rock". I named them "MOAS_Boad" and "MOAS_Oar01" and "MOAS_Oar02" making them recognisable in the "Files Details". -----oOo----- Now that the changes made to the player base form have been undone, we need to remake them by script. 4) Let's modify the player by script: To do so, we need to remove all the clutter that are in its inventory and add the new stuff, by adding the lines: ;emptying player's inventory ;adding new outfit and stuff to the player PlayerRef.RemoveAllItems() PlayerRef.SetOutfit(MOAS_PlayerOutfit) PlayerRef.AddItem(MOAS_PlayerStartPackage, 1) MOAS_PlayerOutfit is an "outfit" form that contains levelled lists of the clothes, boots and gloves that will be randomly equipped to the player, MOAS_PlayerStartPackage is a levelled list that contains the rest: weapons, food, potions, money and so on, that will also be randomly added to the player's inventory. The new script looks now like that: ;starting game ;setting the time to 8 am GameHour.SetValue(8) Actor PlayerRef = Game.GetPlayer() ;moving the player to a dummy location (necessary so that the choice message displays correctly) PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_DummyCellMarker) ;choosing where the player comes from Int StartButton = MOAS_StartChoiceMessage.Show () if StartButton == 0 PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_CyrodiilGateMarker) ElseIf StartButton == 1 PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_HammerfellGateMarker) ElseIf StartButton == 2 PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_HighRockBorderMarker) ElseIf StartButton == 3 PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_MorrowindBorderNorthMarker) ElseIf StartButton == 4 PlayerRef.MoveTo(MOAS_MorrowindSouthGateMarker) Endif ;fading the game out Game.FadeOutGame(False, true, 1.0, 1.0) ;emptying player's inventory ;adding new outfit and stuff to the player PlayerRef.RemoveAllItems() PlayerRef.SetOutfit(MOAS_PlayerOutfit) PlayerRef.AddItem(MOAS_PlayerStartPackage, 1) Utility.Wait(1) ;setting weather SkyrimClear.ForceActive(true) Utility.Wait(1) ;character creation ;popping up race menu Game.ShowRaceMenu() ;adding spells based on race kmyQuest.AddRaceSpells() Utility.Wait(1) ;enabling save Game.SetInChargen(false, true, true) ;saving game once the character has been created Game.RequestSave() MOAS_DummyCellMarker is a marker I added to an interior cell I created and named MOAS_DummyCell. This cell contains only the xmarkerheading because it's just used during the time the message "Where are you coming from?" displays. Teleporting the player to that cell is necessary; otherwise the message will not show correctly and selecting a destination will not be possible. (In the previous versions of the script, I had teleported the player to the Cyrodiil border but it's actually preferable to create a new cell.) fading the game out (Game.FadeOutGame(False, true, 1.0, 1.0)) is necessary; otherwise the screen will remain black. For now, the mod as it is is perfectly functional; the only problem is that Helgen has not been destroyed; it's something that must be done so that the mod is complete. Note: You'll find the definitive version of the script in the post below:
  15. play through

    Kibwe Redguard from Hammerfell In his forties