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  1. It's been a while since I've posted here! Now that I have a new computer, I'm back. I've recently learnt how to localize a game! In case you wouldn't know, localizing a game means making it available in different languages and I've learnt this by following this tutorial: Thing I've noticed too, it seems that I'm beginning to be able to write scripts, small ones, without having to scout the web about "how to do this/how to do that". Solutions begin to loom in my rusted mind! Hope, people, hope... -----oOo----- On the projects front, I'm not sure where this is going but I've begun something, that should be like a first person shooter, somewhere in the middle of an ocean, on hovering platforms... After all, we live in an absurd world! I made the ocean you can see on the image; it's made of one only texture I made using that image editor and I use three times: texture and normal map (the blue one), height map (the black and white one). The texture is transparent and has a colour added to it, witch also has transparency. The ocean is somehow "animated" via a script that I found in that tutorial (this one I wouldn't be able to write by myself): and that reads: using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class Ocean : MonoBehaviour { public Renderer water; void Update () { water.material.mainTextureOffset = new Vector2 (0, Time.time / 100); water.material.SetTextureOffset ("_DetailAlbedoMap", new Vector2 (0, Time.time / 80)); } }
  2. It's true: and entering does work. Personally, these forums are one of my home pages alongside forums and my mail provider.
  3. Well, they need money, but, beside this, you can contribute here to keep the site up in search engine lists.
  4. Never remove one of these boxes!!! They are here for a reason. Yeah, you should definitely follow the course here.
  5. You just have to select them in the render view and double click on them to know what these coloured boxes are. I followed the classes myself months after I began modding; I already knew a fair amount of things but the course taught me a lot.
  6. It would be safer that you build your house in a place that is completely void of any of these boxes, most of them are triggers, linked to quests. The blue things in the first screenshot are effects, not triggers, so it would be safe building in a place that has some.
  7. It would be faster if you modified the spell itself so that it has a radius range, wouldn't it?
  8. Neither can I camment on mine...
  9. Like I said, I also use a tutorial by Maigret to do it. As for the navmesh, I cannot remake the whole of it, can I. Okay, I give up, I'm trashing the mod. No wonder Bethesda didn't make companions in this game.
  10. Really? Where did you find this quote? I'm trying that right away! Thanks! Edit: doesn't work...
  11. Hi Tamira! Thanks for your input but, no, it's a mod I made for Oblivion (sorry, I thought my post was clear). How can I make my dog able to open doors then?
  12. Hi, I spent some time today to make a dog companion in Oblivion because I was missing my dogs in Skyrim. To do so, I used this tutorial: My companion works fine (although he has trouble with the navmesh over there) but, he never makes it through the various doors and door ways existing; each time, I'm forced to use "moveto player" once inside. Does anyone know how I could fix that? Additional lines to the script maybe?
  13. How is it that I cannot post comments to this tutorial?
  14. skyrim

    All right, most of my mods are now compatible with Skyrim Special Edition! See here: