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  1. I've never done that before but I'm now trying to play as a Morrowind-like Spellsword. Skills: His or her main abilities will be: One handed weapons, Archery, Destruction, Light Armour (I hate heavy armours). Then, he or she will cultivate the most obvious skills an adventurer is going to need: Smithing, Alchemy, Restoration, Sneak. Suitable races: Imperial, Khajiit, Redguard, the more suited being the Khahiit and the Redguard (four skills in my skills choices for each). Mods: The mods I'm using are the one I made and I uploaded here (except for the Ring of the Pathfinder because I play with the HUD off) plus a few others I didn't upload anywhere, and: Belt-Fastened Quivers, English Strings for Skyrim SE, Bear - In Memory of Taylor (that I converted to SSE), Althir's Camping Tools (that I heavily modified and adapted to SSE). Regarding the Creation Club, I'm using: Survival Mode, Arcane Accessories (the link goes to an empty page but I hope the UESP Wiki people will fill it one day or another).
  2. Hi, Just a small message so that you know that almost all the mods I've posted here contain a version for the special edition: Some of them were specifically made for the special edition:
  3. Hi, Looks interesting but you say it's for Skyrim special edition; the video was made with the original version of the game.
  4. Purpose: This thread is about how I made that mod so that you can try and make similar mods of your own. Using this as a tutorial for your future mods will introduce you to: creating new objects from existing base objects (here the ring and the letter) creating new quests and manage their aliases, script and fragments, writing simple scripts that will extend an object. Permissions: This tutorial is just for your information, you are not allowed to use it to remake this mod and upload it to or anywhere else. Mod download page: Ring of the Pathfinder What makes this mod: a custom ring, a custom letter, a custom quest, a script added to the ring so that the compass disappears when the player removes it and reappears when they put it on again, a script added to the quest so that the ring is automatically added and equipped to the player, explaining why the compass is visible. Ring of the Pathfinder speculates that the presence of the compass is due to the player wearing a ring, the Ring of the Pathfinder. Putting the ring off will make the compass disappear; putting the ring on will make the compass reappear. This is how it's been made. Workflow: 1) Preparation: if you make a mod for Skyrim Special Edition, launch the Creation Kit and load all the master files (when you play the special edition, you cannot choose not to start either of the expansions.): if you make a mod for the original edition of Skyrim, just loading Skyrim.esm and Update.esm should suffice. 2) Creating a custom ring: In "Items/Armor", choose an existing ring that you like, double-click on it to open its form, here "JewelryRingGoldDiamond": You must change the ID and Name of the form, in order to create a brand new ring: You can also modify the value and description of the ring. In the case of this mod, a script has been added to the ring so that the compass disappears when the player puts it off and reappears when the player puts it on. It's a very simple script that will be described later. Click on "OK" and then on "Yes" in the following pop up window: Your custom ring is now created. Save your mod. 3) Creating the custom letter: The process of creating a custom letter is basically the same as creating a new ring: in "Items/Book", choose an existing letter, open it, change its ID and Name, modify the existing text, save it and click on "Yes" in the "Create New Object" dialogue box. Your custom letter is now created. Save your mod. 4) Creating a custom quest (see here to learn more about quests): The process of creating a new quest is slightly different: In "Character/Quest" right click in the window containing the existing quests on the right and select "New". in the "Quest Data" tab, give an ID to your quest (mandatory) and make sure that "Start Game Enabled" and "Run Once" are selected: That quest not being playable by the player, there is no need to give it a name and choose a type for it. in the "Quest Aliases" tab, create a new "Reference Alias", name it "Player" and assign the specific reference "PlayerRef" to it. Save the alias, save the quest and save your mod. (Do that often, the CK has a knack for crashing at the worst times.) Open the Player reference alias and go down to the "Alias Inventory" dialogue box, right click in it, select "New" and in the drop down menu on the right find "RPF_Ring". Doing this will add the ring to the player's inventory at start of the game. Save the alias, quest and mod. Create a new reference alias in the quest and name it "Letter". In the "Fill type" data, select "Create Reference to Object" and in the drop down menu on the right, find "RPF_LetterFromAuntie". Then in "Create", select "in" and "Player" in the drop down menu. In the Reference alias flags, select "Stores Text" and "Uses Stored Text" (necessary since we use "My Dearest <Alias=Player> in the text. This is also why we put the letter into an alias instead of simply dropping it into the player's inventory like we did for the ring). This alias will create a reference of the letter in the player's inventory. Save the alias, quest and mod. Creating aliases will not create the script that will be attached to the quest. To do that you'll have to create stages for your quest and add "fragments" to these stages. in the "Quest Stages" tab, 1) create a new stage in the "Index" dialogue box, 2) select "Start up stage" and create a new empty "Log Entry". In the "Papyrus Fragment" dialogue box, just enter "; starting quest", click on "Compile" and then on "OK", in order to generate the script that will be attached to the quest: Note: Saving the quest at that point will take some time; do not panic, just wait until it's done. Now that the script has been generated, we can fill it with some code. In stage 0, we will reset the compass to "visible", just in case. In Papyrus Fragment, just under "; Starting quest", enter the following lines: ;putting the compass back, just in case Utility.SetINIBool("bShowCompass:Interface", true) SetStage (5) Compile, create the stage 5 and add an empty log entry to it. Save the quest. In stage 5, we will force the player to equip the ring; doing this will unequip whatever ring the player is wearing at that time. In Papyrus Fragment, add the following lines: ;make player wear the ring Actor PlayerRef = Game.GetPlayer() PlayerRef.EquipItem (RPF_Ring, 0, 1) Setstage (255) RPF_Ring is a property that we'll have to define before compiling the fragment. Click on "Properties": In the "Properties for script..." window that opens, click on "Add property". In the "Add Script Property" window, select "Armor" in the Type drop down menu and give the new property the exact ID of the ring, here "RPF_Ring", so that the CK fills the property automatically. Click on OK and wait for the CK to create the new property. Once the property has been created and filled, click on OK in the "Properties for script..." window and compile the fragment. Create the stage 255 and add an empty log entry to it. Save the quest and the mod. In the stage 255, we will stop the quest; it will no longer be active in your game because, in the case of this mod, it won't be necessary. Select "Shut down stage" (do not select "Complete Quest"; this option is for quests that are playable by the player) and add the following lines to the Papyrus fragment: ; stopping quest Stop () Now we can add the script to the ring. 5) Creating a script that will extend and object reference (here the ring): Open the RPF_Ring form, and at the bottom right find the "Scripts" dialogue box; click on "Add". Select "New Script", give the new script a name, here "RPF_EffectsScript. Do not modify 'Extends Object Reference"! Click on OK. Once the script has been created, right click on it and select "Edit source": and enter the following lines: Event OnEquipped(Actor akActor) if akActor == Game.GetPlayer() Utility.SetINIBool("bShowCompass:Interface", true) endIf endEvent Event OnUnequipped(Actor akActor) if akActor == Game.GetPlayer() Utility.SetINIBool("bShowCompass:Interface", false) endIf endEvent Save the ring and the mod is finished! Foot note: it took more time to write this than to actually make the mod!
  5. Did you ask the author how he would do that?
  6. A cell is a place in the game where you put your armour; like Gerdur's or Alvor's house, an inn or any other place in the world, outside or inside. I don't think scaling the armour addon will do anything to the armour itself. Why exactly do you want to scale it down?
  7. Hi, You must use SetScale on a reference of the armour in game. Put the armour somewhere in a cell and add a script to it. I'm not entirely sure that it will keep the scale if the player drops it on the floor afterwards though. Here is how to use SetScale in a script:
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  9. Version


    Content This mod introduces another way to start the mod. Originally, when you load your save, two robes and a quest are shoved onto your player. With this mod, this will not happen. Your player will not get the two robes immediately and the quest will start only once you have read a note you'll find in Nelacar's room in Wintherhold. The player will find the robes at the same place they will find the tomes. -----oOo----- How to install this mod launch the game and go to "Creation Club", buy "Arcane Accessories" and download it, once installed let the game rebuild your data files, download the archive here and extract its content to the "Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data" directory, go to "Mods", and enable CC_ArcaneAccessories_Custom.esp, let the game rebuild your Data files again, load your current save or start a new game. -----oOo----- Note: I removed the quest marker that would lead you to the place where the "Lost Library" is because the player is supposed to "look for it". -----oOo----- Thank you for using my modest mod! -----oOo----- Great many thanks to Bethesda Game Studios for this marvellous game!
  10. Version


    Content - new food, soups and hot soups recipes, - home made skooma (fortifies stamina by 100 points and provokes a drugged effect that affects the player's vision for 3 (real time) minutes; decreases stamina regeneration by 100 % during 30 (real time) minutes), - fur armours cuirass, shoes, gauntlets and helmet crafting at the tanning rack using wolf pelts and leather strips, - tempering fur armours requires wolf pelts instead of leather, - Skaal coat, boots, gauntlets and hat crafting at the tanning rack (on Solstheim only, in the Skaal Village) using bear pelts and leather strips, - Skaal coat, boots, gauntlets and hat tempering using bear and wolf pelts,, - Skaal boots, gauntlets and hat fortify health by 5 points and increase frost resistance by 5% (can be enchanted), - Skaal coat fortifies health by 15 points and increases frost resistance by 15% (can be enchanted), - the Wolf Armour, Boots and Gauntlets are now "warm", - the Wold Helmet is now "cold" as it is made of steel only, - running drains stamina by 3 points/second, - sprinting drains stamina by 7 points/second, - running, fortifies health by 5 points and increases frost resistance by 5 % (only if the player is in cold regions or cold weather), - sprinting fortifies health by 10 points and increases frost resistance by 10 % (only if the player is in cold regions or cold weather), - in combat situations, running and sprinting fortify stamina regeneration by 100 %, - you'll find very few food inside barrels and sacks; inn keepers will provide more food to buy. -----oOo----- How to install this mod launch the game and go to "Creation Club", buy "Survival Mode" and download it, once installed let the game rebuild your data files, download the archive here and extract its content to the "Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data" directory, go to "Mods", and enable CC_SurvivalMode_Custom.esp, let the game rebuild your Data files again, load your current save or start a new game, enable the Survival Mode. -----oOo----- How to install the updated versions of this mod For the updates to fully work, you must enable this mod before enabling the Survival Mode. To do so: launch the game, go to "Mods", install the update and then disable this mod, load your current save (click on "Yes" in the dialogue box that will pop up), go to "Settings/Gameplay" and disable the Survival Mode, save your game and quit to the main menu, go to "Mods" and enable this mod, load the save you made at step 4, enable the Survival Mode. You'll have to repeat this procedure for all the characters you created that are using this mode. -----oOo----- Note: This mod will not load if you do not own the Survival Mode. If you own the Survival Mode but you haven't enabled it, this mod will also be of no use to you either; it will load but it's content will not be available. -----oOo----- Survival Mode: Additions is meant to add things to the Survival Mode, not to modify its mechanics. The only things belonging to the Survival Mode that were modified are adding "warm" keywords to the Wolf armour, gauntlets and boots, adding the "cold" keyword to the Wolf helmet, that were apparently overlooked. Otherwise, this mod actually modifies content belonging to the core game; these modifications consisting in: adding keywords to the set of fur armour so that you can craft them in the "Hide" category at the tanning rack, rectifying the protection rates of the smaller fur cuirasses so that they do not protect as well as the full ones, modifying the main "food" levelled lists so that they no longer offer an insane quantity of food, fixing the health regeneration magic effect so that it affects the player's health instead of the heal rate. The vanilla food lists I've modified are the following: LItemFoodInnCommon LItemBarrelFoodRawMeatSame LItemBarrelFoodSame70 LItemBarrelFoodSameSmall LItemFoodSaltSmall Thank you for using my modest mod! -----oOo----- Great many thanks to Bethesda Game Studios for this marvellous game!
  11. Just wanted to say thanks for your tutorial on creating LOD. Of all the tutorials I read, yours made the most sense. It was very helpful

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  14. Yes I have with my draugr and their "alcove" thingy, the markers that make them stand in alcoves or lying in sarcophagi. I found only one way to fix the problem: enabling draugr and markers via script and quest. Use an x marker to enable your npcs and their bound captive markers; put the x marker "disabled at start" and use a quest fragment to enable the x marker. I have no idea why it's not working directly, sorry.
  15. Thank you guys for helping with the money; I wish I could contribute more...