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  1. Great! After assigning them to the GPU in the control panel of the Nvidia card, it appears that both the Creation Kit and Unity are using it. Phew... Doing this for Skyrim doesn't work though and I don't understand why. These problems notwithstanding things are coming close to normal now.
  2. Things look definitely better on this computer:
  3. That was my point: 7 and 9 are barely different. Same settings for the three images, except for the ugraidstoload, of course.
  4. You train your wagon? There is a spot I use to compare between ugridstoload 7 and ugridstoload 9; it's just outside Rorikstead in the direction of the Robber's Gorge. I just made the comparison and it appears that ugridstoload 9 is not worth; 11, on the other hand... uGridsToLoad=7 uGridsToLoad=9 uGridsToLoad=11 I'm back to uGridsToLoad=7.
  5. It's a desktop I guess.
  6. Hey now that I have a more powerful computer, maybe I could get back to a ugridstoload of 9? I used it a long time on my previous machine but I had to renounce in time. Never encountered any issue either, whether on 9 or 7. My opinion is that Skyrim doesn't need any graphics mod, it just looks better on better machines, I'm afraid, which is kinda unfair I suppose. I'm slowly getting used to the new machine but I'm frustrated that I cannot have the ck run on the GPU instead of the integrated. I'll probably have the same problem with Unity. The heat bothers me a bit too.
  7. Graphics selection is probably coded. I'm playing with a ugridstoload set to 7, no graphics mod, no enb involved if that's what you're asking. I'm using my own mods plus the ones described in my profile here.
  8. I wish it were true, whatever I do, Skyrim starts on the integrated graphics. Actually, what happens is that anything running under Steam starts on the integrated graphics. It happens that I've been playing and old version of Skyrim for months now, due to the lip sync bug. This version is legitimate of course, it's mine; apparently I saved a complete intall of once, for some reason I don't remember of and I found it a day I decided to do some cleaning in my hard drives. Lucky me, I've been able to escape the horrendous lip sync bug! So, when I launch that version, the selector finds the GPU and uses it instead of the integrated, choosing ultra settings. After half an hour playing, temperature rose to 61° C (~142 °F) for the GPU and never went above 60°C for the CPU. Doesn't look too bad, what do you think? A few images of Skyrim (First Edition, not the Special one - I hate to have to write this each time) on my new laptop?
  9. I found the origin of the problem: it happens that a process belonging to Intel drivers is hijacking Steam. It's best described here:
  10. What platform? Once I've managed to sort out the problems I have with Steam right now, I'd be able to upload it to
  11. Did you ask the followers mods authors to add this to their mods?
  12. I managed deleting the folder in safe mode. Phew!
  13. I'd rather use a good old console command. Do you know one that would shred the damn thing?
  14. Well, I still have difficulties with the colour profile but things are better on that front. But... I have an enormous problem, not related to the new computer: I cannot uninstall the Creation Kit for the special edition. I uninstalled it through the launcher but a load of crap remains in the Skyrim folder. When I try to delete them, I get an error message saying that I need a permission from ... myself ... to do so! Being the admin of my computer, this shouldn't happen. I even uninstalled the launcher, to no avail...
  15. Well, the images MSI put online show very well what it looks like.