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  1. Tavern Tales Morrowind: OOC Discussion, I

    I'm glad it did!
  2. Tavern Tales Morrowind: Volume One

    Skyrim, near the Hammerfell border. A man and a dog walk towards the closest town; which means in fact that they hope to reach the nearest town before night fall. Behind them a pack guar doing what pack guars do: carrying anything and everything their master put on their back. The pack guar is tired, the man is tired, the dog is tired, even the weather seems tired too... Oh, Falkreath weather, rain, fog, wind, clouds, mist and all over again. The man sighs, the dog whines and suddenly stops and weakly growls, intensely watching nearby bushes. "what is it Whitka?" the man readies his only weapon, a crude bone and stone axe. Crude but efficient, this axe dispatched more brigands and predators you'd care to imagine. "What is it Whitka?" He had barely enough time to finish his question; three forms leapt out of the bushes; deafening yelling filled the air; crushing noises filled his ears. One blow and the man was out. The dog fought to its last strength, killed two bandits; the third one grabbed the pack guar reins and just ran away. Whitka couldn't follow. She got back near her master, licking their wounds alternately. It was night when the man woke up; his head was pounding. A succinct inspection told him that he had been quite lucky; he gathered that was still alive and relatively unharmed because he lost consciousness very fast. He stood up and looked for the guar; couldn't find her. Then he saw his dog and the dead bandits... "Oh Whitka..." he said; the dog whined. She was laying on the side, her hair stained with clotted blood. She could stand but if was obvious that she was weak. The man took her in his arms and began walking straight ahead, following the road as fast he could, resting from time to time. After a long while, he saw lights in the distance. The view gave him courage. "Look Whitka, civilisation!" He resumed his walk; the dog unconscious, or maybe was she just sleeping? He couldn't hear her breathing. So this is how Kibwe reached Falkreath. The guards, seeing how pitiful he looked came to him and helped him to the nearest inn saying that he would find a herbalist and a priest there. Kibwe and Whitka entered the inn. "Greetings" said Fiska, "how can I help you?"
  3. Tavern Tales Morrowind: OOC Discussion, I

    So, Fiska is the tavern owner? I thought she was just an exiled wise woman and Grond was the boss. I just posted my first submission. I hope it's not too bad.
  4. Let's Reclaim Helgen!

    At last, got it to work! Disable() doesn't work though; the only ways to remove all the clutter are either: disabling the existing enabler markers if possible, but it's something I don't want to do because these enabler markers are linked to objects that are scattered everywhere in Helgen and I want to remove the clutter place by place, house by house, or using Delete() on the objects that are to be disabled. Phew!
  5. Let's Reclaim Helgen!

    I wanted to do something smart for once but it doesn't work. I'll have to disable all 81 objects one by one, in 81 lines of code... (Sigh)
  6. Tavern Tales Morrowind: OOC Discussion, I

    I'm still trying to make something out of it. I read the contributions and I noticed that you were using P'urza who is a main character created by another contributor. We can do that?
  7. Let's Reclaim Helgen!

    To add to the difficulty, most of the stuff in Helgen being enabled by script, they are so persistent that they cannot be disabled the normal way. Deleting these objects in the editor is simply out of the question; I'll have to do that by script. I've discovered two functions that are part of the ObjectReference script: DisableLinkChain () EnableLinkChain () If those two do not work, I'm done...
  8. Let's Reclaim Helgen!

    Things are not going as well as I would like. I had to go back to an earlier version. After that, I dropped into the game after the bandits had moved in, killed them, and made a complete inventory of what had to be deleted. Using console commands and screen shots as a way to take notes, I now know that I have 81 objects to disable and a few new objects to enable: walkway stairs, stone stairs, fort stables and stuff, houses, banners both Imperial and Stormcloak (for the civil war), and all the stuff the new settlers will bring with them: plants, carts, flowers, bushes, whatever. Some debris will remain and a destroyed house will not be rebuilt, as a reminder of what happened. The yard in front of the keep doors will remain as it is. The destroyed house that will remain: The debris that will remain: The yard in front of the keep doors:
  9. Tavern Tales Morrowind: OOC Discussion, I

    Drowning actually... Maybe I should work on Kibwe and Whitka's adventures.
  10. Let's Reclaim Helgen!

    Exactly! I remember playing "rebuild" mods for Oblivion where the player had to do everything like the people were little children incapable of taking care of themselves. Oh my...
  11. Let's Reclaim Helgen!

    At one point, the player will have to persuade the Jarl to send guards and repopulate the keep.
  12. Let's Reclaim Helgen!

    In this mod, it's not the player who will rebuild the town; it's the new settlers. The player will see the changes when he visits the place.
  13. I'm worried about Morrowind being neglacted by Bethesda

    Unstable? I've never had any problems with these games, even on lower computers. I don't use many mods though; it might be the reason.
  14. Let's Reclaim Helgen!

    Progression: The quest that starts the mod after the player has taken care of the fifteen bandits that have moved into Helgen after the attack is done. I have begun the cleaning of Helgen. This cleaning will happen in at least three stages after the mod has started: the part of Helgen that goes from the South gate to the East one will be cleaned first from all the rubble and useless stuff; this will be visible after the player has sent at least two new settlers to Helgen, about one week or two after they have arrived. The place being uninhabitable, they will settle inside the keep during the works. the part of Helgen that contains the inn and the keep will be clean afterwards after the player has sent more people in, when cleaning Helgen will be finished, eighty-nine objects will have been disabled. Image of Helgen after stage 1 cleaning, taken in the CK: Stairs have been added at the East and South gates. I think I'm going to add a blacksmith house on the left, where there is a large unused space just after the South gate. The new houses and stuff will be added as the same time the rubble will be removed.
  15. I'm worried about Morrowind being neglacted by Bethesda

    I don't think they have, at least the development team certainly hasn't. Unfortunately, Bethesda, as we call it, is not only a development team; there are people out there that have other preoccupations that prevail over game development and maintenance. What are these official patches you were mentioning? Aren't they on that page (scroll down): https://patches.bethsoft.com/