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  1. It's Bethesda? Are you sure it would be simpler if it was another company? Anyway, take a look at the Forsworn Briarhearts. You'll see that they get a new skin when you remove their heart. It would be the same process if you wanted someone to look bloody: add a new bloody skin by script that would last for a while before disappearing. Take a look at dead Susanna The Widked's skin too.
  2. Hello folks! I've just modified the map of the Pale Pass; the exit to Skyrim is no longer near Southfringe Sanctum, it's... somewhere else. Clue: This is what you'll see when you get out of the pass and enter Skyrim: and here is the new map:
  3. You'll have to be careful though: setting certain objects "is full lod" will make them invisible in game!
  4. These resources must have lod meshes and textures, otherwise creating lod for them won't work.
  5. In case you played Oblivion, a few hints :
  6. So, I managed to fix the weather. I wanted it to look like the sunny snowy weather we can see in this film, King Arthur dating back to 2004, and I more or less got close to the result I wanted. What now? The main layout of the world space is ready; I need to fill it with flora, rocks, clutter and so on. Here are four images taken at 6 am, noon, 6 pm and midnight showing the weather:
  7. A few additions I've made today, a few landmarks more. I still need to rework the weather. For now I'm using the default Skyrim fog weather, to which I have added a continuous snow fall and effects but the colours are not very satisfying.
  8. A few new images; no lod yet and not finished but they give the right idea of the place:
  9. The pass will eventually have constant stormy snow weather. 6 am: noon: 6 pm: midnight:
  10. Worked on the region, climate and weather today. I'll have to rework the image spaces for the day. Night in the Pale Pass Fort exterior:
  11. I've been struggling with landscape editing for my world space. This used to scare me but I'm getting used to it. Three images for now:
  12. Since I deleted the first album I made here about this project, I'm going to post images here. After moving to Skyrim Special Edition, i had to test The Adventurer's Sorrow, the first cave and dungeon I made for this project, again. It turned out that it was a lot too dark. After reorganising the lights and lighting templates, I eventually managed to make it as I wanted it to be: dark but not too dark. I still have some tuning to do but I can consider it done already. I took a lot of pictures today but I selected 18 of them, plus 3 of the cave layout in the CK, for upload. I'll upload them within spoiler tags so that you can choose to watch them or not. Obviously, I hope you'll like what you'll see!
  13. Pale Pass the Secluded Outpost Pale Pass, the Secluded Outpost, is intended to add the Pale Pass we first met in Oblivion, to Skyrim. (If you didn't play Oblivion, obviously you don't know what I'm talking about but you don't need to either. ) Important: Pale Pass, the Secluded Outpost will be an addition to both Skyrim Original Edition and the Special Editon. Pale Pass, the Secluded Outpost will not be compatible with the project "Beyond Skyrim" because the team has probably already made their own Pale Pass; if they haven't yet, they most probably will. Content: - although the Pale Pass has been closed due to avalanches, a bored Cyrodiilic adventurer decided to set up on a trip to discover it, two hundred years after it had been located first. Unfortunately for her, and fortunately for the player, she died before attaining it. The player will find her body near the entrance of a cave that will end up being an underground forgotten Nordic tomb,, The Adventurer's Sorrow; this dungeon leading to a breach into the Serpent's Trail, - the Serpent's Trail leads inside the Pale Pass world, - there lie the ruins of Fort Pale Pass that contains five zones: Mouth of the Serpent Eyes of the Serpent Fangs of the Serpent Venom of the Serpent Scales of the Serpent - creatures, monsters, ghosts, and so on... Note: quests won't have quest markers or journal entries, not because I don't know how to make them but because I think getting back to old ways of playing won't harm. Date of release: Uhh... Maps: