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  1. You are welcome here! I wish you the best with your modding projects.
  2. It's been a while I hadn't posted here! I'm still learning how to use Unity and to code; things begin to make sense, it's a slow process, very progressive but it's worth the trouble! In the mean time, I just bought this game: It's the fourth instalment of the series and it's made by one guy only named Knut Müller, with a fistful of actors and a video artist! This guy has been my hero ever since I played his first RHEM.
  3. Hi, Is anyone here using Unity the game engine? I'd like to create a game with it but, even with the tutorials published, I have troubles finding my way into it... Any advice would be welcome.
  4. Thanks for your efforts! Any idea who could be behind the hack attempt?
  5. Welcome to TESA!
  6. The spoiler tags are still screwed; they don't display correctly as soon as you use many of them in the same post. See this recent post of mine:
  7. @Hannaisse Here we go! The place is an inn.
  8. [Oblivion] Miscarcand Inn



    Miscarcand Inn by ladyonthemoon Description: Miscarcand Inn is an inn situated near the Ayleid ruins of Miscarcand, on the Gold Road: The inn belongs to Ojah and Ajah, two Argonian siblings. It's well frequented and offers a large and luxurious room for the player to rent: The price is quite expensive but all the food and wine that are stored in the room are also available for the player to take. Ojah also sells food and drinks. Installation: After downloading the archive, extract its content into the Data directory that you'll find in the main Oblivion folder. If you are using the Steam version of the game, it would be "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Oblivion\Data". Launch the game and make sure the plugin is enabled, by clicking on "Data Files" and selecting the plugin in the list: Deinstallation: The archive contents: an esp (Elder Scrolls plugin), named lotmMiscarcandInn.esp, a sound directory containing the necessary sound and lip files Ojah will need to say her lines. If you want to remove this mod, remove both the lotmMiscarcandInn.esp and the sound folder. Make sure you do not destroy other content present in this sound folder that could belong to other mods! Thanks: To Bethesda Game Studio for their marvellous games!
  9. Hi, I'm trying to generate lip files but it doesn't seem to work. Both the mp3 and wav files are in the proper sound folder, the sound files play in the editor, I select "generate lip file from: wav file", I click on "generate" and nothing happens. What am I missing?
  10. Ah, okay, thank you. I suspected it was the problem so I've devised another way; no need to generate lip files now.
  11. Last update for Whitewater Farm; sound files for Allia added. See details here!


  12. First of all, advertising for my own mods feels really weird. Most of the mods I've made yet were cut for my preferences, which is why I didn't release them and when I did, I got negative comments, because they didn't please the users... Anyway, up to now, I've published two mods that could be of general interest here, (which is the best place to release mods, in my opinion): Griselda, the Morthal Trader and Whitewater Farm. These two mods are hosted here (see link in my signature). Whitewater Farm is the final exam I made for the Creation Kit basics course DarkRider has kindly made for us here. I owe you a lot regarding modding; I needed the discipline your course forces us into. Thank you! _______oOo_______ Beside these two mods, I'm currently working on adding the Pale Pass (every Oblivion player remembers the Pale Pass I hope), to Skyrim. Progression is slow because there is much to do. Among many others that are not of general interest, I've also committed: - a mod that makes the player non dragonborn (no learning words or absorbing dragon souls, etc.), NonDragonbornWithDragons, - one that makes the dogs silent, or so, ( your dog will no longer bark in your ears every five seconds), Silent Dogs of Skyrim, - one that allows the player to make his own skooma, Homemade Skooma, (needs to be completed). _______oOo_______ I intend on updating this thread about future mods. Here we are; I hope you'll bear with me, as I'm not exactly the social type...
  13. skyrim

    Hi folks! Just uploaded a new archive for Whitewater Farm, containing the missing sound files for Allia. No need to set subtitles on when you ask her about your share of the benefits of the farm now!
  14. Yes! Make it hold!
  15. The question is in the title: does Bethesda allow us to edit existing dialogue sound files and release the edited files with our mods? Thank you for your answers.
  16. Thank you! I could do that for Skyrim too then? I edited pieces of dialogue that I added to Allia, the old woman who takes care of the vegetable garden in Whitewater Farm; I use them in my personal version of the mod but I haven't added them to the released version. Looks like Whitewater Farm will get a new update.
  17. Thank you but it's not fixed yet; I cannot post in any of the CS Basics threads except for the workshops:
  18. My browser would allow me to post here and not there ? Unlikely.
  19. There is no reply button.
  20. There is no reply button, nor quote button; all I get is the "edit" one:
  21. There is no way to post in the CS Basics (Oblivion) threads, although they don't seem to be locked:
  22. [Morrowind] A Room In Town


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    A Room In Town by ladyonthemoon Description: A Room In Town adds a room for the player in Balmora. This room is in Caius Cosades' place, in his cellar. The trap door that gives access to it is locked; Caius Cosades will give the key to the player once he/she has joined the Blades. This room contains: a dresser, an end table, a shelf, a chest, three food, drinks and ingredients containers, for the player to store his stuff. The place and its containers are safe; in Morrowind nothing respawns nor resets. Images: Note: the place looks very dark on the images; they are far less dark in game. Oh, I forgot, I put some clothes on Caius; never understood why he was half naked. Thanks: To Behesda Game Studios for their marvellous games!
  23. There is a small problem when we upload a file. I use Firefox 64 bits up to date and there is a blue bar in the way making filing the description a bit frustrating: This is not new; I waited thinking that it would be fixed but it's still there, so. Thanks for the Christmas decorations!
  24. No bug involved here, it's just that I have only 4 gB or ram.