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  1. Thursday August 10th, 2017: Today I expanded the small family of hunters who live in the Pale Pass. Olrun, the mother, is a Nord; Kivwe, the father, is a Redguard. There is no notion of "half breed" or "interbreeding" in the Elder Scrolls world; the twin children, Sigvin the little girl and Sighvatr the boy, are Nord by their mother and they were given pure Nordic names. They inherited their father's hair style (and probably some other more hidden features).
  2. New addition: - the children practice the bow Later, they should be able to hunt with their parents. I remember this hunter in Chorrol; he practiced his bow and then went picking up his arrows. To my knowledge there is no way to do that in Skyrim; I'll have to take a look at how it's done in Oblivion.
  3. Making the armour for the children In this project, I have two children; they are living outside, in a cold land, with their parents who are hunters, so I wanted them to wear fur clothes/armour. This kind of armour doesn't exist for children, I had to make them using the existing ones. Making the cuirass: 1) load "ArmorBanditCuirass", change its ID into "ArmorBanditCuirassChild", untick "Playable" and in "Models" double click on "BanditCuirassAA". Once done, click on "OK" and "Yes" in order to create a new form. 2) in the "BanditCuirassAA" form, change it's ID into "BanditCuirassAAChild". After that go to the right "Additional Races" column, deselect everything and select only the child races. Once done, click on "OK" and on "Yes" in order to create a new form. 3) Open the "ArmorBanditCuirassChild" you created at step 1) and in the "Models" box, delete the "BanditCuirassAA" form and add the "BanditCuirassAAChild" you created at step 2). Save. You now have a cuirass that is wearable by children. All you need to do is repeat the operation for the boots and gauntlets and create an outfit for your children. -----oOo----- Note: The children skeleton being differently proportioned, you won't be able to make hats or helmets for them using this method. -----oOo----- Creating the outfit and adding it to the children: 1) in the "Object Window", go to the "Items/Outfit" category and create a new one. Give it an ID. Once done, in the "Object Window" go to "Items/Armor", select the cuirass, shoes and gauntltets you made for your children and drag them into the outfit form you are creating. The outfit form must contain one cuirass, one pair of shoes and one pair of gauntlets. Click on "OK". 2) open the actor form you made for your child and add the outfit to it in the "Inventory" tab: That's it!
  4. Thank you guys for helping with the money; I wish I could contribute more...
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    Ring of the Pathfinder (compass remover) by ladyonthemoon ---ooOoo--- Description: This mod is for Skyrim Special Edition, not for the original edition. 1) On first use of this mod, a ring, the Ring of the Pathfinder, will be automatically added and equipped to your player. 2) Unequip the ring and the compass will disappear. 3) Equip the ring and the compass will reappear. 4) Lose or sell the ring and the compass will disappear forever. ---ooOoo--- Installation and removal: If you want to get it of this mod after playing with it and saving your game, EQUIP THE RING BEFORE REMOVING THE MOD. I know that this is unusual but if you unequip the ring and then remove the mod, you'll lose the compass. The ring not being enchanted, there is no risk in doing that. I hope you'll like it! ---ooOoo--- XBox One version: Ring of the Pathfinder (compass remover) Subscribe on (Click on the link several times until it actually gets you to the right page.) ---ooOoo--- Thanks: Great many thanks to Bethesda Softworks for creating this amazing game!
  6. Let's say that we want a basic place to be static instead of being playable because we want to use that static plate as a support for candles, like this: The first thing you could do is open the object in the CK, modify it's ID so that you do not modify all the plates in the game, and untick the "Playable" flag, but it would feel meh; the object would still have havok which could lead to unwanted behaviour in game. Let's make that basic place a static object instead. Open the CK: 1) load, Skyrim.esm and whatever mod you want to use this new static object in, 2) in the left column select "MiscItem" in the "Items" category. Find "BasicPlate01" in the list and open it. Once open, find the model and click "Edit". When the "Model Data" window opens, select the complete "Model File Name" and copy it. Close the windows by using the "X" button. 2) in the left column select "Static" in the "WorldObjects" category. Right click in the list on the right and click on "new". Give your new static object an ID, here "BasicPlate01Static". You'll see that the "Mode" is empty; click on "Edit". In the "ModelData" window that opens, you'll see that the "Model File Name" is also empty; click on "Edit" again. An Explorer window will open. -------oOo------- Important note: Make sure you have an existing "Meshes" folder in your Data directory; if it doesn't exist, create it. -------oOo------- In the Explorer window, paste the file name and click on "Open". Your new static object has now a model. Click on "OK" in the "Model Data" window. Click on "OK". Your new static object is now complete and you can put it wherever you want in the world.
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    What does this mod do?
  8. Hi @Seraphiel It's only now that I notice that you have ported your mod to the special edition. It's a pity you didn't upload it here. For those interested, here is the new version: Thank you!
  9. skyrim

    You'll find it attached to the quest of Boethia. These quests id begin "DA...".
  10. skyrim

    Hi @taliessin and welcome to TES Alliance. Unfortunately, the process you start when you press the "E" key is handled by the game engine which means that you cannot access the scripts in the CK to make changes. I think you would have more chances with that by actually using packages added to your follower. You should download followers mods that already exist, some of them let the followers use beds, and study how they were done. I cannot help more on this, sorry.
  11. Since I deleted the first album I made here about this project, I'm going to post images here. After moving to Skyrim Special Edition, i had to test The Adventurer's Sorrow, the first cave and dungeon I made for this project, again. It turned out that it was a lot too dark. After reorganising the lights and lighting templates, I eventually managed to make it as I wanted it to be: dark but not too dark. I still have some tuning to do but I can consider it done already. I took a lot of pictures today but I selected 18 of them, plus 3 of the cave layout in the CK, for upload. I'll upload them within spoiler tags so that you can choose to watch them or not.Obviously, I hope you'll like what you'll see!
  12. The Adventurer's Sorrow, unique items: Hardened Ancient Nord Armour: level 1 to 6, + 12 % frost resistance, level 7 to 12, + 15 % frost resistance, level 13 to 18, + 17 % frost resistance, level 19 to 24, + 20 % frost resistance, level 25 to 30, + 22 % frost resistance, from level 31, + 25 % frost resistance. Helm of the Draugr: level 1 to 6, + 15 % frost resistance, level 7 to 12, + 30 % frost resistance, level 13 to 18, + 40 % frost resistance, level 19 to 24, + 50 % frost resistance, level 25 to 30, + 60 % frost resistance, from level 31, + 70 % frost resistance.
  13. The Adventurer's Sorrow, in game images - 2 The Nordic dungeon:
  14. The Adventurer's Sorrow, in game images - 1 The hunters' camp
  15. The Adventurer's Sorrow, layout images: The blue boxes are room bounds. Perspective view: Side view: Top view:
  16. Progression, update: The Pale Pass world has reached 25 % completion. It's a slow progression since it the first world space I make; I'm not experienced in this. Here is what it looks like at the moment:
  17. Progression: Not started: access to The Adventurer's Sorrow in Cyrodiil (will be made the last, as making the lod for the Pale Pass world will break the modifications made to the landscape of Skyrim; that's how I lost all the work I had done on this access, countless hours of effort...) Mouth of the Serpent Eyes of the Serpent Fangs of the Serpent Venom of the Serpent Scales of the Serpent quests Started: Serpent's Trail Pale Pass Finished: The Adventurer's Sorrow: (July 5th, 20117) main non player characters
  18. I added the "DefaultDisableHavokOnLoad" script to them but I'm not sure at all that doing this fixed the problem. I think it was a simple glitch. On the other hand, I had the worse troubles having that dagger being, in game, in the position I had given it in the CK. Ticking "Don't havok settle" and adding the "DefaultDisableHavokOnLoad" script to it wasn't enough. I had to add it to an enable marker and a quest so that it loads correctly. Note to self: hook all the objects that have an unusual position to an enable marker and a quest.
  19. Problems fixed; the objects that were invisible in game are now visible, the packages are working and I adjusted the room bounds. While I was there I made a couple of additions and changes to the children hunters: they can now buy and sell things, the boy's skin colour is slightly darker than his mother's, (the difference doesn't show much on the images and in game though) the girl's skin colour is slightly lighter than her father's, and to The Adventurer's Sorrow: the hunters' camp inside the cave is now darker and more influenced by the light that comes from the hole in the ceiling, a ramp has been added so that the player can go back to the hunters' camp if necessary. Once the player has jumped into the Serpent's Trail there is no way back though. the dead researcher that is on the logs under the waterfall is now wearing mage robes and hood (levelled). Images here.
  20. Room bounds cannot be replaced by occlusion planes (also called plane markers), they do not do that same thing at all. Room bounds are use in interior cells and need to be perfectly adjusted so that there is no space between them. Apparently, they moved since the last time I checked. Plane markers are used in exterior cells; they are placed placed inside exterior houses or around things that are under ground so that the gpu doesn't calculate them, because the gpu "knows" that these things are there. Example images of occlusion planes used in Riverwood (the whitish cubes on the second image): Example of room bounds in the cell Alftand01. The room bounds are the blue cubes: And asking mod users to use a console command?
  21. I just took a look at The Adventurer's Sorrow in game; I have invisible objects, here a piece of venison and a leg of goat: and I'll have to rework the room bounds: I also have troubles with the packages I added to my hunters; they do not work properly although they should. This will never end...
  22. Latest developments: Still struggling with my world space "dressing".
  23. You must generate the lod, it doesn't come by itself. When you have finished your world space, use my tutorial and the files that go with it, it's working for both the original and the special editions as long as you use the CK for the original edition:
  24. Mess? I just unplug the Ethernet cable and re plug it afterwards. Very simple move actually; the cable is 5 cm on the left of my left hand.
  25. Ever since the last update, opening several instances of the ck has become impossible. I found a work around though that I'm happy to share with you. First, open the SkyrimEditor.ini you'll find in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim, and, if it's not already there, add the following line in the [General] section: bAllowMultipleEditors=1Then: 1) launch the ck, 2) once the ck is fully launched (no need to load a plugin), open the Windows task manager (C:\Windows\System32\taskmgr.exe) and go to the "process" tab, 3) locate "Steam.exe *32", select it, and click on the button "End Process" at the bottom right of the window (or right click on Steam.exe *32 and select "End Process" in the menu, or punch the e key). Steam will close but the ck will remain open. 4) launch the ck again. On opening, Steam won't notice that there is already an instance of the ck running and here you go!