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  1. Please, could we get rid of that bar when we write the description of the mod we are uploading? Please...
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    No Gore by ladyonthemoon Description: If, like me, you don't like to see decapitations, bodies exploding and so on, this mod is for you! As it's title says, this mod removes all possibilities of decapitations and bodies being dismembered by explosions. The "Bloody Mess" perk, available at level 6, has been modified and renamed "Better Shots"; it offers 5% extra damage with all weapons. Installation: Download the archive and extract the NoGore.esp into the game's Data directory, launch the game and make sure the mod is enabled in the Data Files option: Deinstallation: Just remove the "NoGore.esp" file from the Fallout 3 Data directory. Note: This mod doesn't content any script. Thanks: Great many thanks to Bethesda Game Studios for their great games! Great many thanks to TES Alliance for hosting our mods!
  3. Yeah, five years and everybody has already forgotten him. This is why I made this thread, in these times where people prefer crap mods to real art... I hesitated naming it "in memoriam" because it felt too formal though.
  4. Adam Adamowicz was the concept artist behind Fallout 3 and 4, Oblivion and Skyrim. We owe much to this artist, I wonder who has replaced him, although nobody can actually replace such a talented artist. Bethesda released the images of his work on Oblivion, Skyrim and Fallout. The images can be seen, and downloaded, here: Oblivion Concept Art Album Skyrim Concept Art Album Fallout 3 Concept Art Album
  5. Hi! I had to look up "bummer" to understand what it means exactly; all the dictionaries I found give a definition of the like "used to express disappointment, frustration, or the like". Are you in that mood?
  6. Very comfortable at least!
  7. For Skyrim, do not use the CK to make your archives, use Archive.exe directly. It's very easy to use:
  8. The link to TES4Files is broken. If you can edit the tutorial, you can change the address by this one: Edit: I just used TES4Files; it created an archive and gave it a name that has nothing to do with my mod. The content seems correct so I'll change the name and test. Test: it's working. I'm going to publish it alongside the loose files, in case people prefer the loose files.
  9. skyrim

    Lost Valley Redoubt: Durnehviir (down left) giving a wing full of holes in a fight: Note: I had always supposed that the player could no longer summon Durnehviir after he had taught them the shout; in fact, he can be summoned long after that, he will help the player and then orbit over them high in the sky, as if he was making sure everything was alright! The gate to the Rift: The Rift under the rain: Ivarstead under the rain:
  10. All the screenshots threads I've seen so far look like advertising for graphics mods. The situation is such that I'm pretty sure that many people don't even know what Skyrim actually looks like, or do not remember. This is quite unfair; Skyrim doesn't deserve such a poor treatment. So, I'm going to post screenshots I've made along my travels, beginning with views of Bleak Falls Barrow taken at different times of the day:
  11. BSA are archive; not sure but it could stand for "Bethesda Softworks Archive". Needs confirmation though.
  12. 7-zip doesn't make Bethesda games archive (bsa)..., as far as I know.
  13. Of course, they wouldn't work otherwise, and as loose files, they work perfectly. Oh you meant the archive? Of course! I've been making archives for years, I know how to proceed. I use "copy and paste", just to be sure. Edit: on the other hand, I'm unable to remember what tool I used; what do you people use to make archive for Oblivion?
  14. I have no idea what the original looks like; what did you change? It seems to me that the lighting is too even; it flattens the perspectives.
  15. Just sound files, dialogue lines.
  16. Well, it didn't work for the sound files in my Miscarcand Inn mod, so I supposed it didn't at all.
  17. I just answered in the chat, BSA do not work in Oblivion, at least not for mods; you have to leave the files loose. Just organise them exactly like they are organised in the game: Data meshes textures sound and pack them with the esp in the zip you'll upload.
  18. skyrim

    On the road again! The Silver-Blood Inn: The Reach:
  19. skyrim

    On the way to slay Harkon: Confrontation: The end:
  20. skyrim

    Serena cooking in Honeyside Still in the Rift Dawnguard castle ... Paying her respects to Taylor (from the mod " Bear - In memory of Taylor "by Sjogga)
  21. skyrim

    In the Rift: - at dawn - lake Honrich under the rain: - and in the fog - Riften in the fog - the Bee and Barb
  22. skyrim

    Somewhere near Dragonbridge:
  23. skyrim

    My current character, Sigyn the Freckled: I've been playing her for about 330 hours; she is level 43, has sent back Alduin vhere he belongs and is currently playing Dawnguard, on the side of the Dawnguard, about to kill Harkon. She hasn't set foot in Solstheim yet. She's also training in alchemy:
  24. Congratulations! Are there scripts in your mod? Is it for Skyrim original version or for the special edition?
  25. CK Basics: You can easily create invisible marker for your chairs. Open any chair that looks like the one you created, then edit it and replace the texture by the "null texture" in the list. Once this done, you'll get an invisible chair; put it on your custom chair and there you go!