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  1. Happy Birthday Nolle! Again!

  2. Happy Birthday Nolle!

  3. I don't really know who you are, but Happy Burfday! We has cake now, Kay?


  5. I'm glad I could help you, I learned some new things along the way
  6. I'm done, I will send the file to you in a PM
  7. The International Talk Like a Pirate Day is today? Arr, I should've known
  8. About the saving problem, I don't know how to fix it but you could try again And about the torch, I just gave the torch the same colour as the light spell so there won't be any bugs
  9. I replaced the players sneak animations with the cane animations, it works perfect! The walking with cane animations will play when you are running while sneaking and the normal sneak animations player when you are walking while sneaking Anyway, the ID for the cane is ManniMagnusCane and the ID for the torch version is ManniSagesEyeTorch I will try to get it done today. Because I really want to finish it before tuesday (Halo 3 ODST will release then and I probably won't play Oblivion for at least 2 weeks then )
  10. You can't control your character if I let the animations play by script.
  11. I'm facing a problem. The walking with cane animations can only replace existing animations so that means the player character will use the cane animation even if you're walking without cane. And unfortunatly, this also occurs when holding a torch. But only when the player is walking, running will not change at all. There is currently no solution to this, I've already tried OBSE commands but it wasn't possible. I hope you can live with that There are some more choices though, the walking with cane animation replaces normal walking. But I could also let them replace sneaking. For example, you will do the cane walking animation when you are in sneak mode. And remember, this only counts for the player
  12. You don't need an x-marker to make something appear, you can put the item in the game world and initally disable it and let it be enabled by script
  13. I have put it in a test cell, so it cannot be reached without console command, I was planning to add it to the players inventory when they loaded their save. But you can put it in a location yourself, I don't mind
  14. Yay, the player now uses the walking animations when the cane is equipped! However, I still need some more time to add the sitting and standing animations. For the rest, I made the torch version and an icon. I will post some pictures of it when I get home from school
  15. Oh no, you're not bugging me I'm in my first week of school and I'm already really busy, it will take some time to make it. I still need to figure out how I can someone walk like Sheo with the cane, so that might take some time. I can let him lean on his cane but I don't know how to let him walk like that. But I promise you, I will find the solution, I always do!