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  1. No steam. I think it is the SKCS that seems to have been mucked around with the newest SKSE update Pity, I liked the ease of SKCS (lots of characters to keep track of)
  2. I just finally updated to the latest version of SKSE but now I have a really weird bug happening. Something now deletes my saved games after I quit and then restart. Yes, I pretty much always do a proper save every 10 minutes and use Streamsave in between. I lost a week of playing the first time after that I was smart enough to copy my files to another folder. I copy the files back and after starting they are gone again, Very annoying. I am also using SKCS. Has anyone ever had this problem? Any insights?
  3. Can someone tell me before I fork out the $$$, about ESO. Do you have anywhere good you can store all your loot and equipment? One thing I hate about MMO's is that you usually get a very small bank at most to store stuff....I hate spending half my game trying to shuffle things around and then as soon as you have to get rid of something to make room you work out that it woulda been useful after all grrr. Thats a game breaker for me...just makes it not fun.....especially when I have to pay for 2 games so that my daughter can play with me at home...that just sux (Thanks Donnato for the short answer....anyone got amore verbose one about how it works - in Oblivion and Skyrim I have houses full of stuff, I gather it can't be like that What's ahoarder to do?.) Talking about houses.....are there any player houses ingame? Also, is that totally confirmed....having to buy thegame twice....even if I just want to play with my young daughter in the same house...just different pc's at thesame time?
  4. Yeah thanks I got all that. Found out my problem was that I had accidentally shifted the house from 0,0,0 (too easy to move things instead of the camera if you're not careful lol) I reset the house back to zero coordinates ......... then moved all of the stuff I had added again. It's all good now, I just need to make sure I'm moving the camera and not the house in future Is there a standard thread where you post any questions about the stuff in the tutorial, I have a few eg: Am I suppose to upload my work for each assignment? How do I do that? (I'm up to tutorial 3 now) When you are mapping pathways how do you join to another spot without creating another spot on top of the original? How do you 'lock' things in place once you have them where you want them to stay? Is there some way to search for items in the object window? Is there an easier way to line things up together other than manually (ie: snap to grid - I can't seem to work it)?
  5. Hi, I've just started and only on lesson 1. I'm sure there's a simple solution to the problem I am having...I just can't find it. When I try to rotate the camera (via holding Shift-CMB) in the renderer so that I can see what I am doing and line things up it won't move on certain axis....seems too randomly rotate via all axises. Now the whole view of the house is on an angle and I can't line anything up. Is anyone else having trouble getting the camera to shift things where they need them? I'm really stuck doing anything while its all on a tilt so if anyone can herlp it would be appreciated
  6. Yes it is a laptop can you suggest some monitoring software for me (preferably with links to where I could find them)?
  7. Thanx for making me feel welcome.......and for all the cookies 'nomnomnom'
  8. Thanks for replying Arion Yep rebuilding the patch whenever I change anything and checking everything before and after I do it.. Also gone over BOSS so many times that my eyes hurt looking for anything that wasn't right - first thing I did was clean any dirty mods.
  9. Hi I've been using this site a bit over the last couple of months while I have been trying to get my Oblivion up and running & I thought I had better finally say hello to you all I started with Skyrim and then discovered the richness of the other Elder Scrolls. I have modded Skyrim quite a bit (not up to making my own mods yet) and now I am trying Oblivion after not being really happy with the vanilla game. Hope to learn lots and share anything I can that might be useful. Cheers, Eon
  10. Hi guys, I have been trying to set up my Oblivion for too long now without success (and without being able to play and enjoy for long properly yet) after coming from Skyrim. My problem is that everything runs perfectly.....for about an hour. Then it will CTD. I restart and it will run for about 15 minutes then CTD. The next CTD takes about 5 minutes and after that only 1 minute until it is constantly crashing just after loading (I get to move my character about 5 feet before CTD). It doesn't seem to matter where I am when it happens (in dungeons, in houses, out in the middle of nowhere and even in the Testing Hall). It will happen when I try to sleep, wait, save a game or just stand there. I have tried restarting with new characters, some saves from ages ago and pretty much anything. I am using FCOM but I am pretty sure that I got that working all good before all of these problems started. I have my game pretty heavily modded (which yes I did read through all of the readme's carefully, and have spent a LOT of time going through for the past month). It seemed to be alright with my mod set up until the point that I added some quest mods (see setup lists below) - after I added the quests it started doing the CTD thing. So I removed the quests one by one but no luck. Then I reloaded my earlier version before I installed the quests in case there were bits left behind after uninstalling (Yes after weeks of hair pulling frustration I started fully copying my 'Oblivion' and my 'saves' folder to my hard drive after installing each group of mods........ after having to do a full re-install half a dozen times). Even reverting back to before I started adding those mods gets me only to where it plays for an hour nicely before quickly deteriorating again. It is really doing my head in and I can't come up with anything logical that could be causing it nor find anything similar online. I am running Windows 7 professional on a Gateway P780 Core 2 Duo x64 with 4GB Ram and a NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS video card. I am using the 4GB exe memory patch for 64bit machines and Streamline. I use Wryebash and OBMM to install my mods and BOSS for helping sort the order. As far as I know everything is at the latest version. Here are my mod lists:- What I am running now (basicly everything without the extra 'Quest mods') This is how I had it before I started uninstalling things to try and fix this problem (and what I would really like to be running) I am sure that someone out there has the know how to help me fix this and get it going 'cos it is pretty much unplayable right now. But the times that it does play it is so damn excellent.....it teases me. I was trying to get this all going before Xmas for my 11 year old (yeah yeah also me of course lol) so its bit of a let down for her so far.....but if I can get it working in the next couple of days at least I would be forgiven for my hours trying to fix it. Oh yeah....one final really weird thing that started happening on my last game testing it.......I was in Imperial City....came out of a shop and suddenly a group of people just keeled over dead ....8 of them...when I searched them it said they were all zombies (they were some of the standard inhabitants of IC and had their house keys etc on them). As I went around the market area I noticed a lot of other 'zombies' dead on the ground. Maybe there's a plague or something in the city??? I'm not sure if its related to my CTD problem but was really weird anyway. I would really appreciate any help that I can get to sort out my game asap and many thanks for reading my very lengthy post. Cheers, Eon