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  1. feel free to slap me in the face now. first i announce ill complete it, next i know im out of modding for a year. jeeez. and the only reason i show up is because... yep. stumblet across about 300 nifs i didnt implement back then o_O tbh im not sure if ill continue modding anymore, ill have to see, i also didnt play the whole last year. sorry for the inconvenience <3
  2. over a year late ... yikes. well, still, thank you for the nice comment, indeed i put more thought than it seems into it and its ballancing
  3. +1 kinda ironic though. all that "you have to activate your games online" and poop was supposed to fight piracy... but what about our (modders) work? i know copyright is a tricky legal topic, but still, this is plain being-a-duck at least. worst is that they usually also need ages to remove stuff like that, and even then only after getting nearly mail-bombed by the community. i remember an incident with tamiras stuff couple of months back, also took ages for them to move.
  4. what a duck. HE'S DESTHPICKABLE! i think i know the answer, but... is some of my stuff in there? couple of months ago russians loved to yoink some of my stuff. they yoinked much too early though, some stuff wasnt finished (alpha / beta stages) and other stuff got cancelled btw... 450 mods? ... im sure guys who need a compilation like that know how to merge mods
  5. i hope ill notice when you figured out how to upload
  6. niiiiice *cookie given*
  7. 4 / 5 stars. ... just because i want to see what youre gonna do to get the last star
  8. also welcome from me ( and tami, before you even ask... IM ADDICTED! *cries* .. *joins modders anonymous* ) *gives cookie*
  9. oops, forgot: just uploaded the file here before i put the screens here ... should be online in an hour or so after one of the big ancient daedric cheeses here approved the file edit: seems no cheese is around now. maybe itll happen during a good nights sleep