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  1. Hey everyone, I'm very new to the whole oblivion modding scene, and like usual, I'm kind of jumping right into it. I have downloaded some Zelda mods and now want to design my own quest and such to obtain the items. I really don't have time, nor the skill probably, to design a dungeon from scratch. I was hoping it might be possible to take an existing dungeon and just copy it and then add different monsters. I would also want to create a new enterence point as well. I have a spot picked out in the world but i don't know how to locate the map that it is on. I have the x,y,z coordinates for the approximate spot in game, but how do I use that to find the map? So in short: Is a way to just "copy" a dungeon and customize it? Is there a guide somewhere on how to do this? How do I determin the map I need to edit for the dungeon enterence from in game coordinates? Do I need addition info as well? Thank you everyone for your assistance! Geoff