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  1. Off topic, I like the color of the new donation bar thingy
  2. Just wanted to log in and say thanks for all the well wishes and congrats everybody, made my day [edit] maybe I'll petition to have my title here changed to Motherator
  3. Happy, happy Birthday Lady! :)

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. I just can't trust Ulfric, I think he has HIS interests in mind not Skyrim's.
  6. Oh we're all fabulous as ever thanks, and yes she's getting SUPER big, a regular little person now who turns 2 in October!
  7. How awful Manni, so sorry that happened to you Report that app. The more people who report that app for just those reasons the sooner FB will take it down.
  8. The trailer for this is SO wicked, I thought those were real people at first!
  9. Welcome to you Prince!
  10. Welcome, have another!
  11. A wonderful review for TESA lilith thanks for posting!
  12. Updated my archive today, I'll post new samples soon.
  13. is enjoying a day off of WORK!