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  1. SOLVEDBeing stupid. When I filled the properties in the CK, I filled the DeadAttacker property the same as the TotalAttacker property, which when the game loaded it already had the DeadAttacker_var filled with the number of dead attackers, so when one was killed it automatically set the next stage, because the number was >= the the TotalAttacker. I'm attempting to advance a quest after killing "x" number of attackers. I have used these two scripts in the past without issue, but for some reason they are no longer working as designed, and I don't know why. I have placed this script on the actor Been working on this for two nights and going crazy. Any insight will be appreciated.
  2. [SKY] Changing Tamriel Landscape and regenerating LODs

    Well that may not be true. The buildings in my Forgotten Island mod afaik have distant LOD (it's been a while since I checked, but will do so later today when I can get in to the CK). They are copies of vanilla farm houses. I just gave them a different name and marked the base objects as never fade. Reason being as stated before, they are visible from a far way off, and would break immersion if they popped in.
  3. [SKY] Changing Tamriel Landscape and regenerating LODs

    Have you tried setting them as never fade. Sorry I see you have. I don't understand why it will not work. in the photos I sent you in a pm, the tower has been set to never fade because they do not have distant LOD meshes, and they are visible from a long way off even with ugrids set at the default (5).
  4. [SKY] Changing Tamriel Landscape and regenerating LODs

    I believe thats how DynDoLod works, but as I said it will work for you, but not good for distribution of a mod. It is load order specific.
  5. [SKY] Changing Tamriel Landscape and regenerating LODs

    yes, when I get a minute, I will post some before and after photos. One way to keep your buildings from popping in is to make a copy of them, give them a new editor name and mark them as Never Fades. It does not seem to effect performance enough to be noticeable. I had to do that for my Forgotten Island mod because it is a rather flat small area without much blocking the buildings.
  6. CK Launching Problem

    The exe, should be in Steam\Steamapps\common\Skyrim. If the file extensions are not showing, and you are using Windows 7, Click on organize, then select Folder and Search Options, Click the View Tab, then clear the check from Hide extensions from known file types, and click OK. The file extensions will now show. I use Win7 not sure about other versions but they should be similar.
  7. [SKY] Changing Tamriel Landscape and regenerating LODs

    Yes. and after I figured out what I had to generate it took less than 30 minutes. I generated at 4,8,and 16 dimensions. The LOD took effect quite a ways out. The area is behind Fort GrayMoor and from the bridge over the White River looking towards Whiterun, the original Tamriel LOD was still there, but as I got closer to the area the new LOD took. I really don't think the original can be over ridden unless all of the lod for Tamriel is redone. When I tried it, all kinds of weird things like floating buildings and landscape levels out of wack occurred. And it took over 17 hrs to accomplish using the CK. Oscape and Tes5LodGen would not recognize the changes made by the esp. I have had a lot of success using those two programs doing custom worlds in the past but would not work for this. DynDoLOD may work but that is load order dependent so would not work for distribution in a mod.
  8. [SKY] Changing Tamriel Landscape and regenerating LODs

    Let me know how it works out. Feel free to post it in the tutorial section. If some things are difficult to understand or you think need clarification let me know and I will make the changes. John
  9. [SKY] Changing Tamriel Landscape and regenerating LODs

    Generating LODs for a specific area of Tamriel These instructions were originally given to me by Tamb0 on the Bethesda Forms. I edited them slightly to be used for any area in Tamriel. I'm by no means an expert but this worked for me. So I thought I would pass it along. Use a copy of your esp just in case. When done with LOD discard the copy and place your original esp back in your Data folder. Make sure all the LOD source files and textures are setup correctly for LOD generation. 1. Make your Windows screen resolution as high as you can. 2. Load the esp as the active file in the CK. 3. **Important** - Make the render window as big as you can, leaving just enough of the menus showing so you can access them. 4. Select the menu World > World LOD 5. Select Tamriel as the worldspace and put a tick next to Build Specific Chunk in the Debug box. 6. Put a tick in the Generate Normal Textures box and select Source and compressed textures 7. If for example the area you want to generate for is in cells -8,0 & -8,1 & -9,1 in the Tamriel worldspace (see Map I suggest saving the images to your computer to make zooming in on the areas much clearer) 8. It seems the more adjoining areas you generate for, the further out the LOD changes will take effect. 9. For this example you would generate for the following areas: The normals you need to generate are X: -12 Y: 0 Dimension: 4 (Near LOD) X: -12 Y: 0 D: 8 (Medium LOD) X: -8 Y: 0 D: 4 (Near LOD) X: -8 Y: 0 D: 8 (Medium LOD) X: -12 Y: -4 D: 4 (Near LOD) X: -12 Y: -4 D: 8 (Medium LOD) X: -8 Y: -4 D: 4 (Near LOD) X: -8 Y: -4 D: 4 (Medium LOD) X: -32 Y: 0 D: 32 (Worldmap - optional) 10. Put -12 in the X box, 0 in the Y box and 4 in the Dimension box 11. Click the Generate button 12. Look at the normal texture in the Source\DDSTextures\Terrain\Tamriel folder. If it is just a plain green color, or green with blue and pink lines, (this is correct for landscapes see attached photo below) then your Render window is not big enough. Exit the CK and save your SkyrimEditorPrefs.ini to another location (backup). Open the SkyrimEditorPrefs.ini in the Skyrim folder and scroll down until you see the Render Window Settings. Edit the width, height and position to match the dimensions below and save. Render Window H=990 Render Window W=1280 Render Window Y=32 Render Window X=0 Delete the file Tamriel.4.-12.0_n.DDS in the Source folder. Start again from step 2 and check the normal texture. This time it should have generated correctly. Now un=tick the Generate Normal Textures and tick the Generate Diffuse Textures box. Repeat using the dimensions above. If you require the LOD meshes to be rebuilt, then repeat for Distant Terrain / Water. And for statics. Don't forget to copy the textures over from the Source folder to your Skyrim\Data\Textures\Terrain\Tamriel folder. **Important** always exit the CK immediately when finished generating the LOD Textures and Meshes. Copy the backup file SkyrimEditorPrefs.ini back to the Skyrim folder.
  10. [SKY] Changing Tamriel Landscape and regenerating LODs

    I have a personal use player home just outside of Whiterun that I did not do anything to also and it pops in also but the location is kind of blocked from LOD so it doesn't look weird either. I guess it all relies on where you make your changes and what additional content is added. The mod I'm trying to do this for has made some changes to the landscape west of the Western Watchtower and does effect the LOD in that the changes made are to a mountain, and if the LOD doesn't match, it ruins the feel. I received some more info on how to change the LODs for a specfic area of Tamriel today and I will attempt it this weekend. Just pulled a 19 hr day and ready for bed!!! I will let you know how it works out. and if it does I will ask the person who helped if I can post it here.
  11. [SKY] Changing Tamriel Landscape and regenerating LODs

    I have not, but the mods author said it was done for him before in another mod, and he just added the new BTO & BTR files for thearea he changed to the mod and it worked. I was given suggestions from Zilav(TES5LodGen), and TambO. But still can't get it to work. I even tried DynDoLod with no changes either. Not completely sure if the problem is with any of those programs or with the mod itself pointing to the correct textures and meshes although they are vanilla nothing custom. I have a couple other ideas I want to try when I get the free time. But I'm still looking for suggestions.
  12. I'm attempting to generate LOD for a mod that alters a small area of Tamriel. The area is just northwest of Whiterun and only affects three cells, all in the same quad, -8,0. I have tried Oscape, Tes5LodGen, the CK itself and DynDoLod, with no results. Not sure what I'm missing. I have done LODs for custom worlds dozens of times without issues but this has me stumped. When I load up the mod in Oscape, I tick Skyrim.esm and the mods esp (there is no worldspace other than Tamriel in the Mod). I select Tamriel tick Feature map and Surface map then extract. When the preview of the height field comes up, all is good but the area where the changes to the landscape are made is empty (black). I don't know why. All the changes made are really minor. The land is raised slightly and the snow is removed from the mountain in the area and replaced with a vanilla grass texture, that's it. When all is done and the new files are in place, from a distance the snow is still present on the mountain, and there are holes in the landscape where the land has been raised. But as you approach the area and the lod fades and the actual textures appear, all is how it should look. I tried importing the Tamriel worldspace into the mod but all that did was crash the CK (which was kind of expected, I even went as far as trying to rename Tamriel worldspace to match the mod, but again crash). Regenerating the Tamriel LODs in the CK took almost 17 hrs with the same results. The mods author said someone had done something similar for one of their other mods but that person hasn't been on the forums for a while (didn't mention who it was). I would like to be able to help him as I have seen a preview of the mod and it is very well done and running through it quickly has put a lot of time and effort into it. The only problem is the LOD. If anyone has any suggestions or a solution any help would be appreciated.
  13. I'm trying to help another author out by helping them figure out to get the CWCatapults to work. We need them to fire at a specific time and targets. Tried following the instructions attached to the CWCatapultScript, but not having much luck. I can get the catapults to fire, by activating them in game, and can also get the CWCatapultStrike to fire where I place a CWCatapultStrikeSpawner, but they activate on cell load which is no good. If anyone has used them before or can offer some advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Aragorn58
  14. [SKY] Using Vanilla dialogue

    I know this is a couple weeks old, but maybe this will help Voice File Reference.
  15. Adding content to an existing Mod

    I'm trying to add some content to my Forgotten Island mod, and am running into some difficulties. I am trying to add a quest that starts after all others have been completed. All that works fine but what I'm attempting to do is add some more buildings and NPCs to the existing landscape,so it appears that the island has been repopulated after the threat in the first quest has been eliminated. I have placed some buildings and a few other objects into the landscape that are enabled via a quest script using "X" markers as the Enable Parent. While testing I set the correct stage of the quest through the console and the items that have been placed appear as designed. If I set the stage while in Tamriel then coc to the island all the objects appear also. My issue is that when I enter an interior cell on the island such as a cave, when I exit the cave back to the island, all the LOD for the objects disappears. I have regenerated the LOD with the changes and once the new objects are in place the LOD works fine from anywhere on the island, it is only when I exit an interior cell a distance away from the new "village" that the LOD does not work. I even tried checking some of the farmhouses as "never fades" in the CK and they still disappear. I'm at a loss. I don't understand why the LOD does not load correctly. I have only placed a few things onto the island for testing before going through completely and wasting my time with something that will not work. I have generated LOD for several small worldspaces for myself and also a few other mod authors without issues, so I don't believe the issue is with the LODs themselves. Any suggestion would be appreciated. 1_zpswz2qo5nd.jpg 2_zpsst7qyhfg.jpg 3_zpsnkjvwnwt.jpg My Mods aka Johng58 Laid To Rest The Forgotten Island