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  1. Just found out about this situation -- very sorry to hear it. I've been away from TESA for a while due to a combination of crazy work hours and some medical issues (all better now). Donated in gratitude for all you and this site have done for modding, and because it's the decent and right thing to do.
  2. Hello, all! It's been a long time coming, but Rathunas just finally went out of beta last week. I have found a minor issue that I want to clean up, though, just to be a good citizen with respect to exterior cells. I have a few cells where I edited in my own area, but either just barely touched the terrain in an adjacent cell, or modified the pathgrid in *my* cell but thereby affected a link to the adjacent cell's otherwise-unmodified pathgrid. What I'd like to do is to back off the edits within my own cell so they are a ways back from the boundary, then use TES4Edit to zap all edits of pathgrid and landscape in the adjacent cell, thereby making it untouched by my mod. If I use TES4Edit to zap the adjacent cell edits first, then this leaves a tear in the landscape (as one would expect). The problem is that I don't have a way to match my cell's edge up to the other cell's edge, because in doing so I would once again touch the other cell just slightly and thereby contaminate it. For pathgrid, I can zap the pathgrid record in the other cell using TES4Edit, but that leaves orphan node links in the pathgrid record for my own cell, and my initial testing (with a copy, not my original ESP) suggests that this leads to a lot of CTDs. I've got to believe someone else has solved this. Any ideas? Is there a tool out there to selectively remove modifications by area? I can deal with a tear *within* my cell, because then I could just smooth it out in the CSE. Ideas, anyone? Thanks!
  3. The new 2015-10-24 update makes Rathunas more compatible with mods that edit the interior of Infested Mine. See the UPGRADING.txt file in the package for details. Install the update, which contains only the ESP and docs, over the regular 2015-07-22 version.
  4. Learning to build games from scratch in Unity3D

    1. donnato


      I`d love to hear what devious ideas you`ve considered..:)

    2. ladyonthemoon


      Good idea! I've considered doing this too but I'm in modding Skyrim to the neck right now...

  5. other weirdness. I don't think it's a bug, but you should be aware of it. In the quest for the fire item, I encountered a group of four apparently vanilla NPCs who were hunting the denizens of the same dungeon. They actually showed up in the boss encounter area of the dungeon! I think this may have just been some random coincidence of the Radiant AI, but it was certainly an oddity in my play-through! :-)
  6. An excellent mod! I've done 4 out of 5 of the training quests so far and may finish the last one tonight. I am so glad I finally got Rathunas out the door so I have time to sit back and enjoy another team's work! I do have one bug report, and one small suggestion: Bug: The NPC named Janus (I forget his surname) has the "I HAVE NO GREETING" bug, at least so far for me. Maybe he gets a GREETING later? Suggestion: I understand the intent of removing quest arrows, to make the player think about puzzles instead of being led around by the hand. But I respectfully request arrows for a few situations in which navigation is not part of the in-game puzzle. For example, when my character has clearly been told to go to a certain location for which a map marker already exists, or to visit a specific NPC in the village, a quest marker would save a lot of runaround. From an immersion standpoint, the second item above is one in which "in real life" I could ask other NPCs for more information. For instance, if I am told to "go and speak with Grandmaster Foo", I could ask just about any other Grandmaster or Blade where he might be likely to be found. But Oblivion doesn't give me open-ended dialog choices like that, so I end up going around and around the village trying to meet up with him on his daily AI routine purely by chance. Without cheating and opening RST in the console, I have no way to interrogate NPCs "have you seen Grandmaster Foo today?" The distinction I would make is whether finding the person or place is part of the story and challenge, or is it something that IRL would be easy but is hard only because of the limitations of the *game* user interface. Questing for items in unknown hands is another matter entirely, and the lack of quest arrows is a Good Thing in those situations. These are really tiny points, though. Overall, I am thoroughly enjoying Reclaiming Sancre Tor, and I can't wait to see where the quest line takes me next. I have a close friend who is a student of Eastern martial arts and philosophy, and I definitely am going to recommend RST to him! Definitely a five-star mod!
  7. New beta released 2015-07-22. This is a recommended upgrade for all users, and it adds support for the new EMC2 OBSE music plugin and for Shivering Isles. Rathunas has always been SI-compatible, but now the Gweldafon Manor home has a few nice "extras" from the Isles, if your character has been there. There are also several dozen bugfixes and small improvements to function and performance.
  8. I think I might be able to help here, although my experience relates to the OnTrigger block. I had a problem just about like this and found that it was not an engine bug, but rather an engine quirk. I suspect strongly that Bethesda's internals for OnTrigger may be the same as for On.... other things. :-) In my case, the symptom was that I had a dungeon cell that worked perfectly for months. Then, suddenly, I would hang the game every time I did a "coc" to that cell for testing. If I walked into it normally, no problem. Finally I found the issue. There is a trigger zone in the cell that looks for a particular creature which is supposed to never enter a certain area, and usually doesn't. But because of some Havok weirdness, occasionally the creature passes through a solid obstacle and gets into that area anyway. No problem....trigger zone, detect that actor, move them to an XMarker outside the forbidden area. It turns out that if you have a MoveTo of an actor within an OnTrigger block, the MoveTo works as planned but the trigger detection does not stop until the *next* frame after the move. The Havok bug doesn't happen during normal gameplay; it only seems to occur during the cell loading process when it is settling mobile objects. So if the creature was in the forbidden zone exactly when I "coc" into the cell....zap! Hung game! I beat my head against this for hours, then stumbled upon the note at the bottom of the OnTrigger wiki page. May the Divines bless whoever posted that little note! Solution: Don't do the MoveTo of an actor directly in the detection block. Instead, set a variable in your object script from zero to one during the hit detection. Then do the MoveTo from the GameMode block, and clear the variable to zero when you do the move. IMPORTANT: Make sure the OnGame block is *before* the OnMagicEffectHit block in your code, so the OnGame code will interpret on the *next* frame. No guarantees this is the problem, but coders tend to reuse logic once it's tested, and I think there's a good chance Bethesda did that here. Hope this helps!
  9. Oddly enough, I just now discovered this. Watched the trailer....drooooool!
  10. Hi, KWITS.....glad as always to help, since lots and lots of others have helped (and continue to help) me when I'm stuck! I am not clear from your reply whether you're saying you can' see the dropdown list I mentioned, or if you're saying you couldn't see it before but can now. I can send a screenshot if you need me to.
  11. A really easy way to create the quest script is to hit the ellipsis button in the quest panel where you would select an existing quest. Once the script edit window opens in the CS[E], look down in the extreme lower-right corner of the script window, in the status bar. There is a dropdown box to choose Quest Script. You'll have to save your script, then you may need to exit from the quest dialog and reload it. The dialogs in the CS prepopulate their dropdown lists as the dialog is invoked, and they're not very smart about updating the list if you add something new *from* the list. ShadeMe has done wonderful things with the CSE, but some of the original limitations aren't practical to be fixed by the community.
  12. That's tasty work, IS.