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  1. Version 1.0


    This file is currently for non-profit use only, do not use any part of this resource in mods that you intend to sell on Steam Workshop. I can and will take action if these terms are violated. This restriction includes "timed exclusive" schemes that promise to release a mod for free after a certain period of time - you are only allowed to include my assets if and when your mod is available for free. I have not yet decided what to make of this new development by Valve or whether I want to take advantage of it at some point, but until I've made up my mind I will not allow others to make money off my work. If you've ever played Morrowind, you might remember the pretty little chimes that used to decorate the Yurts of the Ashland tribes, gently swaying in the breeze and making that soft, soothing sound. I never noticed how much I missed them until I came across this wonderful resource. I wasn't quite happy with the textures though, so I decided to touch them up a bit. It turned into a complete overhaul of Tueffel's meshes to add more detail and bring it closer to the original Morrowind look. The final design features dark bamboo pipes and patinated copper. I also added two brand new variations, a bright yellowish bamboo with an ebony bone inlay trim, and a warm reddish wood with oxidized brass decorations. The meshes are not animated as their MW counterparts were, but Tueffel rigged them with very convincing havok constraints so they will swing back and forth when hit or bumped into. They don't make any sound currently when colliding with themselves, but they will issue a soft clattering when they hit another solid object, like a wall. If you were so inclined, I imagine it would be very easy to hook up a generic wind chime sound (or even the original audio from MW, if you own it) as a looping sound to the objects in the CK. One slight problem with the havok simulation is that it is not quite precise enough, the solver tends to end movement mid-swing so the chimes will end up sticking out at slightly unnatural angles instead of returning to their proper resting positions. If this annoys you, try one of the following things: a) Make the chimes static items in the CK and do without the movement entirely or b) Have the chimes be activators (make sure to give them a name) and attach the script located in the scripts folder of the archive to each of them. It will cause them to automatically respawn after a short period of simulation each time they are grabbed (Z key) or hit by weapons or projectiles. They will also immediately reset whenever they are activated. Unfortunately my scripts cannot detect collisions, such as NPCs bumping into the chimes, so I cannot make them recover from those simulations automatically. The player will have to reset them manually. You can minimise the need to do this by placing them high up or away from NavMeshed areas, so NPCs don't bump into them so often. Don't forget to tick "Don't Havok Settle" on each chime you place in the world, to prevent them from weirding out the moment the game loads.
  2. Necromany #2: I too have made a wind chime mesh, in 3 different texture variants. Mine aren't animated, but they havok when bumped into, so they might be more suited to interior use. Their shape is very closely based on the original chimes from Morrowind, I have taken great care to make the dark bamboo version match in colour and design as perfectly as possible. You can find them here. These are in no way meant to replace Tamira's beautiful meshes (I actually made them before I realised there was another wind chime resource out there), just one more option for variety's sake. Edit: Now also available on site here.
  3. Hey there, I really love this resource, the display cases are beautiful! I came a cross this quite by accident (was looking for a texture replacer for those awfully blurry claws), and it finally convinced me to include dragon claw displays in my player home. I do have one tiny request though, could you include a display for the broken Amethyst claw added by the Dragonborn DLC? The turning point here really is the label, I can remove the claw from one of the other displays and put in the new one, but I'd really like the label to read "Amethyst Dragon Claw". If you don't want to / don't have the time, could you tell me what font you used and where to find it, so I could try to do it myself?