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  1. Lanceor added a post in a topic Open Position in Bethesda Game Studios - Level Designer   

    RequirementsExcellent sense of 3D game space and gameflow.Experience with designing, building, and populating game levels.Experience scripting or programming complex interactivity.Excellent communication and documentation skills.Experience with modular kits a plus.Creative writing a plus.Experience with The Elder Scrolls Construction Set or GECK a plus.Experience playing previous Bethesda Games Studios games.Game industry experience a plus.Stuff that us modders already do. If I could somehow make the daily commute from Manly Beach, New South Wales to Rockville, Maryland manageable, this would be an interesting opportunity indeed.
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  2. Lanceor added a post in a topic [RLZ] Fall of the Ayleids   

    Anything to do with the Ayleids is relevant to my interests.
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  3. Lanceor added a post in a topic The Doctor is in..Second Regeneration   

    Here's another one that will get Whovians' hearts pumping - presenting the 'Doctor Who: 50 Years' trailer.

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  4. Lanceor added a post in a topic A computer for Red (Aka WhoGuru)   

    If the goal is to get Red up and running in any way possible, I can add another option to the table.

    I have the following graphics cards:
    Winfast GeForce PX6200 TD 128 MB - Like new. I still have the box and manuals (pity they're in Chinese). This was a temporary card when my main one was in for warranty repair.Winfast GeForce PX6600 TD 128 MB - Well used. No box or manuals.Both of these cards are severely lacking in horsepower. BUT they use very little wattage which means that Arion's 300W PSU could become feasable after all.
    In case it's needed, I also have a no-name 350W PSU which may or may not be better than Arion's one. Given the hard life that it had, I'd bet worse though.

    I'm happy to post any of these to the US. Let me know if you want photos or anything.
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  5. Lanceor added a post in a topic Recycling a heavily upgraded computer   

    I completely disassembled the whole box, cleaned everything, reassembled it carefully and... it booted up! I guess it hadn't fried itself after all. Anyway, what I learned from this excercise is... don't attempt to recycle the good bits from your old computer unless it's a really new old computer.

    Off to the other thread to offer some help for Red.
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  6. Lanceor added a post in a topic Recycling a heavily upgraded computer   

    Well, I'm going to try a full stripdown and rebuild of the computer just to rule out that I plugged in something wrong.

    If no miracles happen, I'm happy to send over any of the parts listed above if it will help get Red up and running. I checked the postage prices and they should be reasonable provided I'm not sending the entire case.
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  7. Lanceor added a post in a topic Recycling a heavily upgraded computer   

    @ _echo - THanks for putting it into perspective. I guess a high-end 2006 GPU is kinda ideal for Oblivion. Two items that I forgot to add to the list:

    2 sticks of 2GB DDR2 RAM
    2 sticks of 1GB DDR2 RAM

    This strengthens the case for going with a 775 CPU / Mobo since going the 1155 route will necessitate buying DDR3 RAM as well. Interestingly, certain i3's and i5's are heavily discounted here due to oversupply resulting in the Core 2 Duos and Quads being more expensive to obtain!

    I'll see what I can find on the used parts market, but at the moment, it seems that recycling the parts will cost as much as getting a brand new low-end computer (once again due to massive discounting over here).

    @ Willie - It's a possibility... I might end up discarding the project if it becomes economically unfeasable. If Red can cobble together a computer from everyone's used parts, why not?Caveat: I'm in Hong Kong so shipping might cost more than the parts!
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  8. Lanceor added a topic in Hardware/Software Support   

    Recycling a heavily upgraded computer
    Well, I finally managed to blow up my old computer. However, it left behind the following bits and pieces that can be re-used:
    GPU: GeForce GTS250 1GBPower: GTR PTX-500M 500WCPU Cooler: Deepcool ALPHA 200 ST (PWM) Socket 775 CPU Cooler (may fit in some 1155 boards)DVD Drive: LiteOn iHAS524 24X DVD/CD WriterMonitor: 24" LCD monitorPeripherals: Plenty of mice and keyboardsWhat would you build out of it? What level of CPU would best match the GTS250's capabilities so that one isn't constantly bottlenecking the other? H77 motherboard to save money or Z77 for future proofing?
    (Note: I already have another gaming rig so maximum gaming performance isn't mandatory for this one.)
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  9. Lanceor added a post in a topic Recommended mods?   

    Two indispensible sites: STEP and GEMS.

    STEP recommends a whole bunch of mods that improve the "vanilla experience" (better textures, bugfixes, stuff that that should have been there all along) and most importantly, have been thoroughly tested and proven to work well together without causing crashes or savegame corruption.

    GEMS is a list of some of the best gameplay mods available.
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  10. Lanceor added a comment on a gallery image w.i.p.   

    texture on blade is tmp, normal and specular need improvement...
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  11. Lanceor added a post in a topic Which manager?   

    I swear by NMM for Skyrim, but find that it doesn't work well at all for Oblivion.

    I always install Oblivion mods manually, creating a BSA if the mod comes with loose files. I mod Oblivion so I probably find this easier than those who don't. I use OBMM for the load order. For some reason, Wrye Bash and I never got along, though I'd say it's probably a better mod manager than OBMM.
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  12. Lanceor added a comment on a gallery image Captain Donnato   

    What a nice beard you have.
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  13. Lanceor added a post in a topic Hello Everyone   

    Hello Brandon! Welcome to the world of modding, one of few pursuits that require both technical and creative ability.
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  14. Lanceor added a post in a topic Hello world   

    Hello lonewolfe10. That's how the modding bug always starts - you see something in the game and then ask yourself "what if..."
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  15. Lanceor added a post in a topic Loving Skyrim but I hope...   

    Save the civil war questline until later. You'll get to talk to many people who have different opinions on the Empire or the Stormcloaks, and that will help you decide which side has more merit. Also, as you can probably guess, the civil war quests are all about... war. There will be a lot of fighting. At low levels, you might be chugging a lot of health potions, but at a higher level, it's a good way to level up neglected combat skills.

    Edit: PS - love the glowing multi-colour wolf!
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