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  1. TESA Where Are You Headed?

    Well I've been away for a bit, a busy life as Father, worker and all around stuff keeps me from places I would rather much be. TESA has been a place I drop in to on occasion to see what's up and to learn from . I have always appreciated the mod tutorials, they have helped me a great deal in my mod endeavors. I returned recently to find that TESA has changed a great deal, features on the front page that were once present are gone and although I can see the efforts at streamlining the site I can also see the empty space that were once filled with what I considered inviting and eye catching features. I miss the music player, that one aspect made the site enjoyable for me.

    Let me add I am a webmaster of over 16 years and over the last 10 have developed that talent mostly for myself but I use it to help others. I was the backend server maintenance assistant for MyMiddleEarth for a couple of years and have worked with some incredible webmasters.

    What I'm getting at is I love sites like this as I can see what people are thinking and doing with their artistic talents and as a huge fan of TES and a gamer of many years TESA has been a great resource for me. Because of my experience with MME and watching how the site at one point had a clear direction and watching that direction become muddy and then seeing the site fall apart because of the lack of clarity,  because of a  change in leadership that took it in a direction that inevitably brought it's demise due to the lack of clear direction. I am reluctant to support or step in and help in sites like this anymore.

    I have to say though that I am an annual supporter of NEXUS and have been for a couple of years, but because of recent events there with the release of an update that killed my Skyrim game as well as 3 other games that were moddded with it I am disillusioned with devs.

     At this point I am willing to turn to TESA and ask what is your plan for direction? TESA where are you  headed? TESA what do you wish to accomplish by next year?  If the answers to these questions are clear and positive, I will be more than happy to support you, I will take the step from free user to offering my help in what ever small but consistant way possible. As a webmaster I can see the efforts being made to maintain your site, as a gamer I can appreciate the information and sharing I see here, as a mod creator I appreciate the tutorials and information shared by incredibly gifted people. So there you have it, that is my status. I await and will watch and listen. Thanks for what you 've given me and thanks for your efforts.

    1. radogamer


      OOps my bad I saw the new player too late!! Looks good!

  2. From the album Elder Scrolls Online

  3. From the album Elder Scrolls Online

  4. From the album Elder Scrolls Online

  5. From the album Elder Scrolls Online

  6. From the album Elder Scrolls Online

  7. From the album Elder Scrolls Online

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  9. From the album Elder Scrolls Online

    An Elder Scroll in Coldharbour
  10. From the album Elder Scrolls Online

    Just a quiet moment between battles
  11. Version v1.1


    High Ridge Cottage Located just east of Ivarstead on the northern shores of Lake Geir High Ridge Cottage stands alone, a quaint and small house with a crafting structure next to it, a pier on the waters edge and a nice exterior dining area over looking the Sea Of Ghosts. Inside you will find a an active bookshelf in the entry way, to the left there is the dining and cooking area. When you enter the main room there you will find the Alchemy lab with several shelves of ingredients as well as potions. The master bedroom is large with a sleep able bed for two. Under the stairs are two weapon racks and a safe. Upstairs after you pass the upper dining table for two you'll find two beds for Companions. The Forge and crafting area in the out building is fully functional and the rock deck with table and chairs has usable plants growing around it. The salmon on the fish rack by the pier can be harvested. On occasion a dragon will come around so it makes things interesting, after you kill the dragon if you want to get rid of the bones just open the console, highlight the dragon and use the disable command, they will go away. This mod is my first player home and is still in a beta state. I intend to make the potion and ingredient shelves storage capable and I would like to add fish in the water down by the pier for player usage. I'm also thinking of making the boat at the end of the pier a way point for travel but that's in the far future. I hope you enjoy HRC and if you encounter any issues are have suggestions please let me know. Known Issues I'm working on: There is an issue with the navmesh at the front door that I can't seem to figure out, Followers can enter the door but cannot exit so when you leave they will appear across the lake and swim across to the house, still working on that. Version 1.1 fixed navmesh issue by finalising exterior mesh to cell. Some players still having a problem with entry. Tested fine on my system. Version 1.2 is an alternative version adding custom music to house interior. Music used is public use sanctioned. ****************************** HRC should not require any other mods to work and does not effect the area other than a bit of grass trimming and lowering of the land I had to do to make the front of the house and the stairs to the forge area work
  12. I pre-purchased but only after participating in 6 betas, I have to admit that the game has issues but is quite outstanding!! I was able to watch the progression of bugs and fix's and I could see the devs were serious about bug reports. I was a die hard LOTRO player for two years but once I started playing the ESO series up to Skyrim I began to move away from LOTRO, I have over 1500 hours play on LOTRO and am a subscriber but ESO has superior PvP/PvM action and animation, you can guess what I'll be doing from now on. After playing quite a few MMO's, ESO stands out on it's own, the money thing bugs a lot of people but years of gaming and playing Bethesda's games has me hooked, as they say you get what you pay for. It's hard to please everyone and there are always bugs in games, but the feel and look of the game along with an excellent story line, makes me think we can expect good things from ESO. One can only hope.
  13. Thanks DarkRider, I checked the files and had to add the complete lines in the slyrimprefs.ini file it was in a subfolder called skyrim. Then I edited the other two files and added a couple of lines that were missing. The only thing I noticed different was there was no skyrim.ini file bit there was a skyrim_default.ini so I edited that one which only had part of the script noted in post three. Anyhow, thanks for your help and I'll be checking to see if it made a diff later on. much appreciated!! J