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  1. Author of Lakeview_Extended and Tel Nalta II.

  2. From the album My mods
  3. From the album My mods
  4. Not all parts of Europe are like that though, I live in Belgium and here we have almost the same mindset regarding nudity as they do in the USA, but once you go down south where people go on vacation (Spain etc...) its a completely different story. But back when I was playing Oblivion I also installed some skimpy armor mods, was about 17 years old then, now 10 years later I don't bother with that stuff anymore. Youth and hormones...
  5. I usually wait a very long time and don't bother to pick a side, but once I do its for the imperials, though I do love to kill thalmor. The way I see it is like this: Talos was a nord but he was also the one that forged the empire to begin with, and the only reason why the imperials decided to ban the Talos "religion" was to avoid complete obliteration, neither stormcloaks nor imperials are the bad guys, its just those damned thalmor...
  6. Cool weapons, thanks
  7. Like Zetalian said, the textures look off and in no way what the screenshots are actually showing here. I tried to edit all textures myself but its still far from as beautiful as the screenshots show here.
  8. This is regarding the mod Tel Nalta, a telvanni town + playerhome. We are currently looking for someone with mesh editing skills to complete this wonderful pack of telvanni objects that we received from Dark Creations. A few exterior objects are already completed though regretably the person that helped us is now time contrained and he cannot help us out anymore. The aim is to give all the objects Dragonborn textures and then edit the meshes to make them all fit together so we can build a Morrowind style tower that blends in perfectly with the original Dragonborn telvanni buildings and the Earrindo Telvanni modders resources. If you love Telvanni like we do and are interested in helping us out, please contact me at: -Send a PM at Nexus account = Ac3s -Leave a comment on the Tel Nalta Nexus mod page =