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  1. Which method, manually by editing the Morrowind.ini or using the old BSAReg tool, did you use to register the BSA? If you use the old BSAReg tool then delete it since it known to fail to register the BSA in TR, I switched to KINGPIX's BSA Registration Utility when the old BSAReg failed to register the BSA in TR.
  2. When I first notice it I was confused since it never happen when playing SLE from day one and at that time I use a SATA HDD, which I find to be more stable and reliable. Using a SATA HDD as a boot drive give the user more control of how to use the disk capacity more efficient. Can defrag a partition anytime Can create more than one partition on a physical HDD Can resize/move a partition how the user wants it Which one cannot do with a SSD without risking a SSD to be permantely damaged. So that's why I plan to stop using a SSD as a boot drive and only use a SSD as one download partition. Anyway, back to topic. My advice to the OP are basically two things; 1) install as much RAM the mobo can handle, 2) upgrade both mobo and the video card. Also, try to remember do not think you have the performance only based on the video card. No, the monitor is what decides how good graphics a video card can show.
  3. I wouldn't advice to use a SSD as a boot drive due for making strange things happen in Skyrim. Also, I've only notice this in Skyrim, no other games. Why? Because I use a SSD as a boot drive and ever since I start using it I notice one thing happen in Skyrim. What I mean is when I run in-game then re-load a few times out of sudden I can't run no matter what I do, so the only thing to fix it, temporarily, is to exit Skyrim and relaunch it from Windows. That can happen anytime for both SLE and SSE. My guess is that SSD handle the cache memory differently in comparison to Windows, if it has a cache memory that is.
  4. I still want. But don't count me as a partner, because I don't possess the skill nor knowledge about modding. I can only do this. I think we should stick to how Ysne described her idea/request at DC back in 2013 and doing that we also show her courtesy by not changing it. I haven't forgot the idea I had back in 2013, but this thread is the wrong place to continue discussing it. So send me a PM then post a WIP-thread after we talked about it.
  5. I read the sad news the same day Amadaun posted it at TAL. Yes, I think we should try at least I tried to contribute something and back in 2013 I posted this thread at AFK Mods. However, due to RL in late 2013 I just couldn't continue working on it, it was too painful. RIP - Ysne58
  6. @zNightmanDarkRider's advice is exactly what you need to do. I too, joined the modding school here back in 2012 I think and let me tell you that it's fun.
  7. The Suran Underworld is very old and I bet it's still available on MMH. Here is a specific forum for MMH and there can you ask the people there if anyone have play it. However, don't expect a quick answer since GHF these days are pretty quit and doesn't have much activity as it had in the past.
  8. Long live Bethesda Softworks and may you prosper!
  9. You need to copy the archive which have the three BSA and the esp into the <path>\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers folder. Once you have copied the archive launch Wrye Bash and click on the Installers tab then do like in this picture. Btw... It is highly recommended to read and look at the pictures in the guide I linked to now and then.
  10. Just what I thought. Thanks for the confirmation.
  11. What the title says... I am not logged in here too often due for several reasons (I'm not angry or upset with anyone here). Anyway, this morning when I open Thunderbird I got an e-mail notification about a PM someone had sent me, so I logged in and notice some changes on the main forum page. What I mean is that last year at least two more subforum (groups?) were present, but now they seems to be gone. Have these subforums been *deleted* due to inactivity? Of course I could be wrong about this.
  12. Today I read this about elderscrolls.filefront.com. But TBH I am not surprised to see that happen after all most people knew this could happen in future when IGN decided to shut down FileFront in April 2012.
  13. Time for an update! Work continues on this. We have promoted Skrawafunda to team lead. Skraw continues to work on the reviews of the old patches. We will be using his reviews to edit the old patches as we pull them into the new plugin. Also Greatness7 has joined the team.
  14. From what I've heard both WindowsXP, Windows7 I guess. You need to read this about UAC for newer Windows (I know this is for Morrowind, but it's valid for UAC) than WindowsXP. I've no idea how it's on Windows 8.x though.
  15. You're right it happens now and then, but like what Pluto said the community are pretty good to fight this kind of things when a mod compilation like this one emerge. Well, how about modders just stop offer support for mod issues that can be traced back to mod compilations.