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  1. Looking for someone to write a couple of scripts for me. Will pay for your time. 1. A script. That will allow for any npc that walks in to to cause a custom dance animation along with linked music. Also help me import the hks file into creation kit cause I have no idea hot to do it. 2. A shout trigger that allows for an animation to take place and equips the player with a preset armor package that has been preselected from inventory. I hope somebody can help. Racerx240sx
  2. I am trying to trigger an animation with a spell. Similar to my previous question I have figured out how to get a spell effect to work with in a trigger box. But now I want to use the same conecpt that when an NPC moves into a trigger box zone it initiatesa custom animation and song. I am pretty sure this all falls into scripting but what would the script be? Racerx240sx Am I asking the wrong question or am I asking in the wrong area. I am pretty sure this is scripting. I have been able to figure most of the things I have done out fine but this is above my tech level. Soime help would be appreciated.
  3. for the npc i will check what you are suggesting
  4. Sorry wrong forum this is a skyrim question. Please delete.
  5. Canceled wrong request
  6. Ok I know there are tutorials out there on creating and setting up weapon plaques and racks. But my question is some of the mods out there have a shield and swords mounted on wall but they are scaled. So I have a daedric sword and shield that I want to mount on the wall. I have scaled them so they are huge. They are not meant to be items that can be picked up for inventory. I want them fixed to the wall as a display item. But when I go in game they fall to the ground. How do I get them to stay on the wall perminenty as just ornaments. Like a painting? Thanx in advance Racerx240sx No worries I figured it out.
  7. Ok I have to admit I am starting to get a hang of the CK but need some direction. When you start your skyrim you can see 3d models of various things and characters. Like the orc or imperial woman is there a way to pose my character in game and then export that pose clothing and all as a model that can be inported into the CK to be used as a statue or static object?? Racerx240sx
  8. Newbie with a question? How do I make a custom home that my housecarls recognize in game? For example the option for Lydia to stay at Breeze home automatically show's up how can I GET THIS FOR MY CUSTOM HOME? tHANX IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP.