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  1. Male Roles: Wulf Aerius - Imperial M (early 40's) Mid(American) Role has been cast. The leader of a group of vampires in service to Sithis. "Poetic. But you tried to erase the memory of The Scars—twice. And twice you have failed. And so was the final act of the Brotherhood." Percius Crito - Imperial M (early 40's) Mid(American) Role has been cast. A desperate and scared man that has hired the Dark Brotherhood to kill someone that's been stalking him. "Someone is trying to kill me. I—I think he's a vampire. I have no idea! He's been following me for the past several months as I've traveled Skyrim!" Oleen-Tei - Argonian M - (late 40's - early 50's) Low/Raspy(Eastern American) Role has been cast. An alchemist bent on revenge who has hired the Dark Brotherhood to take care of business. "I need your help. I have been testing a powerful poison, and I am preparing it for its final stage. There is a mage who lives in a cave around here. He stole from me, so I ask 'Who better to try an experimental poison on?' I need you to try this on him, and I can give you a bonus if you can collect a sample of his blood in this container." Dreekius - Argonian M - (early 30's) Low/Raspy(Eastern American) Role has been cast. A desperate man with an unordinary request who hires the Dark Brotherhood to take care of it. "My brother has been captured by the Thalmor. They have a secret prison a short walk east of here, near the border of Morrowind. That's where they are holding him." Haran - Argonian M - (early 30's) Low/Raspy(Eastern American) Role has been cast. A vampire in service of Sithis. "Men? How many captured you? Jeberilie, run through the cave and check for the Mer, they couldn't have gotten far." Feril Ralvayn - Dunmer M - (late 30's) Mid(Light British) Role has been cast. An agent of the Morag Tong sent to Skyrim on a mission. "That I do. The Great Houses of the Dunmer are nervous about your resurgence, this is the first time they have all had a common goal in a long time." *Banus Alor - Dunmer M - (late 30's) Mid(Light British) - Original Voice Sample Role has been cast. A Speaker for the Dark Brotherhood from centuries long passed. Shortly after the events of the Oblivion Crisis, he was tasked with finding the illegitimate descendant of Lucien Lachance. Banus is a weak minded man. His allegiance lies with whoever his ideals meet with at the time. "You are referring to our recent disbandment? There's no reason to deny it. Like you, we were weak. The Great Houses had disbanded the Tong, and we were thought to be gone forever. Then, whispers. Whispers of a Brotherhood that was dead, reborn." Dreynos - Dunmer M - (late 30's) Mid/High(Light British) Role has been cast. A Thalmor prisoner. His voice should be desperate but eager sounding. "Right. Wait—What? Hear thoughts? The reason I got caught is because the woman I love is here. When Medora was captured, no one knew where she went; I figured that since she was infiltrating the Thalmor, she would've ended up in one of their secret prisons. I was right, and I found out which one. So I got myself caught and ended up here. We need to get her out of here." Irbran - Breton M - (early 40's) Mid(Eastern European) Role has been cast. A nonchalant prison guard. "Hroldar told me what you did for the Forsworn. What he may not have told you is that I have family that are Forsworn. You've saved a lot of lives, including those of my family. Okay, I'll help you through the mine and get the Orc out." Coyle Aldwyr - Redguard M - (late 40's) Low(Eastern American) Role has been cast. A nervous man who hires the Dark Brotherhood to eliminate a witch that has been messing with him. "There is a witch in Whiterun. This sounds crazy. She put a curse on my family. Over the past year, all the members of my family have ended up dead. My Brother, my Uncle, my Wife, and my Son." Camas - Redguard M - (early 50's) Low(Eastern American) A nobleman in a difficult situation. "I am a noble. I had my friends from when I was Alik'r help me track down my children. I am just dressed like one because we didn't want to attract attention. But if you truly are here from the Dark Brotherhood, I can pay you money to fulfill my contract and kill that crazy woman. I've been praying to The Night Mother for a while now." Vhosek - Redguard M - (late 30's) Low(Eastern American) A vampire in service of Sithis. "Well, if they want all of us dead, maybe we should kill them all first. The Brotherhood will have to wait, they don't even know of our intentions." Azuk gro Olpac - Orc M - (early 40's) Low(Eastern American) Role has been cast. A potential recruit for the Dark Brotherhood, Azurk has been excommunicated from his clan, and is sad and lonely. "Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear."
  2. Female Roles: *Babette - Breton F - (child) High (American) - Original voice sample Babette is a Breton vampire and, as a member of the Dark Brotherhood, she also functions as a merchant of potions and ingredients, as well as being a master trainer of alchemy. At the age of ten, Babette was bitten by a vampire, becoming one herself. She's lived over three hundred years as one, and boasts about how her innocent appearance makes killing easier. "Since Festus is gone, maybe we should recruit a powerful mage as well? Have you ever heard of Undil the Warlock? He's an Altmer mage who lives in Markarth. He's extremely powerful, but he's not exactly the most balanced individual." *Night Mother - Dunmer F (ancient) Low (American) - Original voice sample Role has been cast. The Night Mother is the bride of Sithis, the Dread Father of the Dark Brotherhood. Those who wish to have someone assassinated pray to the Night Mother by performing the black sacrament, and she extends their requests to her Listener, who in turn passes the task on to the Speakers. Further reading on the Night Mother can be found here. *Night Mother - Younger Variation - Dunmer F (50's) Low (American) - Original Voice Sample Role has been cast. The Night Mother is the bride of Sithis, the Dread Father of the Dark Brotherhood. Those who wish to have someone assassinated pray to the Night Mother by performing the black sacrament, and she extends their requests to her Listener, who in turn passes the task on to the Speakers. Further reading on the Night Mother can be found here. M'jirra F - Khajiit (early 20's) Raspy/Low(Arabic) Role has been cast. M'jirra is a Khajiit straggler. She grew up on the streets along with her twin brother, J'zkar. She's very tough and grizzled, but she also has a soft side and can be understanding. “The assassins who killed the Emperor? J'Zakar thinks them to be just a myth." Isobel Richton - Imperial F - (late 30's - early 40's) Mid (American) Role has been cast. A simple housewife and mother who hires the Dark Brotherhood to take care of business. "Well, my husband has always wanted to go back and live in Hammerfell. He used—he used to be an Alik'r warrior. When we got married, I convinced him to come with me to Skyrim, away from both of our homes. However, he is convinced that with the civil war going on and the assassination of the Emperor, Skyrim is no longer a safe place. You have to understand, since the great war he is…he is no longer the man I married." Falena Alor - Dunmer F - (early 30's) Mid (Light British) A trapped soul thought to have been consumed by her other half. She only has a few lines. "I won't let you kill anymore, you will have the peace you so long craved." Aerin - Bosmer F - (late 20's - early 30's) Mid/High(Eastern American) Role has been cast. Aerin is a young girl with a dark past, having killed a man in self defense at a young age and living in fear for years afterwards. "We—we performed The Black Sacrament. Over and over again. After performing the ritual every night for a week, we gave up. After all, The Dark Brotherhood is just a myth." Lirielle Amelion - Breton F - (late 40's - early 50s) Low(Scottish-esque) A deranged witch. This audition line is her only line. "You will never stop me!" Jeberilie - Breton F - (early 20's) Mid/High(Eastern European) Role has been cast. A vampire in service to Sithis. "That is most unfortunate. Master Aerius will be most displeased. As will Our Dread Father." *Arquen - Altmer F - (late 50's - early 60's) Mid/High(Eastern American) - Original Voice Sample Role has been cast. A Speaker for the Dark Brotherhood from centuries long passed. Shortly after the events of the Oblivion Crisis, Arquen was tasked with finding the illegitimate descendant of Lucien Lachance. She scoured the world searching for decades, and her search had left her weary. She appears as an apparition that speaks with the player. "In due time, Listener. In due time. I was in Skyrim for nearly 70 years. Over time, I came to realize that Lachance had visited nearly every inch of Skyrim when he was still alive. After years and years of searching and not finding anything, I was beginning to lose hope. Hope that dwindled every day as I maintained regular contact with Banus and Belisarius."
  3. This thread is an open audition for voice actors for my mod, The Brotherhood of Old. Listed below are all of the characters, along with descriptions of them and audition lines. Thanks to Alexander J. Velicky for providing the template for this thread. The deadline for this project is October 28, 2016. You may send me your files via private message. Please keep your recordings in a single WAV file with 3 seconds of space between each one. Please save your recordings in WAV format, as follows: Mono Sample Rate: 44,100Hz Sample Format: 16-bit (96 dB) File Type: WAV ________________________________ Accents/Age Each characters age is posted in parenthesis after the other info, but those are estimates. Real ages are never mentioned, so just try to sound like you’re roughly that old and you should be fine. Most characters should sound like older adults. There are 10 races in the world of The Elder Scrolls, and each has their own convention of accents. The races are Altmer, Argonian, Bosmer, Breton, Dunmer, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orc, and Redguard. These are their accent types based on race, and you must follow these in your auditions to be considered for the part (Each characters race is listed below with the rest of their info): Altmer: Light British or Irish/Scottish accent. Nothing too heavy. Could also be Eastern (US) American. (That just means it can't be like a deep south Texan accent) Argonian(lizard/reptile): Standard Eastern American or Scottish, but they sound rather 'raspy'. Bosmer: Higher pitch Eastern American or British Isles accent. Breton: Heavier Scottish, British, or Eastern European. Dunmer: Very light British Isles, or Eastern American. Imperial: Light Western European or North American. Khajiit (Tiger/cat): Heavy Arabic accent, higher pitch ranges. Nord: Widest variety, the melting pot of accents. Very Heavy Eastern/Norther European Nordic accents. E.g. Finnish, Scandanavian, Hungarian, Germanic, Austrian (Arnold Schwarzenegger is a perfect example), Ukranian, etc; As well as Normal (US) American, and lighter British, Irish, or Scottish. Orc: Very rough sounding voice, but standard American accents. Redguard: American accents, but (I don't mean to sound racist or anything. If I do I apologize.) they are essentially the African American's of the TES world. And they need to sound like it. ______________________________________ Listing convention:Name - Race Sex - Role(not always listed) - Age - Vocal Range (Low, Mid, High) - Preferred accent (If any). Then a brief summary of them below, and the audition line(s) below that in quotes. *Characters with an asterisk next to them exist in the base game and have pre-defined voices. These roles must be performed to sound as close to the original as possible. Links to samples of their original voices are provided. Please feel free to audition for more than one role in a different voice/accent. You may be cast as more than one character. Continued in the next post.
  4. We are hosted at The Assimilation Lab now. You can find the project there, and interact with us better there.
  5. Hello all. For the longest time now I've been looking for someone to implement a script I have into the active game. What I have works, but it only works with console commands. I need some assistance on getting it to work with the main game. Basically, I have a monster that attacks the player when they sleep if they break a guild rule. I can get it to spawn after breaking a rule and sleeping with console commands, but the player is not added back into the guild when it is killed like they should be. The game says that they were via a quest but it doesn't actually happen. More importantly, though, I need it hooked up to the eviction quest tied to the guild. Could anyone help me with this? I just don't want to post the script online because it's not something that has been done before and I don't want someone coming along and nabbing it. If you need it, can I PM it to you?
  6. We are looking for Papyrus scripters to help us hook up a few unfinished scripts to the game. Also we are looking for quest scripters. If you can help us with that, please let us know by either replying to this thread, or sending me or wjHarnish a PM.
  7. Hope no one minds if I just go ahead and uh... bump this.
  8. Version 1.0


    Adds respawnable chests full of everything one could possibly need for building your houses in Hearthfire. Not only are building materials included, but materials for all of the trophies are included as well. The chests are located at the main building sites outside of all of the houses. You will see their locations in the screenshots.
  9. I am looking for the following to help with my mod: Writer/s to help flesh out the story, write quests, and stuff like that. Scripter/s to script quests and implement 5 Tenets consequences; Wrath of Sithis, etc. help me hook the Wrath of Sithis script I have up to the DB eviction ecript. Level Designer/s for cluttering, because the levels need more flavor than just my own. 3D Modeler/s with the ability to make (or convert existing meshes) weight painted and collisioned meshes. I've made a few meshes but there is no way for me to set them up for proper use in-game because... maya. AI Person/People to give the NPCs proper AI. Mostly right now, I really, really need help hooking up the Wrath of Sithis script up to the DB eviction script. I would really appreciate any help. The project website can be found here.
  10. The Brotherhood of Old Restoring the Dark Brotherhood to its former glory Betrayed by your own sister, the fate of the Dark Brotherhood rests upon the edge of a knife. As the Listener to the Night Mother, your mind has been plagued with troubling dreams as of a late. Among these dreams, a set of instructions, you are to end a family line that could destroy the Brotherhood forever. Buried deeper within those dreams, therein lies hope for the future. Slowly, you begin to rebuild the Brotherhood, adding in many assassins from all walks of life. Locked away within one of these acolytes, flows the blood of a Legendary Speaker from days passed. Can you train this initiate to be a master assassin, rivaling your own skill? Will the secret that's within their blood change the Brotherhood for the better, or doom it to a fate worse than death; to be forgotten? As you mold this descendant into a weapon, the Brotherhood becomes respected throughout the land once more. But with this respect comes fear, and with that fear many come out of the woods to destroy the Brotherhood. A recently disbanded guild has reformed, deadlier than ever. And an old but unknown enemy has resurfaced, and between the two guilds they are dedicated to wiping out every trace of the Brotherhood. Will you preserve the Brotherhood at all costs, even at the expense of the friendships and alliances you have fought so bravely for? Will you restore glory to your family, and make it The Brotherhood of Old? The Brotherhood of Old is a new quest mod for Skyrim, taking place after "Hail Sithis" in the Dark Brotherhood Quest. This 170 page screenplay will take you all across the land of Skyrim, as you try and rebuild the Brotherhood and strengthen it against future attacks. How will you deal with these new Brothers and Sisters? Will you be heartless and cold, doing only what is good for the Brotherhood as a whole? Will you be silent or cryptic, letting others fill in the gaps? Or will you be the good older sibling, nurturing the initiates and helping them succeed? Does the love of coin drive your every action, or is there a time and a place for mercy? Will you take the straightforward path, or will you put in a little extra effort and be rewarded proportionally? Will the Brotherhood fail under you, or will you make Sithis proud once again? For the past few months, I've been working diligently with Vincent, a talented modder, on bringing his project to life. However this project is far from complete, this is what we need from the community to help move our project forward. Since I work on the screenplay aspects of the mod, Vincent has been kind enough to provide descriptions of our progress and the open positions that we have on the team. "Open Positions: Scripter/s - Above all else, this is most important. Quest Scripter/s - Same as above. Level Designer/s: I've got the core of the levels built, I would just like the help of someone else to give the cluttering some variety. 3D Modeler/s: I need someone that can add weapon formatting to existing meshes that I have created. Texturer/s: Someone that can help me with UV unwrapping, because I have absolutely no idea how to get a texture on a mesh properly." "Screenshots: A Mysterious Camp A Mysterious Camp, Cont The Tenets, Restored A New Face A Growing Home Growing Home, Cont. An Unknown Black Door An Old Enemy Remembering the past A Hidden Refuge A place for sorrow Looking into the abyss " "Progress: New Sanctuaries: 100% built. 40% cluttered. New locations - Other: 95% built. I'm still working on some minor locations. NPCs: 80%? I believe all new NPCs have been created. I am currently working on giving them AI and placing them in their proper locations. Scripting: 80% - The Wrath of Sithis has been created and works well; I just need help hooking him up to the rest of the game. Currently, you need to use console commands to get him to show up, and you're not accepted back into the Dark Brotherhood when he is defeated. Writing: 100% - Done Quests: 50% - Quests are completely written in an easy to comprehend format for a quest scripter to put together in the Creation Kit. A lot of the quests also need scenes put together for them. (One quest, for example, where the player watches an event from the past through the eyes of another person.) AI: 5% - As mentioned above, working on it. Custom Meshes and Textures: 50% - Most, if not all of the custom meshes we need, I have created. I just need help preparing them for use in-game, such as weight painting, weapon formatting in NifSkope, and UV mapping. I use Maya and the nif export plugin is far from complete, which is why I can not export the meshes myself."
  11. Version 1.0


    This is a re-texture of Angilla's FB Dark Crusader armor designed to fit evil characters. It bears the markings of the Dark Brotherhood, but it's still suitable for any evil type. Yes, it is Exnem, but it looks just fine on HGEC. Also, it's enchanted for dark gameplay types. Security, Sneak, et cetera. **Location** In the Cheydinhal Abandoned House Basement lies an interloper... **Install** Copy and paste the Data folder found inside the zip file to your main Oblivion directory. Nothing will be overwritten, and nothing is required. **Credits** Angilla - FB - Dark Crusader Apachii - Apachii Goddess Store. Exnem - Base rogue texture and design. JARODCASTLE - Base chain mail texture. Toshizo7 - Tona Mods Store.