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  1. Hope you're having a very excellent Birthday! :hugs:

  2. Absolutely beautiful!
  3. Happty Birthday little one. :hugs:

  4. Congratulations Red! That's awesome, and you've got some amazing reviews up on Amazon already. Very much looking forward to reading it.
  5. Nice info Opal, thanks for sharing. I'm really looking forward to this technology maturing, but it's exciting to see you can do so much with it already. WT
  6. Druid Gameworks Hi folks I wanted to let you know about a little project a few of us from around here have started up. It's an independant Game Studio and we'll be working on an open world RPG that should appeal to those who value immersion and storyline in their games. Since we now have a website up and running including forums, I won't go to details here. Anyone who's interested in stopping by and checking out the project as it grows feel free to click on the link above or HERE WT
  7. If you're running Vista or later and installed Oblivion in it's default location it's probably UAC disabling your mod. Check out THIS thread for workarounds. WT
  8. Awesome shot!
  9. Looks excellent OFish. I was just looking for a new player home for my next run-through and will definitely give this a try.
  10. Awesome! Love the way you're coming up with really different designs that just make sense for your Dwemer set.
  11. It does. Has a very comfortable homey feel.
  12. Very unique design before, I really like it.
  13. Love this shot. Even with the slightly Hitchcockian vibe it's very homey and warm.