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  1. [SKY] Location Keywords not identifiable in CK script TESV:SSE

    This is one the key tenets of modding especially anything regarding scripts and/or quests, that you absolutely must use a completely clean save i.e. one that has never seen your mod before in any previous incarnations or you will get this occurring.
  2. Errors Everywhere

    More importantly did you add "D23UlgronYulhhorn" as a Property because that sounds like its missing. ReferenceAlias property D23UlgronYulhhorn Auto Also papyrus fragments require a little special handling, run the script through the compiler, it'll report errors and won't compile but do you want to save anyway, choose yes, there should be a script source file you can open. Open it and add the property, save, recompile.
  3. BSAopt

    Does anyone have a copy of the documentation? Its disappeared from the website long ago. I'm sure there was a command line option in there somewhere...
  4. Modding Workshop: My First Quest

    Yes thats what I thought too. However it doesn't apply on Nexus, check with the Nexus admin/moderators if you have any doubts. Any kind of re-uploading of vanilla content without modification is strictly forbidden even if its for the same game. The reason being that Bethesda doesn't want the game re-uploaded piecemeal. See this thread, posts #9 and #10 in particular (mod authors only) Its similar to Morroblivion I imagine they had to redo their textures and some of their meshes after threats of legal action from Zenimax/Bethesda as they were imported straight from Morrowind, they had to recreate them from scratch. n.b. you can contact Nexus admins via email I believe no need to create an account if you don't wish too.
  5. Modding Workshop: My First Quest

    There is no need to un-fuze, rename, then re-fuze voice files, just rename the original .fuz file to whatever you want and it'll work fine. Be aware that if you re-upload vanilla content i.e. fuze voice files and whatnot to Nexus you will fall foul of their strict no-reuploading-vanilla-content rule. With Workshop you may get away with it.
  6. Trouble compiling with either Notepad++ or the CK

    Theres no point placing it in the Scripts.rar file as thats how the scripts are delivered to you, theres nothing in Skyrim or the CK that can read WinRAR files, thats for you to extract from. There are all sorts of problems getting the CK and MO to co-operate, the problem is the CK expects script source files (.psc) to be in Skyrim\Data\Scripts\Source folder and MO places them elsewhere or expects the compiled scripts to be elsewhere. It can be done (try searching the Nexus forums for a solution) but its the main reason I don't use it, its too much hassle for my liking.
  7. Thats a common one thats caught me out more than once. You can also use MyAlias.GetActorRef() or even MyAlias.GetReference() as Actor which is apparently faster as it doesn't requre an auto-cast, whatever that is. Now if only I could figure out Cast Reference, and how to get an integer property from a vanilla script within another script I'd be a happy man. No-one seems to have an answer for that, at least none that will compile.
  8. Class #2 - Properties

    Thanks, I understood it up to "Full Properties". You completely lost me after that, lol.
  9. ForceRefTo(help)

    Old topic but you're trying to force a ref into an alias before the quest has started/is stopped. Do it after the quest has started and it should work ok.
  10. Creating Skyrim Armor in Blender Tutorial Series

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial. I have a question... is it possible to import the UV map or do I have to create it from scratch in Blender? I can export the map from Nifskope as a TGA file but I can't seem to find any way to import it into Blender if its even possible. I'm only trying to make some minor modifications and I'm a complete Blender newbies. I can find my away around the basics, enough for what I need anyway, but this point is eluding me. Thanks.