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  1. Thanks DarkRider
  2. Hi Everyone, I thought I'd do the CK Basics and see if I could actually complete a mod this time. I think I've included everything...let me know if I've missed anything. Images are Imgur as I couldn't manage to upload images here...hope that's okay.
  3. That looks great! I watched the video and I'm going to download and have a play. Sorry I didn't see this sooner...I had problems with one of my hard drives recently.
  4. Thanks...that would be great!
  5. Version Alpha


    The Skyrim Branch of the Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Guild were very proud of their achievements. Using only natural plants, ingredients and a range of mordants including salt, fire salts and frost salts they had come up with the brightest and most beautiful colours. They had achieved a deep dark purple by using Fire Salts and Frost Salts together. Some of these colours had been tested for them by the Basket Weavers Guild bringing to the people of Skyrim a beautiful range of new baskets using nine different colour-ways. Readme: PensBasketTextureSets This mod has been tested by me, if you find any issues please let me know. You can contact me via Bethesda Forums, Nexus or TesAlliance I have memberships with these forums and you can contact me via pm. I have set up the files on the esp provided. If used in your mod you will need to merge this with your plug-in see the instructions for merging mods here: Merging plug-ins: For those Lore Friendly People who are concerned about the colours used I refer you to this page You will notice that there are many different colours from Natural Plant dyes. Given the range of plants and ingredients in the Elder Scroll universe I very much doubt they had any trouble creating the colours I've used. The only one I have any concerns about is the really dark purple colour and I believe that could be achieved by leaving the item in the dye to steep or repeated applications being painted on to an item. Credits: Bethesda for creating Skyrim, TESAlliance and TESNexus for their tutorial sections on using texture sets. The tutorials I used can be found here: and written by Hanaisse Please note: the brighter screenshots were taken using the candlelight spell as I put them in a duplicate cell created from the abandoned shack for testing and it was too dark to see them properly. Please note I haven't included the esp with the test cell if you want it please contact me.
  6. If you play as an imperial and talk to Ulfric just prior to executing him, he says something about murder, 'I suppose you could call it that as I knew he was too soft to fight. That was the whole point...' not exact but has the main point. He knew he was a young kid that he could beat...doesnt seem honorable to me. Personally though my biggest gripe with Ulfric is his racism...given he wants Skyrim for the nords only would he form alliances? Look at how he treats the dunmer and the argonians. Ive found parts of Skyrim fairly confronting for example do the job for the Jarl of Falkreath and killing the bandits left a bad taste in my mouth I only did it in the end so I could build lakeview manor.
  7. Waves back at Beana...Hi! may take me a while. I managed to sort out how to get the maps less shiny but I'm having problems with the creation kit so it may take me a while.
  8. Thanks InsanitySorrow and SilverSongM! InsanitySorrow, I love your tutorials and all the resources you have released. Do you mind if people do retextures? I've worked out how to use texture sets yesterday thanks to the guest workshop in Graphic Artistry and I'm just working on how to make the items less shiny at the minute. I did some retextures (just some different colourways of all the baskets when I was playing with Skyrim last thought I should get them up as a modders resource but I need to fine tune the shininess. I have some seamless textures I would like to put on you curtains and maybe also the pillows for my own use and I would be happy to share once they are done. cheers Pen
  9. Thanks Bess and donnato! Bess, did I know you on a different forum? I dont recognise the user name...admiittedly my memory isnt as good as it used to be...
  10. Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Pendraia, I have been playing Elder Scroll Games since 2003 when I first found Morrowind. Recently returning to play with Skyrim...initially I wasn't keen on steam but when they released Baldurs Gate enhanced I came to terms with it and have now returned to playing Skyrim. What can I say...I'm old it takes me a while to adjust to new things. (*shrugs) I like to play around in the creation kit and with NifSkope. I did release a few minor modding resources for Oblivion and a mod for Morrowind that I would rather forget. The last few years I've been more involved with the 3D render community (Daz Studio) and have been playing with programs like zbrush, hexagon, photoshop and uvlayout. Still very much a beginner in these programs but I have been able to release a couple of items and they can be found over at ShareCG if anyone wants to see what I've been doing. I'm hoping to rediscover a few old friends and make new ones... cheers Pen