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  1. I don't think there's anything to stabilize the CK, but if you set it to autosave (under File->Misc I think) every 5 minutes, you won't forget. Here's more info about the weird way it stores backups:
  2. Welcome to TESA aleniskendra! Sounds like you found a home in Skyrim. Never too late! Here are some welcome cookies for ya
  3. Your link's address reads "MySavedWishlist" but it should read "PublicWishDetail" - maybe just get a screenie Trust me when I tell you Centurion, HeyYou knows his stuff.
  4. Did you check the items? I often forget to check the items. It's a weird set of actions. To refresh your memory... Hoops to jump through.
  5. "This wish list is empty." Tease. Did you make it public? You should make it public. Meanwhile, I was going to suggest reseating the card. Maybe I am savvy! Also if/when it won't boot, try turning it off with the card still in it, unplugging the computer for a minute, plugging it back in and trying to boot again. It probably won't work but it can't hurt to try. HY here's the mobo.
  6. I'm guessing this is about Tamriel Rebuilt Have you checked out this page?
  7. For virus info I like bleeping computer Most other times I google my problem but because I'm usually frantic at that time I don't bookmark the page
  8. Big D is right about the PSU. I bought my 1200 watt Tagan in 2008 and it's still running. O man if you have 1500 to spend on a new build I bow to you sir for you can build a pretty good rig. Ryzen CPU, Asus Crosshair mobo, 64GB RAM (pick your brand), Don's Juice cooler (or a Noctua fan the size of a car battery), couple of SSDs, and a pretty metal case (I always plug the Antec 900). Done
  9. Yep those are cookies, and so are these It's better to go to the source for info than to rely on another user, even though TESA's crowd is pretty damn good
  10. Emma would know, and she'll probably land on her site before she finds this post ( hi Emma ) - Emma's Elder Scrolls Forum
  11. This is the beginning of a grand adventure. First, dig into windows and find your system specs and post them. Follow the instructions for your OS on this page. If you want to upgrade to close-to-current standards I think you'll need a new motherboard. here's your motherboard - it supports intel 2nd and 3rd generation CPUs. They're at 7th gen now, right (I buy AMD) ? Don't fret, they're not too pricey. HeyYou is going to come along and give you great advice. But he'll need to know your current system specs to see what can be saved so there's your first job Think about how much money and time you're able/willing to spend on a DIY rebuild. If you've never opened the case before it can be pretty daunting. But if I got my first build to work then anybody can
  12. I don't know if this will help but in case you missed it here's the TESA tutorial for weapons: TUT It was last updated in '15. Hope it helps.
  13. Thomas Moran. That is all.

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    2. grond


      I have never said anything about delicious hot dogs, nor have I ever mentioned the heroes who vend them. I know you have to ask your questions. This is a ruse! The hot dog vendor movement is a ruse! But I will tell you that I just found out that the "so-called" vendor Albert Bierstadt puts ketchup on his hot dogs. Sad!

    3. donnato


      Subcommittee is adjourned for summer vacation. We`ll reconvene on this matter in time for the thanksgiving vacation. The matter of Thomas Moran is hereby suspended. However ... I`ll be looking into this Mr. Albert Bierstadt. 

    4. grond


      When you do, try not to say Holy Crap. Betcha can't do it!

  14. Yes it helps! Thank you
  15. I've used this old CS2 on Win 7 too.