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  1. I don't know if this will help but in case you missed it here's the TESA tutorial for weapons: TUT It was last updated in '15. Hope it helps.
  2. Thomas Moran. That is all.

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    2. grond


      I have never said anything about delicious hot dogs, nor have I ever mentioned the heroes who vend them. I know you have to ask your questions. This is a ruse! The hot dog vendor movement is a ruse! But I will tell you that I just found out that the "so-called" vendor Albert Bierstadt puts ketchup on his hot dogs. Sad!

    3. donnato


      Subcommittee is adjourned for summer vacation. We`ll reconvene on this matter in time for the thanksgiving vacation. The matter of Thomas Moran is hereby suspended. However ... I`ll be looking into this Mr. Albert Bierstadt. 

    4. grond


      When you do, try not to say Holy Crap. Betcha can't do it!

  3. Yes it helps! Thank you
  4. I've used this old CS2 on Win 7 too.
  5. OK here's where the link is now You have to create an Adobe ID. But the long serial numbers are still available, once you check the box in the middle of Adobe's fainthearted warnings. Pick your language and your OS and you're in bidness. But if you can manage ten US bucks a month, pick the photography plan and get the full Ps 2017 with all the bells and whistles. I use that plan and have never had a problem. Or use the Gimp. It's free and really runs almost as smooth as Photoshop.
  6. Beautiful mage I like the kicks too. Congrats on your scholarship!
  7. Welcome to the Alliance!
    1. donnato


      Yup, I saw that.  Although there has always been buttons to show angular and length dimensions.

    2. donnato


      Have you found a way to DL it?

    3. grond


      Nope, you have to build it from the source. No release yet.

  8. Welcome to the Alliance!
  9. Why did they settle there? Good land? Do the ruins provide something that would bring settlers? Villages and towns grow around something. Decide what that is, then you'll know what to include. And you'll discover stories you'll want to tell, too.
  10. Well? Where's my gear???
  11. If you want to end the 'cell shaded' question, consider changing the yellow color to a realistic light bronze. I think that's the only way to approach that cell shaded question, since the yellow is very cartoonish. You might be able to save the yellow, if you're willing to go back into GIMP and give it a hammered look. That involves finding a good grunge brush and dappling your maps like this: It might make things more realistic, which means less clean, unfortunately.
  12. Then you nailed it Now make the rifle!
  13. Looks nice but do you want a yellow shield? Your avatar suggests that her shield is the same color as her corslet, a burnt orange...but again, if you want yellow, that's your choice, and it looks good. Also you could 'ding' up and dirty it a bit - light grunge around the edges, on an overlay layer - unless you're going for the new look, which, if you are, is very nice. Overall, great job! That thing you wrote about ending it or never finishing it is something I never learned.
  14. Well I couldn't find anything here about your problem so I googled. This might be a problem with the alpha channel of the normal map. Read this from the Nexus.