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  2. Welcome zNightman Enjoy your new obsession hobby!
  3. Hi!

    Welcome YATT Imstearn
  4. Happy Birthday Cupcake!!

  5. Meo! Great to see you again. I hope you're right about TES 6.
  6. Pictures do make the steps easier to understand, but you can do this tutorial without them. Meanwhile we're working on getting the images back.
  7. Congrats on finding the solution!
  8. First there's this from our own Ladyonthemoon Next there's this from Bethesda. Sounds like you're in for a lot of downloading and organizing. Post your progress/problems here
  9. Welcome kremattorus I've never done any work with beards, but I would guess the first thing you'd need are some beards. So model some beards and by then I or someone else might find the info needed to get them on faces.
  10. Hi back For Skyrim or Fallout, the main tool for making mods is the Creation Kit Check it out!
  11. Holy crap am I old. Consoles have been around that long haven't they... Anyway, welcome to TESA and please don't open the CK, you need to go out in the sun! Hang out here because everybody wants to help, no matter what the problem is. And finally these are welcome cookies. Virtually eat them before donnato comes along!
  12. Just checked the GoFundMe site - 9200 bucks - close to the goal! Let's try to get our chief the funds he needs No amount is too small
  13. Welcome to TESA!
  14. Time sure flies when you're buried in the CS/CK
  15. OK I added my Wish I could drive down and help you egg the landlord's house! Seriously - Rider is TESA, for a decade he's been giving to the modding community - he needs our support. If everybody chipped in 5 bucks we could lock this thread right quick. Good Luck Boss!