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  1. Thank you, Dark Rider! Off to lesson #3!
  2. Love this song!
  3. Here for homework and credit for CK Basic Lesson #2:
  4. Here for homework and credit for CK Basic Lesson #2:
  5. Thank you DarkRider, off I go!
  6. Welcome Elias64!
  7. I have applied for enrollment but have heard nothing back, soooo I completed the homework and the extra credit. This is what I did:
  8. This is an awesome project and I am looking forward to see the next stage.
  9. Good night, my new friend. See you tomorrow!

  10. Thank you LadyontheMoon. I must say it took me along enough, to wake up and smell the modding possibilities.
  11. Hi Everyone I am taking the bull by the horns and showing you this, (after I saw all the talented people here) My own modest talent, created this over the weekend, so enjoy!
  12. Never burn your bridges behind you, you never know if you will need that bridge again.

  13. Hi TES You can say I am an old slash new member, but has never actively participated on the site. So I hope to be more active and productive member in the future. Kind Regards Rona