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  1. I'm glad and the kind words are well deserved. I'm following the topic so will listen to the new tracks when you'll add them. If I'll work on that I will certainly PM you, thanks a lot!
  2. I really like the paludal area, I try to achieve something similar for a Black Marsh area. Very well done.
  3. I've listened to your tracks and your voice acting is like commercial grade, so much versatility and very well executed all of them, e.g. the Khajiit is practically the same as the game if not better. The sound is also so clean, a very neat job. With my English something very sad/comic has came out, not to mention I like to write mostly male characters and I cannot fake a male voice, tinkering with pitch sucked so much it was unbelievable, and with voice synthesizers the results has been the weirdest possible thing. I have a couple of quests for Fallout 3, NV and one for Oblivion too that could be released since it would take little work to adapt scripts and dialogues to other users (all are built around my character but some of them are short and easy to adapt), still some voice acting would be needed. If I will retake them in a near future, I really hope you will be still around and willing to give life to some of my lines too. Anyways, what you do is great, VA is so important and so needed, and you are very talented. Keep it up!
  4. I'm sharing the textures uncompressed to offer the best quality. At any rate it shouldn't be much of a problem, it's not terrain that repeats over and over or outfits worn by a lot of NPCs. If you or someone else want them compressed though, let me know, I can add a lowered version.
  5. My main characters in Oblivion and Fallout are the same one, same appearance (for what is possible to achieve in the games), same personality, just located in two different realms. OBLIVION: My character is a very kindhearted one. She really loves to help and she is devoted to the Nines, especially to Mara and Stendarr. She favors the city of Anvil (along with the Imperial City) and Benirus Manor has been chosen as her primary house after defeating the curse. She is an Imperial. Awaken in prison, she has no memory of what she did before or the place she comes from, she has probably tried to enter some monastic order (Mara or Stendarr) in the past, but it's very unclear how she could have ended up in prison. She is not interested to find out about her origins and the past though, she has been chosen to be born two times for a reason, so she is focused only to the present and her mission. She is very touched by the encounter with the Emperor and will make solemn oath to accomplish whatever possible in the defense of the Empire. She is a stealth one but will discover with great amazement during the events to possess exceptional magic and combat skills too, a gift granted by the Divines to serve them. She is born under the Thief sign and she is Monk as class. She will meet one rainy night a man named Lerexus outside Leyawiin. After some time, she will meet him again in the Temple District of the Imperial City and from that moment on they will travel together. And that's it, in extremely short, about my Oblivion character. The story in Fallout is truly weird and kind of hardcore too. SKYRIM: The main character is descendant of the Oblivion character from Cyrodiil. She reached Skyrim traveling all the way from Anvil where she probably was born; she has been raised there by a Redguard secluded monk that barely exchanged some words with her. The monk die when she is very young, then all the adventures will begin. In Skyrim she will meet Dovahkiin (since I do not play the game and just shoot an illustrated story, Dovahkiin it's not me). She will enter in contact with the Cyrodiil nobility for some reasons and large part of her story takes place in Cyrodiil, another part in Summerset Isle (that will be tricky to build the locations). She is the main character to some extend since she will disappear for a lapse of time and the story will be focused on the other characters and the efforts to locate her. She is an Imperial as her ancestress, a very kindhearted one and devoted to Mara and Stendarr. And that's it. every time I visit this page I have to correct typos and grammar, I end up rewriting the damn thing...
  6. Version


    V Dining Set Author: Victoria K. aka Victoria VII (VKVII) Date: 6-12-2014 Game: TesV Skyrim Description Dining Set resource. Chair, table conversion and new UVs and textures. A rug included. Notes Converted these awesome models for some of my character's background locations and thought to share. New textures and the UVs are also remade. The design is a bit modern but it integrates well enough with a tropical environment, I've textured accordingly. Done the collision and the chair is furniture ready. Shortened the chair mesh a bit. Included a rug. Permission Strictly NON COMMERCIAL. If you want to use or modify any part of this content for include it in your release: your release must be NON COMMERCIAL (no money involved or any form of payment). you must clearly state that you are sharing strictly for NON COMMERCIAL USE (no money involved or any form of payment). Do not re-upload. Awesome meshes by JBJDesigns, HERE the Usage Rights. NON COMMERCIAL THIS TOO! THANKS to JBJDesigns for the beautiful models and for sharing them.
  7. Nice to meet you and welcome!