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  1. Lovely house! The exterior fits Anvil in a very cool Way. Thanks!! :-)
  2. Hi! I've just played the mod and in few words: it's very tasteful. Erissa's voice is breath-taking and fits an altmer perfectly. The only thing that I'd like to question is the AI of Erissa, her husband and their maid. They prefer to sleep at the inn instead of going to their home.
  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Marek! Much appreciated!

  4. Thank you all for the comments! I'm gonna give a try on the microphone and CS extender. I've runned it as administrator too, but the trouble persists. =\ Have you all a nice weekend. EDIT: Updating this topic, I found a discussion at TesNexus foruns wich is very rich in information. In case someone find this topic, it shall be cool to check this one too. EDIT2: Yeah, it's working now! I had to disable "Tablet PC Optional Components" in that "Programs and Features" part.
  5. Greetings! I installed Windows 7 in my computer and decided to re-play Oblivion and installed the Construction Set too. Most features in the CS work, but every time I try to edit or even if I click on the entry of any AI Package, the CS crashes and closes. That happens on both the AI Tab for an NPC as well as the whole AI list. I tried to find some light in Google, and I already have Oblivion in a folder outside the "Program Files", installed CS twice, changed the configuration to "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)"... I have no idea what to do. Anyone has another idea? Note: I took a look at the forums and this place seemed to be the best for my question. If I was wrong, sorry! Note2: Okay, I found the etiquette link, sorry for the incoveniente, where do I ask questions like this? D= I'm not interested in assigning as student right now.
  6. Get on them! Attack I say!

    1. DaMage



  7. is travelling to São Paulo for the Carnival and hopes to spend more than one week there. Problems, please, stay at home.

  8. "We got the choice if it all goes wrong... we walk"

  9. Yeahh, dollparts is right, it reminds me a house in a Brittish film... just don't remember the name
  10. Ah!!! My little witch Deneb is thanking you for bringing these shields! LOL That reminds me Tactics Ogre for GBA
  11. Gorgeous! I never used to have animal companions before your mods (tried a fox once, but I'm not a ranger). Actually, I can't live without your little cats, Oscar is always with me heheheh
  12. Welcome, salute! Ops, I would share a cookie with you, but I ate that before. Good luck with your mod!
  13. How nice! It's just what I wanted!
  14. Hey you, pikachu!

  15. needs to play Chrono Cross... again...

    1. EruditeDragon


      Damn straight, Marek! Absolutely amazing game... from a time when Square actually cared about things other than Final Fantasy.

    2. marek0712


      Yeahh, I miss that time. I was very addicted to that game. If you're still playing with Fergus around, you may heard him fighting and saying "i'll kick your sorry arse to the moons". it's because of Kid's quote. LOL

    3. greenwarden


      Great game. Do it!