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  1. Thank you kindly to you as well. I feel pretty good about being here as your community seems very friendly.
  2. Version 0.1BLEGEND


    Compatibility note: Should work fine with any retextures that use the vanilla filestructure. If you find that it doesn't, please give me a detailed bug report on it! DISCLAIMER!: THIS MOD IS IN BETA AND WHILE I HAVE USED IT ON A HEAVILY MODDED GAME FOR A NUMBER OF HOURS WITHOUT ISSUE, IT MAY CAUSE ISSUES! BACKUP SAVES! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Users of TDG: Please toss screenshots up. I couldn't possibly see all of the combinations available on my own and would love to see some of what you guys have seen. Report bugs in the bugs thread, and ask any questions in the questions thread. When reporting a bug, ensure you give me the information I need. News: Five new preview images pertaining to the next build! Are you tired of seeing the same few dragons over and over again? They all look the same after a while and it gets... well... boring. I felt that way and while poking around in the CK I realized that RaceMenu's NIOverride could be used to great effect in fixing this. All of the dragons you see in the screenshots were spawned in using the same console code. How this works and what it does: A script fires when a dragon spawns and picks up to three tintmasks from 14 possible. A color range is assigned in the script, and each of these tintmasks randomly pick a color within that range. This leads to a nice blending of color and markings overall, and a HUGE amount of variation in visuals. Required: RaceMenu 2.5.9 SKSE Legal copy of Skyrim (up-to-date) Install, Manual: Download and unzip to your data directory, activate ESP, run LOOT and regenerate any bashed patch or SkyProc patch. Install, NMM: Doanload manually and add the archive to NMM, install through NMM's functions. Performance: I'm using full resolution tintmasks (the default) without an issue performance wise. If you need, there will be a low performance patch in the optional downloads. If you install this with NMM, when asked if you want to upgrade select 'No' and allow overwrite. What it doesn't do: This mod will not affect unique and specific dragons, I.E. Parthurnaax and the like. It doesn't change their stats or abilities (yet). What is done coloring wise: Dragon: 100% Blood Dragon: 100% Frost Dragon: 100% Elder Dragon: 100% Ancient Dragon: 100% Revered Dragon: 100% (NOTE: Due to the revered dragon's bright and vibrant coloring, the tintmasks are barely visible. They are there, but tend to blend in really well with the rest, leading to an almost negligible difference. This was only during my own testing though, so some of you might see very obvious markings due to the nature of how the color is selected.) Serpentine Dragon: 100% Legendary Dragon: 100% !!! Compatibility with Deadly Dragons: 0% unless some of them are set to draw off of the two basic dragon templates. To clarify, this will work alongside DD, but will not affect the dragons added. ETA: Awaiting permission from author. Haven't managed to get ahold of him yet. !!! Future Plans (if possible): Semi-random name generator for all generic dragons based on the dragon language with certain rules. A step further on this, again only if possible, all of the potential dragon words that make up the names (three of them for any one dragon) will carry in innate passive ability that gets applied on spawn. Random size scale within the range of 0.95-1.05 (with 1 being the basic) applied on spawn. New voices applied on spawn with rules based on certain rules(?). Credits: Sevencardz: He helped me to pin down all of the things I would like to really achieve with this mod, and encouraged me through the beginning steps. Thank you immensely Sevencardz. expired6978: Firstly, for RaceMenu and NIOverride, without either this could not have been done. Secondly, and even more importantly for the script in the mod that assigns tint masks and coloring. I myself can't even get the basic papyrus tutorial to work for me, whereas Expired is a wizard with it. He also fixed my first broken ESP so I could see what I had done wrong. THANK YOU! Myself: I made the tintmasks and made sure that the script was attached to everything it needed to be attached to. Other than that I just came up with the basic idea. My family for listening to me ramble on excitedly. And even moreso my daughter who at six years old is dead set on helping me make tintmasks, one of which I cleaned up and actually added because I liked the idea of the color placement.
  3. Thank you kindly
  4. So, I have looked at the site a few times in the past, but had yet to make an account. I figured I would rectify that and say hello!