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  1. dead link.
  2. i would like to express a lot of interest in this class especially height-mapping and setting variables for cells in order to make a space as large as the skyrim map [or max map size for creation]
  3. i'm out of school and throwing rent at my credit cards... but as soon as i get hired, i'll pitch in what i can
  4. Welcome~ come keep the chat alive
  5. chatty is down again?
  6. Good night, my new friend. See you tomorrow!

  7. it turns out i was asking the wrong question all along~ what i would like to know is if there is a way to configure the frustum in creation engine and also to configure the shape of the game window to be 3 monitors wide. it seems like there might be something like this possible with scripting in Unity... http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/729327/manipulate-camera-frustum.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viewing_frustum#/media/File:ViewFrustum.svg this last image isn't the most accurate for some of my friends, they have close to 180 degrees horizontal with one eye. (flat noses ) but what i really want to do is put peripheral vision into the game. just changing the fov won't work, the frustrum needs to be wider...
  8. i have a character that can has water breathing and would like to make beds work under water. i replaced a static bed with a furniture bed and changed it to PlayerBedOwnership that didn't work so i tried adding keywords for LocTypeDwelling, LocTypeHouse, and LocTypePlayerHouse but i feel like i'm missing something really key is there a tick box that says Can't Sleep that i'm missing? activating the bed returns the error can't sleep in this location. :/
  9. hay it's 10 months into 28 months of school, my head is finally above water, and tesa is more or less up and running again... how far along am i? my points seem low.
  10. hwaii-tingg mage~ hope they fix it
  11. words of wisdom: The latest paid modding situation caused Bethesda to start messing with the Creation Kit and then abandon their plans half way through when the scheme had to be pulled from the workshop. This led to there being some extra steps which may need taking before you start scripting that older videos don't cover.
  12. the price i pay for not being able to afford a subscription... all of my pictures are either fully public or for friends only. the blank script is viewable with the script manager pulldown or by browsing externally to view the /Scripts/Source folder. bhspLightSwitchScript01
  13. following the steps in the ck wiki or the df video [identical] a new script is created. is not added to the object reference. does not show in the add script pop up window [can't add it] but it does show up in the papyrus manager pulldown.
  14. http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/gallery/image/31261-scriptingfail01-2015-07-04-20-24-29/ http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/gallery/image/31262-scriptingfail02-2015-07-04-20-26-18/