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  1. Updated 12/27/16. Updated sample and experience. Bumped for activity.
  2. Updated 08/28/16, updated twitter link, experience, and audio sample. Bumped to confirm activity.
  3. Remove this post. Apply to the VAP.
  4. The Fallout 4 creation kit has arrived in open beta! Get access to it via downloading the launcher and installing the Fallout 4 Creation Kit at any time! Mod on, my amazing friends!
  5. I'd recommend you post this in the VAP as well, so the active members can see it and/or are more likely to see it.
  6. I would be very pleased to work on this project as well. Please, take a look at my archive and tell me what you think. Email any scripts or questions you might to, thanks! -Mitch Lawrence
  7. Updated 2/25/16, updated twitter link and bumped to confirm activity.
  8. Updated 10/27/2015, bumped to confirm activeness. Thanks!
  9. Wrong place for this post. Please move it to the Project Forum page. This is for browsing samples of the voice actors.
  10. I can get you the list. PM me and I'll give you the script.
  11. Hey Jy, you don't have to upload to an Archive until after you've been accepted. C :
  12. Sounds great! I'll have to get my personal booth setup before I start taking jobs!
  13. Most of the voice actors here are male, if you would consider reversing the gender on one or two of the roles, I'm sure you'd get more VAs to apply!
  14. Updated 05/30/2015. Bumped to make sure people know I am active. Thanks!
  15. I would be glad to help. I am not presently able to give a sample, but you can hear my voice in VoltaicFire's mod Unto the Breach