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  1. I seen this nice corner in the leveler's tower mod mine near the ceiling water fall going to waste, so I used Jaxonz Positioner mod and placed a round dwemer platform and manipulated the cave ramps towards the round dwemer platform I went to Raldbthar ruins for and then I went to skyhaven temple and the back part and grabbed one of those six pilllar Akavir building's the one with the thatched or pagoda roof and placed it on the dwemer round platform in the cave corner creating a nice zen smith area!.. here are some screenshots of my smith zen area even the levelers tower guard likes it, I gave him a new look I added one of those nord dungeon ruin pillars with the embedded skull and bones and candle holes this shows my smith and enchant area layed out this is a view from where the levelers tower guard was standing in the first screenshot
  2. I used to pick most of the levelers tower version of the standing stones, but know I'm unsure if that's ok to do so???, you see my game get's laggy in control issues with my USB xbox controller for windows, at times my character feel's like he's off center and pulling to the left hard and it's annoying, I though it was because of having multiple enchantments on my armors and weapons, I use a mod called "Ten enchantments in Extra Effect" by Krokodyl101 but it works fine and sense I stopped using the multiple levelers tower standing stones my game controller issue has improved, now I use the games standing stone with the Autherial crown only, I also thought custom weapons ike immersive weapons might of been causing the game controller issue and stopped using custom weapons, I do use a mod that makes unique daedric weapons unenchantable and re-enchantable and upgraded in smithing!.. here's my current mod list, sorted by LOOT Update.esm Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp Dawnguard.esm Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp HearthFires.esm Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp Dragonborn.esm Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp DragonBoneEbonsteel.esp AncientTonguesSword.esp BerserkJudeauArmor.esp pick100.esp EK_RingLimiter.esp NPCs Protected Redux.esp Artifact Disenchanting.esp Disenchantable Dragonbane.esp VanguardArmor.esp 10 extra effect.esp EinherjarArmor.esp Rough Leather Armor.esp JaxonzRenamer.esp hunterarmor.esp JiubQuestMarkers.esp Northborn Fur Hoods.esp UnechantedItems.esp Plate Armours - Credo.esp Artifact Disenchanting - Dragonborn.esp SabreFurBag.esp SacredRingofJeebus.esp SkyUI.esp TheChoiceIsYours.esp Hearthfire Cheat Chests.esp Artifact Disenchanting - Dawnguard.esp GriptzionTeleportMenuSpell_DLC.esp The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp LevelersTower.esp TheChoiceIsYours_Dawnguard.esp HavenBag.esp My Home Is Your Home.esp <---- My Home Is Your Home v3.1 by smashly warchiefarmor.esp Update I just followed a youtube how to video on how to clean your games masters with TES5Edit and the tutorial was easy to follow and I cleaned my update master and all the dlc's as well as the levelers tower esm and just started a new game and made it to Helgen with no CTD's and most of my mod list showed high lighted green words in LOOT, so I did something right hopefully!..
  3. I found out accidently that left4dead2 had a workskop on steam for mods and maps etc and then I found this site called gamemaps and it too had mods for left4dead2 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and other games So far I've only downloaded PAYDAY 2 Heisters mod from gamemaps, seen a candycane shotgun for left4dead2 at steams workshop and a gerry's mod team as well and anime characters too Owe funny thing nexusmod site only had 5 mods for left4dead2
  4. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to unequip my weapons and armor before clicking that one sorting button below the pull chain that resets your character, when equipped and clicking that one button my game CTD's on me, I was using the esp version and the resource file and loaded the levelers tower last and I use the built in launcher. Maybe I'm supposed to sneak or crouch when sorting? I removed the esp version and resource file and re-installed both the resource and now the esm version and moved the levelers tower esm to the top near the other esm files in skyrim's launcher. I have skse 1.6.16: installed because SkyUI depends upon it and I launch the game from the skse loader desktop shortcut Owe I also have the Skyrim -Community- Uncapper mod installed This is how the mods are listed in the plugin text in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Skyrim # This file is used by Skyrim to keep track of your downloaded content. # Please do not modify this file. Dawnguard.esm Dragonborn.esm HearthFires.esm LevelersTower.esm SkyUI.esp Conjuration & Summoning fixes.esp DawnguardDrainVitalityFix.esp Artifact Disenchanting - Dragonborn.esp GriptzionTeleportMenuSpell_DLC.esp DragonPriestMaskQuestMarkers.esp JiubQuestMarkers.esp SacredRingofJeebus.esp RingOfCraft-1000.esp Hearthfire Cheat Chests.esp Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp 1nivWICCloaksCRAFT.esp SabreFurBag.esp warchiefarmor.esp Plate Armours - Credo.esp DragonBoneEbonsteel.esp Northborn Fur Hoods.esp hunterarmor.esp EinherjarArmor.esp Protected NPCs AllinOne Merged.esp The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp TheChoiceIsYours_Dawnguard.esp Update I resolved the CTD issue and unequipped my armor and weapons and magic and crouched and no CTD and I added another mod since this thread," Unique Dragon Priest Masks - HD textures" (stand alone version)
  5. What is the "system drive (D:)" for ? I tried to backup a game there and the drive wouldn't allow it, is it a over flow drive for C drive? sorry for my ignorance on this matter, my PC know how his limited to installing ram and video cards and updating video cards and adding lines to ini files and creating text document bat batch files for games.
  6. I got no answer from steam support and today a game came up in my steam wishlist for sale and I forgot I was online at steam and went to buy the game and it wanted to do a remote install, I had no clue what that was or how it worked and suddenly noticed I was in steam through chrome's browser, so I closed my browser and launched steam from my desktop the one that has your games in it, and went to the steam store and page I bought the new game from and seen a play button and clicked it with my mouse cursor and the game installed, and I remembered seeing a play button to for the base game of skyrim and thought hey maybe it well install from the store page and it worked!.. You see I originally had a retail copy of the base game skyrim, but it wouldn't install from my steam game library and only the dlc's would install and the other day the game wouldn't install, someone insisted at another forum I posted about this issue that my problem was a directx issue, he even sent me a steam troubleshooting thread on this directx install problem. Just thought this might help someone else install issue.
  7. I installed 42 and they come to 461 gigabytes, I didn't install 19 of my games because they needed either Pinnacle Game Profiler or like Sims 3 which was strictly mouse and keyboard played, and I didn't install The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim because of the base game issues I'm having with it. I posted about my skyrim issue at another forum and a member there said it's a directx issue and referred me to a steam forum thread with how to fix the issue but I still think if I buy another DVD/CD rom copy of skyrim that it well install, because I only had bought all the dlc's from steam and my base game was retail bought.
  8. I have chrome both on my phone and new PC and so I imported my smartphone chrome bookmarks to my new PC and I had sorted and re-arranged my bookmarks on the new PC and I went to use my phone and found that my phone and PC bookmarks where in sync, exactly the same. Oh I didn't use a thumb drive, any USB cords or know how to use Bluetooth.
  9. I finally got my new PC yesterday but it came with a partition drive and they only allowed 95 gigabytes for the C:drive and 900 gigabytes for the G:drive and so I found a steam support page that mentioned how to move steam and games to your G:drive the steam article helped and now my games install on the G:drive which has the most room. here's a link to a imgur screen shot of my drives and what not.]
  10. My new computer is in transit with UPS/brown and should be delivered today or tomorrow. Also I spent $120 on Pc games during steams exploratory black Friday sale and I bought a USB xbox 360 controller for Windows at EB games and then went to factory direct to buy a surge power bar for my new PC.
  11. I heard on the news that there where songs in GTA SA causing corrupt saved games and that's why songs where removed. Owe I remember seeing two copies of GTA SA in my library after purchasing it from Steam, I'm getting a new PC in December and we'll re-check my library for SA again. Here's a in game screen shot of GTA SA on the phone
  12. soundgarden cover
  13. I didn't know where to post about this, so forgive me if this wasn't the place. What made me suddenly decide to return to computers and playing games on them, well you see in September I bought a galaxy S5 and discovered Google's play store and it's app's and custom icon widget themes like this steampunk live wallpaper skull and icon widget theme I started purchasing a bunch of these types of themes and found myself spending over a hundred or two on them treating my phone like it was a game and then I said to myself stop spending money on idiotic things like this and buy a new PC. So that is why I've returned to Computers and gaming again, It's been since March 2013 since I played any of my favorite games..
  14. I use CCleaner on my phone and each time I run it, which is every day it finds 200 megabytes or more of thumbnail files on my phone and thumbnail view isn't even on, on my phone, owe I have about 1500 wallpapers downloaded on my phone.
  15. I seen this at imgur, it doesn't reflect my beliefs on mods for the game, in fact I think modders fix the game and make it more enjoyable. Origin