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  1. Here is my homework Pathing Interior Lights Garden And gecko
  2. Homework, and extra credit done Outside path and front of the house Porch behind the house looking over the swamp Front of the house and horse stable Another look at the stable the basement 2
  3. Homework+Extra Credit done Dinner Table Alchemy Table Bookshelf Custom chest with Mithral Armor in it The front door And my pathgridding For the pathgridding, is it recommended to bring the node close to where the animations start on furniture?
  4. whoops forgot to zoom out more to include everything, here is another picture The bedside table is between the bed and the dresser with a candle on it.
  5. Thanks for the welcome everyone! Sweetrolls (or pants) are always welcome to me and Fimmion
  6. Here's my homework plus extra credit
  7. Then I will prepare for the cookie thief with my trusty bat, , stick , and........dancing banana?
  8. Customary cookies?! omnomnomnom! I take it that we are recommended to stay away from the "delete cookies" link at the bottom of the page then?
  9. Hello everyone. Ive been lurking around on visitor status for a long time and finally decided to register today. One of the things I hope to do is to become more involved with mods, like becoming a Beta tester and later, once ive got my own house, do some voice acting.