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  1. Hello, I hope to release my mod within the next couple of mos, and I'm working on setting up Mod info page. Part of that will be giving credit to other modders who have created resources that I've used. Unfortunately, the Files section on the members page is blank. There are a few modders here with a lot of resources I've used and would like to link to a page that lists (in one place) their works. Will the files section on member's pages be fixed soon with individuals' works listed/linked? Also, I've noticed that unless one signs in, links made previously to the webpage don't take you to the linked page. This is one thing that hopefully will get fixed because it only can help the site if links are working.
  2. I have not. I am using original sounds but I'm not sure I understand pointing the idles to the original sources??
  3. Hey, I've encountered a problem with my mod. I've laid down some instrument idles, and the npcs will use the idles but no sound comes from the instrument while they are playing. Is this normal or a problem somewhere? Thanks!
  4. Just having the instructional part would be great. You are are terrific at explaining and diagraming.
  5. I was just looking at DarkRider's tutorial on character design and got very excited....but then saw they were never finished! That is too bad because he does excellent classes. I used his Basics classes to get started in modding last yr.
  6. No, mod customization. I did some customizations myself with what is available in the Actor menu but no additional mods on races nor mod I did myself.....that is why I was wondering if this face bug was applicable to my situation. However, I'm reading the link you sent and so far just the color modifications I made in the actors menu may have caused the problem. UPDATAE I did the fix for this bug on one actor and it appears to have resolved. Thanks!
  7. Thanks, I was just looking into that....though its not the face that is the problem. Thanks!
  8. I've encounter another problem. The character's skin color is showing up odd in-game, not within the creation kit. The two characters I have (light green orcs) look like they have white T-shirts under their clothing with the neck area and upper arms showing white. This did not occur initially.
  9. Yes, I do place the character in the cell but I tend to keep a large render window open so its a bit of a hassle to switch back and forth between windows when working out the details. I know there is a way to work it in the render window because I saw it done while watching a YT tutorial. Thanks for the replies!
  10. Believe me, I've tried that one. I think for some reason my mouse is not completely set up to work right in the CK.
  11. When working with the Actor Window to set up a new character the Preview Window full body always has the actor facing away. How can the actor be turned around in that preview window?? Yes, I use my mouse but he never aligns correctly. There must be another key used to line him up correctly in the preview window. I actually have this issue with most preview windows but this one is especially annoying. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the comment, ladyonthemoom. Do you have any insights about why I can't save an ext. navmesh I start? That is a weird one but it is likely something basic that is causing the issue.
  13. Hello, I have a couple of navmesh questions relevant to your tutorial. First, I'm stuck with not proceeding in exterior navmesh. I started the exterior navmesh, but as soon as I saved, the work I did disappeared. I shut down ck and started back up. The problem continued. There was no vanilla navmesh underneath in this particular area. I've not navmashed exterior before so I'm assuming I'm ignorant about some aspect of this. The second question is that your tutorial states to try hard not to delete vanilla navmesh. However, I have a very large house, and there is a lot of navmesh underneath it. What can I do about that? I've checked out a few other large house mods, and the navmeshes there seemed to have been deleted. I can't see trying to pull theses away from the house (house is just too big). Thanks so much !
  14. I wish you could use objects in the render window to rotate around with while in navmesh. It is hard to navigate around in navmesh mod.
  15. Thank you so much! Problem solved. Another tidbit learned.