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  1. P2W is fine, if the game is still accessible and "winnable" by normal means too. I'd hate to play a game that I've been interested in for a while only to find that the top 20% of players bought their way there, and I can't even grind my way there..
  2. I did have it in my mind that comunnity would probably be the best part of it. IMO Pay2Win isn't a very nice business plan.. but business is not nice I suppose.
  3. I got the collector's edition of skyrim for that exact reason, the Alduin Statue & art book ^^
  4. It was my understanding people would still need to buy the base game, just not pay the sub anymore. I think I'd exile myself out of a life with Technology if they did it to fall out as well...
  5. This is pretty much what I expected to hear. Seems like this could've been so much more. SO much more... I may still have to play it if I can get it stupidly cheap.. like under £15..
  6. Well it's 2015, and ESO's been rolling around for a while, and the subscriber base is rising according to certain sources I've seen. Now this is no mean feat considering it's still at present a subscription based service and there are far bigger and more successful MMO's that do it a lot cheaper, if not free, but with this set to change to a one off payment scheme, do you think it's going to have a big enough impact to even scratch the likes of Guild wars 2 and WoW? Other questions about the current state of affairs in the new MMO I have regard content. Now as I've been such a fan of the series, the lore and the feeling of discovery when playing and modding, I thought I owed it a franchise that's given me literally thousands of hours of enjoyment ( I can't say that about any other product I own aside from maybe a house, car or TV..) to at least give it a try, but then I thought I've had these wonderful times for what was an extremely reasonable price, considering the size and customization of the game and a one off price at that. I can say when I heard about ESO, I was incredibly excited and then when I heard about the subscription scheme I was severely disappointed. It seems wholly unfair to asks us to pay a monthly fee for something they've been so gracious about in the past. Now I understand it's a different type of IP, but it's still sore. Maybe there is another reason I've overlooked...? I have a few friends in the virtual and real world who were part of the Beta and said it was really nothing to bother with, one of my friends going as far to say "it's the worst game in the ES series, and worse than any other game Beth published". Now I don't take people's criticism of products as law, obviously, but it was quite a resounding answer from my small community of players. It was also from Beta participants, of which I'm sure some of you were as well, so it's possible that things have improved greatly since then, but reading online and looking at the issues people have with the game, it seems inherent to the game itself and not really something that could be patched or altered without severely changing other major aspects of the game and its mechanics. I've seen quite a few different reviews from people claiming that it's just a "cookie-cut" generic MMO with ES lore painted on. Now issues with a game of this size and scope are not uncommon to anyone who's ever picked up a Beth game, and this was OK because we bought, they patched, we modded, and everyone was happy and everyone is still happy, the fact that people still play and mod Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim and the latter still being the 5th-6th most played game on Steam is testament enough that they were doing something right. Needless to mention the Fallout series too. But something still bugs me, I play a lil' Gran Turismo while my partner plays Skyrim on my laptop, she's new to the series in comparison, having only played Oblivion on PS3 through once, and I want more than anything to just be able to load up my character so I can protect her from wolves and we can roam Tamriel together. The solution would seem to be ESO. But is it? I'm concerned with the amount of flak this game has had thrown at it, the gaming community as a whole tends to be quite outspoken and we have a tendency to get things done ourselves if not with the help of the IP creators, but with a game like ESO, or any MMO it's not so easy. I understand that DLCs will become available and more content will be flushed into it at some point but as of writing is it really going to revolutionize my Elder Scrolls experience by being able to do fetch quests with my loved one? I've looked around a lot to see how ESO is getting on these days, but nothing relevant seems to be within my search means. Enlightenment please! ^_^ Thanks for reading my Waffle.
  7. Thanks DR :3
  8. It's deep down in Blackreach (think I got the name right), much like the orrery in Oblivion and College of Wintorhold quest, though this one is related to the dawnguard questline, to aid Sigmus whatshisface
  9. From the album Traveler's Album

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  13. From the album Traveler's Album