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  1. I'm looking for something similar. What I want to do is use an activator to give a potion but only once every 8 hours. Is this something u can make?
  2. Hi there! Im in need of some help with this script. I posted a while ago (last year) in the nexus forums and someone was kind enough to write a script for me. Now im finally getting around to using it and need some help with setting it up. Ive made a trigger, added the script, linked ref the trigger to the COCmarkerheading, and made sure the Z axis was not 0, primitive was turned on. But when i activate it in game nothing happens. Trying to figure out what im doing wrong. I have the message set and all that and it works in game..kind of. What happens when i activate the boat it teleports me to riverwood then shows the menu instead of the reverse. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. All the markers are setup. http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/2309654-boat-fast-travel-and-custom-locations/#entry20304109 thanks for the help!
  3. Hi folks, So what I'd like to do is this. I have armor rack custom nifs that I've added to my mod. For all sets of armor actually but I'd like to stick with the named armors ( nightingale, DB, etc) so, if like to display an empty armor rack (I'd imagine an activator is needed on the rack itself which is linked to a hidden chest) and once all the pieces of the armor set (cuirass , gloves and boots) it will display the completed set (switch from a empty rack nif to the nightingale full set nif file) not sure if this makes sense, just had a brainstorm lol any help would be great as I don't know much about scripting .Thanks