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  1. I am making a mod and put in many new actors/monsters from a few mods. I wanted these actors to spawn at a level based on the player. I created a leveledcharacter list, dragged in all the actors which are Enc. All of the actors are set to levelmult, and have various starting levels. My leveledcharacter list is set to spawn all of the actors when the player is level 1, but the monsters will be of various levels. Now I tested the random actor spawner in the game and it does indeed spawn my monsters. There seems to be a problem with one or more of my Enc characters being spawned by the Lvlcharacter template I created which uses the leveledcharacter list. I placed all actors in their own cells, tested every one of them, and none cause a crash when I place them not using the random character spawn actor template. Does anyone know how to exactlry create a leveled actor list, and how to create a leveled actor template which will randomly spawn my npc's/monsters from a leveledcharacter list?
  2. its a mod I am creating. I made all of the items playable miscellaneous. It seems they are not the issue. I applied a script of defaultdisablehavokonload to all the items and then only the sovengarde dishes and clutter slid off the tables. It seems the tables themselves are the problem. They are the default soverngarde tables in the sovengarde inn, I removed the collision cubes from all the tables I put there and the items still slide off.
  3. I used modders resources from Tes along with Nexus and imported them to my mod in the CK. I ran across a terrible problem where my playable food clutter just slides off tables all the way to a wall. When I set don't havoc settle it stops the problem for a minute until I touch one item then it creates a chain reaction once more where all the items slide off my tables to a wall. I havoc settled all my items. I lowered all my items to my tables. I set up collision walls around my tables. Nothing helps. Is there some kind of script I have to apply to each imported item to get them to settle and stay properly? http://i.imgur.com/bSrQLje.jpg
  4. Im spamming my own post, sorry. So I spent 10 hours today trying to do things with horrible excuses of tutorials all over the internet. As it turns out I believe you need to do a couple key things along with the normal tutorial. 1) Since we have now have 4 or 5 expansions for skyrim you have to generate the files for the network for each of them. Copy all the dlc's dawnguard, hearthfire, dragonborn, skyrim, and update.esm's to your \Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Merging\Data directory. 2) create your fid, fud, fvd files as normal but *Do it before you change the 9th bits in your skyrim and update.esm files. Once you change those bits it will not work. You need to change the bits for these 2 files in both the skyrim\data directory and the \Skyrim\Merging\Data directories. Save the 2 original ones to a new folder. 3) After you create the files in #2 you can go ahead and use a hex editor to change the 9th bits to 01 instead of 81. In this horrible excuse of a video tutorial he said to change it to 0 when in all actuality it was supposed to be 01. 4) I believe that you need to do #1 for all the expansion dlc's. In 2 cases I had to edit my SkyrimEditor.ini and SkyrimEditorPrefs.ini and edit in dawnguard.esm and dragonborn.esm in appropriate places for the ck to stop crashing when they loaded. You can easilly find the answer to how to do this by searching google for the popup search terms in ck when it crashes.
  5. OK Im very mad now. Ive been pulling my hair for 8 hours trying to get the ck to generate the fid, fud, fvd files for update.esm. Now this freaking tutorial on youtube told me to set the 9th bit in skyrim.esm to 0 before making the 3 files for merging control After hours and hours of nothing and failure I watched a french tutorial I could not understand to find the one key piece of information this other dumbkoph tutorial failed to tell. Once you change the skyrim.esm files 9th bit to 0 you are making it a plugin and not a master. To generate the 3 files in ck you need to do it while it is a master file Change skyrim's 9th bit once you generate the 3 files, not before. Well after all this the ck still says I cannot save if my master uses update.esm I have edited the 9th bit of update.esm and skyrim esm in the data directory. copied the two and pasted them in the \Skyrim\Merging\Data I have made every dlc merge compatible by doing the ctrl alt B thing. I edited my cell and put something in it. I saved I opened the merge thing in ck, selected all, checked out, selected all, checked in. The same problem exits. I cannot save because my master uses update.esm
  6. I have followed a video on youtube about setting up version control. I got all the way to creating fid, fud, fvd files for skyrim.esm but the ck refuses. It does nothing. I did make the 3 files for my personal master file called master.esm. I read that you should probably enable the update.esm so I did. I made the fid, fud, fvd files for update.esm. I opened my master.esm file in the ck and it also forced the opening of update.esm and skyrim.esm. Now when I placed some random items in my test cell, I saved, clicked the version control button. Selected all, then check out, then select all, then check in. Here is where the problem began. It would not save my file because it said that my master.esm was dependent on update.esm and that functionality was not yet available. This part in hte creation kit tutorial does not work: When the mod files have finished loading, click on the "folder" icon again, select Skyrim.esm and click on the Details button. Answer with "Yes" when it asks to create an empty list. When the empty list shows, press 'Ctrl + Shift + B' and then press OK. Close and do the exact same for your mod's ESM(s). Now in your Skyrim\Merging\Data folders there are a number of files Version Control uses to merge ESP files into any of your ESM files.
  7. Neat! Maybe importing objects is easier than trying to copy custom buildings to a new world mod
  8. I am new to modding. I opened the ck, loaded a world space, opened rorikstead, highlighted everything there in the cell, opened my mod, opened a world space, pasted. Seems easy enough except the problems began. 1) It did not copy the world space just the items placed on it. 2) I had height issues because of the wrong world space land did not conform to rorikstead. 3) When I adjusted the height of the land to work with my newly placed structures I opened the game and went to my mod. Everything I copied from rorikstead was there except any custom meshes and textures from the mod I copied from was not there. Only Skyrim objects. So I opened tes5edit and it said a lot of things. [00:02] NAVI \ NVPP - Preferred Pathing \ NavMeshes \ Set #1 \ #367 -> [04026FC3] < Error: Could not be resolved > [00:02] NAVI \ NVPP - Preferred Pathing \ NavMeshes \ Set #1 \ #251 -> Found a NULL reference, expected: NAVM [00:02] NAVI \ NVPP - Preferred Pathing \ NavMeshes \ Set #1 \ #160 -> Found a NULL reference, expected: NAVM [00:02] NAVI \ NVPP - Preferred Pathing \ NavMeshes \ Set #1 \ #38 -> Found a NULL reference, expected: NAVM [00:02] NAVI \ NVPP - Preferred Pathing \ NavMeshes \ Set #1 \ #0 -> Found a NULL reference, expected: NAVM [00:01] [REFR:3D012AEB] (places [04039ADD] < Error: Could not be resolved > in GRUP Cell Persistent Children of [CELL:11003E1C] (in Rochester "Rochester" [WRLD:11000D62] at 0,0)) [00:01] REFR \ NAME - Base -> [04039ADD] < Error: Could not be resolved > [00:01] [REFR:3D012AEA] (places [04039ADD] < Error: Could not be resolved > in GRUP Cell Persistent Children of [CELL:11003E1C] (in Rochester "Rochester" [WRLD:11000D62] at 0,0)) [00:01] REFR \ NAME - Base -> [04039ADD] < Error: Could not be resolved > [00:01] [REFR:3D012AE9] (places [0401A324] < Error: Could not be resolved > in GRUP Cell Persistent Children of [CELL:11003E1C] (in Rochester "Rochester" [WRLD:11000D62] at 0,0)) [00:01] REFR \ NAME - Base -> [0401A324] < Error: Could not be resolved > This is a snipit. There is a lot more of the same. All I wanted to do was move the work a different modder placed in tamriiel to the rochester mod I am working on and nothing worked right. How do I do this?
  9. I am wondering if there is an easier way to import huge resource files to CK other than one at a time? For instance, one castle mod has 107 nifs. That is a lot of nifs and it takes a lot of time to import them. Is there a way to import in bulk?
  10. I do not know where I should request this, but I know modders on this site make resources for people to use. Could someone look into making a Santa Sleigh and maybe reindeer to pull it? I would like it to be usable, maybe a replacer for the carriages. Or stand alone Much appreciated
  11. Nice. Now to use some housing resources :D