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  1. Just a small show-off of a WIP character. I will probably tweak her a little in the future, but I like her as a starting point :) - Camilla Valerius' face as Base Template - CBBE body for body - Uncertain face texture (I got it ages ago, and forgot what it's called :/ ) - KS Hairdos Renewal for Hair style - Vanilla Eyes - Vampire Armour from Dawnguard - My Custom Vampire mod for Vampire appearance/toggle
  2. From the album Paintings Pack

    First 9 Paintings : Rochelle Bantien Cloud Top Anvil Dock Nocturnal Statue Skingrad Castle Frostcrag Spire Imperial City Bridge Magicka Font Ayleid Ruin
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Name : Character Overhaul Author : Chrissiearto / CDM Version : 1.00 Requirements : Skyrim, Version or later SKSE, Version 1.7.3 or later SkyUI, Version 5.1 or Later ==DISCLAIMER== I originally made this Mod a long time ago, and have had it on my Computer for ages. As far as I am aware, everything is working fine with it, and I have done a quick test and everything seems fine. That said, there may be issues I have forgotten/not found, perhaps with the Main Quest. If you encounter anything like this, please let me know ASAP and I will look into it! Overview-- "Character Overhaul" aims to give you much greater control over the intial generation of your Character, allowing you to determine a wide-variety of features, such as their Starting Level and Attributes, which Racial Abilities and Powers they have, what Spells and Items they begin with, and Where and When their adventure begins. Character Overhaul will allow you to create almost any type of Character, from those who are perfectly "normal", to those who are incredibly over-powers, to those who are incredibly under-powered. The choice is entirely yours--make your ideal character, and write your own destiny. Install-- Copy CDM - Character Overhaul.esp to your Skyrim/Data Folder Copy CDM - Character Overhaul.bsa to your Skyrim/Data Folder Check CDM - Character Overhaul.esp in your Data Files Menu Uninstall-- Delete CDM - Character Overhaul.esp from your Skyrim/Data Folder Delete CDM - Character Overhaul.bsa from your Skyrim/Data Folder Usage-- When you start a New Game, you will be transported to the Character Generation Cell. You will not go through the opening Carriage Ride or visit Helgen. Instead, you will instantly appear in an empty world surrounded by an endless Ocean. Once you confirm the name of your Character and their Apperance, you will be taken to the Chamber of Items where you can choose which Items you possess and access the Character Generation Menu. Once you are happy with your Character, simply activate either of the Doors in the Chamber, and your adventure will begin! Character Generation Menu-- The Character Generation Menu is the key to designing your Character when using Character Overhaul. It is found under Journal>Settings>Mod Configuration>Character Overhaul. You can access it at any time, however the settings you assign will only take effect when you leave the Chamber of Items. Initially, the Character Generation Menu will attempt to match your settings to those found in Vanilla Skyrim for your Race. For example, a High Elf's Racially-enhanced Magicka will be reflected by a higher Starting Magicka value being for you. You can choose to use the Values, or change them as you see fit. The Character Generation Menu is divided into several sections :- Skills & Attributes This Section allows you to determine the Skills and Attributes of your Character. You can choose things such as your Starting Level; Starting Health, Magicka, and Stamina; starting Skill Levels (Individually or All). You can also determine your base Resistances to a variety of Effects. These values can be set from -200 up to +100, where anything less than 0 is considered a Weakness. Be aware, these effects replace your typical Racial Bonuses, and will appear as "Innate Resistance" or "Innate Weakness" rather than, for example, "Nord Blood". You can also determine your Starting Perk Points (Normal, Vampire, and Werewolf) as well as how many Dragon Souls you will begin with. Powers& Abilities Here you can choose which of the Vanilla Racial Abilities your Character will start with. These Racial Abilities cover only those that do not affect Attributes or Resistances (which are instead covered in the previous Section). You can also choose up to two Greater Powers and up to two Lesser Powers, from those available in the Vanilla Game. You may also choose any or none Starting Spells associated with individual Races, including the innate Flames and Healing Spells all characters usually begin with. Of Note : "Is Orc Bloodkin" determines if you are considered Kin with Orcs, and "Has Gills" determines if you can breath underwater Shouts I & Shouts II Here you can choose which Shouts you possess. Selecting if you know the First, Second, or Third Word will Teach and Unlock that Word for use. You can choose any Shout which can be aquired in both Vanilla and DLC. Crimes and Bounties This Section allows you to set your starting Violent and Non-Violent Bounty for each Hold. Properties This Section allows you to determine if you will start off owning a House, and whether it is Furnished or not. Note : There is currently an issue whereby Unfurnished Homes cannot be Furnished. You should therefore always choose 'Furnished' at the moment. Cheats This Section adds a few simple Cheats, such as No Falling Damage, three times Harvesting from Plants, 100% Lockpicking Success, and instant Shout Cooldown. Starting Conditions This Section lets you set your Starting Conditions, such as what Date and Time the Game willl begin, and where in the World you will start your adventure. The Chamber of Items-- The Chamber of Items is filled with Chests which contain a wide variety of Items. Those on the Left-hand side contain Weapons, whilst those on the Right-hand side contain Clothing and Armour. You are free to take any of these Items, and as many as you desire. There are also four other Chests containing Ammunition, Soul Gems, Misc Items and every Spell Tome--again, you are free to take as many or as few as you like. Be Aware : These Items are DUPLICATES of the Items found In-Game, and as such will not Qualify as the "Real" versions of the Items. Known Issues-- There is currently a Known Issue with regards to Properties. If you Purchase an Unfurnished Property, you will not be able to Purchase Furnishing from the Court Steward. As such, you should always choose 'Furnished' at the moment.