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  1. [deleting. Figured it out. The issue was with my working light, some objects just render weird with it on]
  2. TigerCubofPNW, thank you so much for your reply! Sorry for taking a while to get back to you, I was having issues accessing the site and then I sorta forgot to come back and check the forum (oops).... I think this will be a huge help. I discovered my problem may have been less with my script and more with my CK (turns out I could not edit or create scripts at all, not even a simple messagebox, but I found a fix that appears to work), though from the looks of things I was indeed setting it up wrong, so your help is very much appreciated. At some point I will be trying to get back to working on Skyrim stuff, I've been taking a bit of a break for a while and trying to learn a little of Nifskope (it didn't end well.... numbers aren't my thing and the tutorial I was using was outdated anyway), and working on some other non-Skyrim projects, but I really need to get back to it.
  3. Still not solved, but I have bigger problems than I thought. Apparently I cannot create or edit scripts at all, even after a completely clean install of the game and the CK. I have tried searching on various forums, but most of the results I see say to run as admin (I am, both Steam and CK), and/or to extract the scripts.rar (I have... and re-extracted to downloads and pasted directly). Still having issues. Thoughts? Anyone else experienced this? Edit: I should add Steam is installed in c:\, not in program files so given that both are being run as admin, there should be no permission issues at this point at all. I'm confused.....
  4. Hi all.... I'm revisiting a mod I had abandoned a while ago because there were too many mistakes. I've scrapped the old version and am starting from scratch. Here's my question: The farmhouse inns in Skyrim are fairly generic. Most of them look pretty similar. The only thing I copied on purpose was lighting, however my inn reminds me way too much of the Sleeping Giant in Riverwood, less Delphine's secret door, except for the guest rooms which are more unique. I tried to make it look similar to vanilla inns, but not to copy exactly (decor is different, I'm talking about structure and furniture). So given that most of the inns in Skyrim look fairly similar in structure, is that a huge problem? I really want some chairs where people can sit by the fire and that's really the best place to put them. Incidentally on this same note, last night I tried to walk into a wall twice before I realized the reason why was that the mod I was using changed the vanilla structure of the inn, so the door was moved. I guess I don't want to change the vanilla structure too much because the player will *expect* the same layout as every other inn in the game. I took a look at Vilemyr and Frostfruit and their structure is the same - tables in the same places and what not. The only thing different is the chairs by the fire, and I plan to have a bard there, so it would make sense to have it. So is it a problem if it looks similar to Riverwood's inn?
  5. hi again, all, My understanding of Papyrus is extremely limited. A Steam User has asked me to make my Gray Quarter House mod a possible starting location for Live Another Life. I followed the steps in Arthmoor's article (I've gotten Arthmoor's permission to make an addon), here, but I am really struggling with how to do the script. He says: " A TopicInfo script must be attached to this with the following code supplied:ChargenQuest.SetAddonQuestStage(Int, Quest)"Quest" must be a quest record from your mod."Int" must be an integer quest stage > 0 which is part of your quest."ChargenQuest" is the property for the ARTH_LAL_StartQuest script. If this is not properly set, your extension will not get processed." He also says to add whatever code required to outfit the player. I want miner's clothes, a small amount of gold, an iron mace, and to be able to set the ObjectReference for the starting spot in properties (I have placed an XMarkerHeading in my interior cell). If anyone who knows what they're doing could give me a hand with how to set this all up I would be eternally grateful. I can do basic things with Papyrus, like an activator that makes something happen (turning a light or a sound or a waterfall off and on) but beyond that it starts to be a little over my head, and I'm not ashamed to admit defeat, or that I need some help..... help?
  6. That's a great way to describe it. I've been using BSAOpt to pack the files missed/not included by the Creation Kit. For some reason I have issues with Archive.exe crashing whenever I try to save my changes. I must be doing something wrong but I haven't really looked for a solution/tutorial to use it properly. I can't remember if I double checked if I was running as administrator or not; Steam is installed in program files and I haven't bothered moving it.
  7. Thanks again for the help, all! I'm okay with leaving the files loose rather than trying to fight with the BSA. Also I'm not sure if anyone saw this post before I moved it from CS Basics but I did find a solution to add music to a specific cell, via an activator and a simple script. Only problem is when you leave the cell the music continues to play til the track is done, then the normal default music for Oblivion resumes as normal; I haven't found a way to fix this but it got the track I wanted working in the single cell without overwriting the default soundtrack. The post is near the bottom of the page from KingGsterUK - click on show and use the second script in the post, not the first one he quotes. Where it says ***75*** enter the length of the track in seconds, and make sure to remove all the ***
  8. I noticed with TES4Files that it picked the mod at the very top of my load order. Everything was present, though, the file just had the wrong mod name. I think the issues I had the first time I tried were mods installed incorrectly through MO..... it took me a few tries to figure out that you have to move all data to the top level (I ended up reverting to NMM per personal preference, less of a pain when modding, until I get a better handle on how MO works). Might be why stuff was missed by TES4Files the first time I used it.
  9. There's not that many resources in mine, so leaving the files loose shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for the response, all!
  10. Hi all, what's the best way to package a mod for Oblivion? I have packed a BSA and it is named the same as my .esp, but Oblivion doesn't seem to be able to read it. Do most of you just pack the files loose in the zip? Or did I do something wrong with the BSA? (I haven't actually used that many resources, but I need the static fireplaces at the very least.... the rest I suppose could be edited out). I used BSAOpt to pack the BSA. Also, with a different mod I had tried TES4Files to pack the mod automatically and it missed a bunch of resources so I ended up reverting everything to vanilla rather than trying to find every file individually. In this case that won't necessarily work. In this case it found everything and the file paths are correct but in game I see a bunch of those big yellow missing mesh statics. Is there any automated app that works better than TES4Files?
  11. *deleting
  12. Realized yesterday I had never completed this or posted my work for the final exam. I posted all the pictures in one place, here. I had to redo the tutorial work as I had deleted my original lesson work. Since I had already posted and received credit for the tutorials I had taken some liberties with the use of modder resource in the farmhouse but none were used in the exam house, per the instructions. I may also do a release mod, just because, but posting as is for now. My updated version details are in on the same page below the final exam work. Feel free to ignore my rambling. I will not be offended. Let me know if you have any additional questions or need me to fix anything.
  13. Given some of my issues the first go-around, I re-did the tutorial series from scratch. As I had already posted and received credit for the lesson work, I took a few liberties with the use of modder resources. You can find my updated work here, if anyone wants to take a look. Personally, I'm much happier with the house now. btw, ignore the L. K. Garith, it's my handle for NaNoWriMo and I didn't bother trying to figure out how to change it with Blogger. It was just an easy way to post some pics. Feel free to ignore my rambling; I won't be offended
  14. Okay thanks I kinda thought so, but worth asking all the same. I suppose I could write the "what have you got for sale" dialogue but I wouldn't know how to link the activator to an inventory. Easier just to make it a custom race so I can make an actor - that way I can make him a trainer too
  15. Is it possible to make one a merchant? Say, a talking skull or a crystal ball that can sell you crafting supplies? Or would I have to make the object a custom race so I could create an NPC? Edit: Also, if I wanted it to have the draugr or skeleton glowing eyes effect, how best to go about doing that? Thanks!