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  1. Realized yesterday I had never completed this or posted my work for the final exam. I posted all the pictures in one place, here. I had to redo the tutorial work as I had deleted my original lesson work. Since I had already posted and received credit for the tutorials I had taken some liberties with the use of modder resource in the farmhouse but none were used in the exam house, per the instructions. I may also do a release mod, just because, but posting as is for now. My updated version details are in on the same page below the final exam work. Feel free to ignore my rambling. I will not be offended. Let me know if you have any additional questions or need me to fix anything.
  2. Given some of my issues the first go-around, I re-did the tutorial series from scratch. As I had already posted and received credit for the lesson work, I took a few liberties with the use of modder resources. You can find my updated work here, if anyone wants to take a look. Personally, I'm much happier with the house now. btw, ignore the L. K. Garith, it's my handle for NaNoWriMo and I didn't bother trying to figure out how to change it with Blogger. It was just an easy way to post some pics. Feel free to ignore my rambling; I won't be offended
  3. Okay thanks I kinda thought so, but worth asking all the same. I suppose I could write the "what have you got for sale" dialogue but I wouldn't know how to link the activator to an inventory. Easier just to make it a custom race so I can make an actor - that way I can make him a trainer too
  4. Is it possible to make one a merchant? Say, a talking skull or a crystal ball that can sell you crafting supplies? Or would I have to make the object a custom race so I could create an NPC? Edit: Also, if I wanted it to have the draugr or skeleton glowing eyes effect, how best to go about doing that? Thanks!
  5. I have seen a number of mods that overlook this and the bed simply gives the default Rested bonus. It's a fairly simple process but there's a few steps to remember. I haven't seen other tutorials to make this work and figured this out myself by looking at vanilla playerhomes in the game. I'm not entirely sure this is the best method but this is the method I use for this to work. To make a bed give the well rested bonus: 1. If you have a custom cell for your interior, under World Data -> Location, right click anywhere in the list of locations and select "new." Create a custom location for your cell. 2. Under keywords in the new location, add LocTypePlayerHouse. You can add additional keywords to your cell, but LocTypePlayerHouse is essential. Close the location window. 3. In the cell view window, right click on your cell and select "edit". On the first tab, make sure your cell is set to your custom location. Make sure to click "Okay" and not "cancel." Close the cell window. 4. Load up your cell in the render window. Double click on the bed you want to give the Well Rested bonus. There are a few things we need to do here in order for it to work properly. 5. Under the "Ownership" tab select "PlayerBedOwnership" under Factions. 6. Head on over to the Location Reference Type tab. Select "House Bed Reference Type" in the drop down menu. 7. On the "Scripts" tab, click add. Search for "sleepq" and add the PlayerSleepQuestScript. Click on properties and auto-fill. Click okay to close the window. Note 1: For some reason, whenever I've done this, even though the message property is filled, the Well Rested message does not appear at the top of the screen, but if you look under active effects in the magic menu, you will see that the well rested bonus has been applied. Done! Note 2: If you are editing an existing cell within the game, simply add the LocTypePlayerHouse keyword to the existing location data, and follow the steps to set the bed ownership, location reference type and scripts. Note 3: It is an entirely different process to create a bed for rent in an inn. There are other tutorials out there so I won't go into that here.
  6. I posted a patch to Steam yesterday to fix a conflict with Towns and Villages Enhanced - Riverwood. I just hadn't created the zipped archive and reuploaded here. That's been done now so both versions match. The only difference is I moved the trapdoor a little so it's not covered by foliage for those that use the other mod.
  7. FYI, if you use Towns and Villages Enhanced - Riverwood I have been made aware there is a slight conflict with this mod. The trapdoor is present but is partially covered by a tree and some mountain flowers and is difficult to access. I'll try to post a patch soon. There may be additional conflicts with any mod that alters the scenery around Riverwood.
  8. Yes, I tested it today and everything works perfectly
  9. Special thanks to ladyonthemoon for re-packing my BSA and to all you fabulous modders for the wonderful resources I've found here
  10. Don't know why I didn't think of that, but then, I always seem to make things harder than they need to be Reuploaded with the repacked BSA, thanks again!
  11. I'm sure I can find a tutorial somewhere that would show me how to do that but I haven't really looked too much into the mechanics of how to enable/disable objects once a quest is finished. I'm kind of learning scripting as I go and I'm starting to get the hang of why it works and what's wrong when it doesn't work the way I want it to but for me it's a slow process. I gather it would be a fairly small script to do that but I'm not really sure how to go about it. I'm guessing it would be something to the effect of: Scriptname QuestScript Extends ObjectReference {Enables the trapdoor on completion of the main questline} ObjectReference Property Trapdoor Auto Quest Property MQ305 Auto Event OnQuestShutdown MQ305 Trapdoor.Enable() End Event but I have no idea if that's even close to correct...
  12. Maybe someone got stuck there ages ago and dug their way back to Skyrim, or used magic to create a passage? Okay, I'm reaching. And it could probably be classed as a game cheat as well (maybe not the most lore-friendly mod out there). I intended this for personal use when I started making it and I wanted a quick way to access Skyrim, but I liked the house enough when it was finished I decided to release after all.
  13. that would be awesome if you could I've been looking for some way to repack a BSA besides Archive.exe but every time I try google I get pointed back to that. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  14. hi; I seem to have problems when it comes to repacking the BSA (I'd be happy to reupload if someone can suggest a better tool to use. I have FOMM but I'm not really all that familiar with it other than for unpacking files). I have been using the Archive.Exe that comes with the CK and every time I try to repack one it crashes so when I uploaded here I packed the files separately to make sure they were included. There are two ways in-game without using the console to access the cottage. The first, is the main entrance which is in Skuldafn, to the right of the main entrance in the Skuldafn courtyard. The second is in Riverwood; there is a trapdoor to the left of the sleeping giant inn (left when facing the inn from the road) past all of the fencing beside the guardwalk (covered walkway). I'll post a couple of additional screenshots below that should help.
  15. Skuldafn Cottage View File The Abandoned Cottage (which isn't really so abandoned) is a small, slightly cramped but cozy playerhome located in Skuldafn. Why, you ask? Who in their right mind would want to live there, right? Well, first, it's hostile and thoroughly unfriendly, and I for one like to have a cozy spot to come home to. Second, I like to have a convenient spot to store my stuff and I suspect I am not alone. Third, it comes with a merchant and easy access to Skyrim to sell off all those goodies you loot when you're chasing down Alduin and fighting those annoying draugr. So it's mostly a spot for the player's convenience, and with the access to Riverwood it can be used as a starterhome as well. Just watch out for the dragur if you use the main door at a low level! (Consider yourselves warned if you haven't finished the main quest yet!). The trapdoor is to the left of the main entrance of the Sleeping Giant Inn. The house itself is to the right of the main entrance in the Skuldafn courtyard. No key is required. Comes with a housecarl/merchant to take care of the place when the Dragonborn is off adventuring. -Mortar and Pestle on the table upstairs for Alchemy crafting -unique oven and cooking pot and some comfy spots to sit. Requires Hearthfire and suggest Dragonborn, I didn't use any resources from it but I had it loaded when I made this mod so I'm not sure how well it'll run without it. Acknowledgements: -ladyonthemoon over at TESA for helping me work out some dialogue bugs. -Darkfox127 for his tutorial videos on YouTube. He is totally worth checking out for anyone who wants to learn modding. Resources Used: *My apologies if I have forgotten anyone. Please PM me if I have and I'll be happy to add you to this list. Stroti's Small House Resource by Stroti and Tamira BookSets Resource Skyrim by Blary Stroti's Kitchen Tools by Stroti and Tamira Stroti's Ovens by Stroti and Tamira Stroti's Rustic Furniture by Stroti and Tamira Stroti's Treehouse Resource by Stroti and Tamira Ready Clutter and Furnishings by Lilith New Beddings by 1ndajone5 Modder's Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67 Static Dishes and Food by Tamira Insanity's Folded Blankets by InsanitySorrow Insanity's Pillows by InsanitySorrow Insanity's Sofas and Chairs by InsanitySorrow Lolicept Resources by Lolicept Paintings and Frames by Artisanix Submitter dolphin66th Submitted 11/30/2016 Category Houses Usage Permissions