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  1. It's been far too long since my last update but this project is still active! Just finished editing the overall progress, and filmed a questline Trailer, shown below; Hope you enjoy!
  2. Well, it's been forever since my last update but for future reference; if I'm not updating the thread it's likely because I'm too busy working on the actual content. But that may sound like a feeble excuse, so allow me to elaborate; Over the last few months we've written and acted out 21 main quests, 60 side quests, and six additional quests (to be acted out shortly), as well as expansive generic and combat lines, all totaling over 4,500 lines of dialogue. Long gone are the days of the small project this once started out as.We've modeled each quest to be player driven, and ultimately change the ending of the story depending on what choices the player makes as he runs through them. Obviously VA coordination and writing have been my main priority over these past few months, so I've shoved implementation and navmesh off onto the back burner. But with the writing complete, and VA work soon to follow I can once again return these parts. Another milestone has been passed, and the winter release still looks plausible. But I couldn't have gotten here without the countless hours the VAs and writers spent on this project. I don't mean to brag, but I'd wager I've been given the unique opportunity to work with the most talented VA/writing crew out there. (okay, I lied. The bragging was fully intentional) But in all seriousness, It really has been pleasure working with them. Don't know when I'll be able to update y'all next, but until then, may the hair on your toes never fall out.
  3. Ahh, so you finally made it. Welcome to the alliance my friend!
  4. Added SkinnyTecBoy for the role of the Male Halflings. He's been recording lines for awhile now, but we just now got around to the introduction questions. That said, he's done an exceptional job so far and really brought life to the Halflings of the shire. Really appreciative of the talent he brings to the table. On a side note, the "spoilers" function appears to be broken at the moment (not quite sure why), so I've placed all of the interviews as quotes.
  5. Welcome to the alliance, Blazeking
  6. Skyrim hours: 822

    Creation Kit hours: 2,537

    Still trying to figure out if this is good or bad.

    1. grond


      "...there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

      "Just do it"

      The ratio you have there seems about right :) 

  7. Hello and welcome Mike!
  8. Over the course of the last few weeks, we've assembled more or less an "A-Team" of voice actors to fill the available roles for the shire mod. Each brings unique experience, skills, and talent to the table that thoroughly improves the personality and life of their character. The purpose of this thread is to introduce these voice actors to the modding community (as this is the first Skyrim mod many have worked on) and to give the community a better understanding of the talent behind our voice work. But as my words often fall short when describing others, please allow them to speak for themselves: (Raw audio samples may be added in the near future) Jon Michael Villagomez: Character: Thormin Age: 18 Location: Los Angeles, CA Country: USA Hobbies aside from Voice acting: Film, theatre, writing Voice acting Q and A: Laura Hardy: Character: Byrsael Age: 25 Country: UK Hobbies aside from Voice acting: Writing, gaming, listening to music Voice acting Q and A: Stefan Martello: Character: Durusc Age: 27 Location: Santa Monica, CA Country: USA Hobbies aside from Voice acting: Digital art, gaming Voice acting Q and A: Josh Bull: Character: Forodant Age: 19 Country: Australia Hobbies aside from Voice acting: Film, theatre, reading, video games Voice acting Q and A: Kuripa Chan: Character: Tinruth Age: 20 Location: Seattle, Washington Country: USA Hobbies aside from Voice acting: Modding Skyrim, drawing concept art, sewing and ninjutsu Voice acting Q and A: Cliff Thompson: Character: Durcoth Age: 30 Location: Los Angeles, CA Country: USA Hobbies aside from Voice acting: Avid video game player. A few of my favorites recently are Destiny, Awesomenauts, and Alien Isolation. But I've been gaming since I was about six. Voice acting Q and A: Shane Mitchell: Character: Generic Ruffians and Bandits Age: 16 Country: Australia Hobbies aside from Voice acting: Writing, Reading, Animation, and Set Design. Voice acting Q and A: Shannon Hobby: Character: Generic Female Halflings Age: 15 Location: Bridgewater, NJ Country: USA Hobbies aside from Voice acting: Flute, Video Games, Marching band, Piano Voice acting Q and A: SkinnyTecBoy: Character: Generic Male Halflings Age: 45 Location: Liverpool Country: UK Hobbies aside from Voice acting: Voice acting Q and A: There you have it. As I've said before, I really couldn't have asked for a better cast. The dedication, quality, enthusiasm, and love these VAs display in their work, and for this project specifically, is truly outstanding. Although we've got a considerable amount of lines acted out already, there is still quite a lot to do. But looking ahead, there's not a band of voice actors I'd rather continue this journey with. Until next time, TheBawb
  9. It's Oblivion's 10th anniversary? Well, I suppose celebration is in order. I'll be in Cyrodiil for the rest of the day if anyone needs me.
  10. Apologies for the delayed update, work on the mod itself has been entirely busy, and I fear I have not had enough to time to keep everyone informed on the progress. I've finished the landscape overhaul, and I've begun adding the final detailing to the borders and regions. (No pics this time, in a bit of a rush) Unfortunately my latest endeavor ended up somewhat like this: Yeah, turns out my PC can't handle the power. Display driver crashes followed by the CK. So looks like I'm going to do it by hand. Guess I'm in for another few weeks of excitement. But aside from landscape reports, I've been doing a ton of work with dialogue and VA coordination. My main writer has fallen on busy times, and I've been picking up the slack in that area. Which has me writing the dialogue for about two quests per day or so. Tiresome, but enjoyable still. With the VAs, we tackled combat lines this week. And between the nine of them, we've got an informed guesstimate of about 1,200 combat lines that have been acted out/will be finished up within the next few days. A round of applause to my writers and VAs please So as you can tell, lately I've been mostly focused with the VAs and writers, and less so with the esp. I know there's more we did that I should cover, but just I can't think of right now. Anyway, I'm sure it will come to me sometime in the dead of night, as that's how these things generally work. Until next time.
  11. Alright, I'm satisfied with the auditions I've received, and all the roles have been filled. A huge thanks to everyone who tried out. I got the privilege to listen to so much talent it was difficult in most cases to choose who would fit the role better.
  12. Closed some positions because we've found the right voice actors for those roles. I'm still considering a few of the auditions I've received, but until I make a decision those characters will remain open. However, there's only a little bit of time left for the auditions, so submit your them quickly or you might miss out!
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. But unfortunately that looks like it might be a slight violation of the rules here. However, I appreciate the thought
  14. Introduction to VA Information After a long period of waiting, the shire mod is now openly accepting voice actor auditions. We are primarily looking for VAs with natural European or Australian accents, though anyone else is still encouraged to apply. In this thread I have included a list of requirements for each individual character, and procedures for auditioning in general. If you plan on auditioning, please follow both the requirements for your specific character, and the general procedures exactly, as incorrect auditions will be discarded. This is mostly because we have a limited amount of time, and to ensure that only those who are reliable and capable of following instructions are considered. As always, questions or comments are welcome. Just leave them below and either myself, or someone from my team will get back with you as soon as possible. Have fun auditioning, TheBawb Characters: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: The Enemy (Name and image hidden to avoid potential spoilers) Description: Female Halflings (Generic) Description: Male Bandit/Ruffian Description: Procedures: Alright, I plan on making this as painless as possible. If you would like to audition for a character, please follow the instructions below: Using the lines set under the character you are auditioning for, record multiple takes of yourself acting out these lines into one .Wav file. Save the file Name - "name - Thormin.Wav" (“Thormin” will be replaced, if needed, by whichever character you’re auditioning for.) and where "name" is the name you would like to be credited as. Send the file to my email at, titled "Thormin Audition - name" (Once again, “Thormin” will be replaced, if needed, by whichever character you’re auditioning for. ) And where "name" is your name again. Upon reviewing all of the entries with my team, I will contact the best actor for each character, make sure they’re still available, give them some finer details, and get them started. This will likely occur sometime within the next two weeks, so submit your auditions quickly and make sure you don’t miss out! FAQ Q. “Given that the mod cannot directly use events or names in Middle Earth. Will your storyline be referencing or hinting at spoilers in the lotr or Hobbit?” While the Hobbit book itself has been out for nearly 80 years, we will be keeping our potential spoiling references to Tolkien’s world at an absolute minimum. Since our story is unique, we won’t run into too many issues with that anyway. But the majority of spoilers that revolve around Tolkien’s Shire (like Sharkey’s identity) will not be referenced. This is to ensure we preserve the books/movies for Skyrim players who are not yet lotr fans. Q. As a VA, will there be a lot of lines I have to act out? Depends. The protagonists have quite a bit, antagonist next, and generics have the least. Q. Will I be getting paid if I lend my services as a VA? No. I can, however, guarantee that you will receive 100% of the profit that I make off the shire mod. But math jokes suck, so in other words: This project is non-profit, and will not be able to pay the talented VAs that lend their service. Q. Are you in need of a dialogue writer? While this is a VA recruitment thread, I am in need of someone to write the Male Bandit combat and generic dialogue. (Have a lot to do myself atm) PM or email me if you’d like to do that. Q. Can I make a suggestion regarding VA/Storyline? Go ahead. I may not have the resources to do what you suggest, but I’ll definitely hear you out. Looking forward to sharing this adventure with you, TheBawb.
  15. Thanks. Always nice to hear this kind of feedback.