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  1. Welcome to TESA!
  2. Really nice home! 9.65/10
  3. Post to /r/DIY for all the internet points. Also, nice detailed guide. I rate it 10/10
  4. Unique and interesting! I like it.
  5. It's really the little things that make skyrim better.
  6. Doesn't look like my type of game, but that doesn't mean I don't think it looks good. If you can mod it, then I might play it.
  7. I've joined TESA! I'll keep the intro short and brief. About me: I'm Greekin, I've logged about ~700 hours of the CK and I'm still learning something new every day. My mod: Even though I've logged ~700 hours in the CK, I've only released one mod. A follower mod because why not. That's it. Short and sweet. Please no futurama spoilers plz no
  8. I mean, this could possibly have been a cool thing if the author had gotten all the other modders permission. But what he/she did was just right out petty thievery.
  9. Hey lindenlaurel, I'm working on a follower mod and your voice seems absolutely perfect for the role. I'll try to work with you as much as possible when it comes to time restraints, since when it comes to followers voices are half the mod after all! If you want to work on the project, PM me and I'll send you the details. Thanks.
  10. Working on a follower mod.