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  1. Hi, I've solved this problem now (or I wouldn't be able to post this) but I thought I'd share it in case anyone else could be having the same issue without having hit upon the solution: I set up a new account yesterday (revisiting Oblivion and wanted to get Marts Monster Mod, this appears to be the only place on the internet with the latest version). Screwed up the process somehow and it told me my account already existed, so I did a password reset, which worked fine. The 'validate your account' email I was sent didn't work - when I clicked the link I got an error message. As my account was unvalidated I was unable to download the file I wanted, or post anything. More concerningly, whenever I tried clicking the 're-send validation' link it sent me a 're-set password' email instead (possibly because I reset my password before validating the account first?). Being unable to post anything, reply to posts or even use the shoutbox I had no way of asking for assistance. Finally got around it by changing the registered email address to a spare one, which requires a re-validation. That time it worked, and hence my problem is now fixed.